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  1. Hi there! It's been quite a few years since I've visited the forums as we sent everyone to public school for a while, but now DD13 is back home again and homeschooling with me (as of last year) and so I thought I should reintroduce myself again. My husband and I are homeschooling one for 8th grade-- DD13. ODS is graduated now. DS16 is going into 11th in public school and very happy there. DS10 is in public school for now, doing 5th grade work, but will likely come home again in the next few years. I am back on the forums looking for suggestions and ideas for DD's last middle school year! Plus, I'll need to start thinking about how to do high school in PA. I've never had to do it before and it makes me nervous. Thanks for having me back!
  2. I still feel that my husband of nearly 14 years is the perfect man for me. 💗 Sent from my VS985 4G using Tapatalk
  3. I would love to know what happened with the purple pencil too!! Sent from my VS985 4G using Tapatalk
  4. Are they officially out now? Still thinking about you, OP! Sent from my VS985 4G using Tapatalk
  5. I love my Contigo. It lasted a year before the lid broke. I contacted the company and got a replacement lid for FREE. The beautiful thing still works two years running (so 3 now). My coffee stays warm from around 730 when I fill out through to about noon when I tip it back for one last desperate sip. No leaks. Sent from my VS985 4G using Tapatalk
  6. See. Now I'm glad I said no. Lol. They sent you $8? Such a silly thing to do. I don't get why they thought that would make people participate. Guilt, maybe? Sent from my VS985 4G using Tapatalk
  7. They sent us a letter in the mail asking us to complete a survey over the phone and included an actual dollar as the bribe to get us to do it. I still said no when they called. Sent from my VS985 4G using Tapatalk
  8. I was wondering about updates on this too... Sent from my VS985 4G using Tapatalk
  9. We had a door to door beef jerky salesman at our door once. He even had a backpack full of jerky with price tags on them that were lower than what he was charging... Sent from my VS985 4G using Tapatalk
  10. We have 4 Samsung galaxy tablets here. 3 of the 4 are 3+ years old and still working. They all have a slot to add memory. We like them. Sent from my VS985 4G using Tapatalk
  11. Dh and I were on a date a few years ago and there was a family at the next table. The husband was extremely loud so we heard his entire side of the conversation. He insisted that his feet don't stink because he doesn't wash them and that people who have stinky feet only have them because they use soap on their feet. He said that the soap gets trapped in your toes and makes your feet smell bad. He went on and on about his feet for at least twenty minutes. Dh and I were dying. Lol. Sent from my VS985 4G using Tapatalk
  12. Any updates? I agree with all of the other posters. 6 is much too young to be outside unsupervised and to be hanging out with 13-14 year olds. Her mom needs to deal with it. Sent from my VS985 4G using Tapatalk
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