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  1. We just got our results. DS9 got gold, DD7 bronze, and my little 5 year old k'er got 46% :) I was super proud of him for taking it anyway.
  2. Thank you so much for the kind words. I feel like such a weight has been lifted off! I told the kids today that we were taking spring break as soon as they finished their math, but that we were starting with spring cleaning. I'm going to take my break in a nice clean house. We actually didn't even take May off after the baby was born. We took off about 2 weeks, did a few weeks of school, took off a couple more weeks in June, and then we've been going since then. During late summer and fall I was really feeling good about going year round gently, so we took "working vacations", first to see the eclipse doing school and camping all along the way. After that we stayed with my dad for a month and did school-lite for a month, 2ish hrs in the morning and then playing in the pool or at the beach. This winter has just been really hard and now I see why 8Fill's always talks about scheduling weeks off and summer break :). Maybe a couple weeks off will give me perspective on priorities, and hopefully my kids won't forget everything we did in the last two years :-p
  3. Yep my oldest is a 9 year old 4th grader. I have a 7 year old first grader, and a K-er that I'm not worried about at all. He does what he wants, when he wants, and is doing very well. None of the kids are actually in a bad place, except my oldest with spelling, but that is more of his natural state than something I can fix with a few more weeks of lessons :) Obviously finishing their math books before the start of the next school year is a non-negotiable. They might have 10 weeks left? Probably less than that actually, and some of it might be compressible. They have some outsourced classes (online) that is a source of some of the stress.
  4. The sun is coming back, although the ground is still covered in snow and ice. We are all feeling the need to get away from the house, and the house needs an incredible spring cleaning. Frankly, it is just icky in here and I'm tired of cleaning around the mess, with my I-need-to-get-to-that piles in all the corners. We haven't taken more than a 2-3 day break since June -- mostly because my kids revolt getting back into the school schedule, but also because I feel like we are pretty inefficient on many days due to babies and toddlers. I really want to take a BIG spring break, but because of life, we are about a month behind where I'd like to be in lessons. Since we typically school year round it isn't a huge deal, but the more breaks I take the worse it will get. And I'm thinking it would be a really nice to have a true summer break this summer. So what should I do? Double down and get everything done for the year as fast as possible so we can take the summer off? Or take 2 weeks, clean the house, watch movies in our jammies and try to get back to school with a fresh outlook?
  5. I just bought them for 5-9 year olds. My 9 year old read Western philosophy 1 package in an HOUR. I tried to stop him and obviously we need to discuss it, but that should give you some idea. The circle of Happiness is about a little girl at a playground with a talking monkey. Not high school material. Perfect for my 7 year old. The teacher's guide has more information for research and discussion and I guess technically you could use it as a spine if you wanted to read the texts in question and discuss them. A high schooler might not tolerate the art work and story line though. The Western package 3 is probably higher level (I've only gone through 1 & 2) but I would count on it being more like a semester than a year if you consider it a full class.
  6. Great Courses Plus? The app is so handy.. the Botany class is amazing. Sometimes I pull extra videos from YouTube to be sure I've got it cemented. The Learn To Draw class is also amazing if that might float your boat. It is incredibly thorough and full of exercises, most you could do on a car while waiting somewhere. I know you said actual classes. I'm not totally sure about that but I'm someone who needs brain simulation so I get the part. I learn languages for fun, and post with other language learners on another forum. I'm a thorough autodidact and wouldn't even look for a class though. Right now I'm studying Icelandic. The internet has made language learning cheap or free. You could take CEFR level tests to get validation for your work of you wanted something that felt more real.
  7. Since posting this, I have found the be all end all app for French grammar. I love it too the point that I should add a disclaimer that I don't have any financial connection to them ;) Kwiziq is the site -- worst name ever but it has every conceivable grammar point up through C1 and a nifty brain map that you turn green as you demonstrate your knowledge of the areas. You start with a CEFR level test and the AI system chooses things for you to work on, but you can also easily work on whatever areas you want day to day.
  8. I tried it out for myself a few weeks ago when I saw Annie Liebovitz was on there. I will say they have excellent customer service and a 30 day money back guarantee so it wouldn't hurt to try it out. For me, it wasn't worth it. There was far less content on the subjects I was interested in than I was envisioning. If you're are only interested in some speakers, some seemed to only have a couple hours of content. If you think you want to watch on many subjects, it could be great, but $180 to watch a few hours from a few people seems silly and $99+ for three hours of clipped interview video is ridiculous. There is probably as much on YT.
  9. For 3-4 age range, I like whistlefritz. It's not a full curriculum but I don't know of one that is for that age range without a teacher who speaks French. I think you could do a lot of tatou le matou if one parent can read the teachers manual (someone said it was also available in Dutch I think?)
  10. You don't think it would be confusing for Dora to be teaching Spanish while your kids are trying to learn the French? :) If you want French cartoon recs I can give plenty...
  11. The first the minutes by Steven Weinberg
  12. This is awesome, and the other link to. Thank you!
  13. I think she might. She should be safe at least and she has very steady hands.
  14. Thanks so much for all the advice! I guess I was over thinking it. I also talked to my mom who knows my daughter and shares some of my sensibilities on the subject and she told me to absolutely go for it. So I guess we will be ordering the kit. I love the idea of visiting a science museum to watch dissections, but there is absolutely nothing like that available here. And just to clarify, the dissections are listed as an optional part of the class, so she could still do the class even if she decided not to dissect.
  15. Ok I'm replying to my own post but.. seriously how do you reconcile with having one of these kids who grow up so fast? That's DD in my avatar, me wearing her in the ergo not even 18 months ago.. That tiny thing can explain taxonomic classification, studies Latin for fun when she's bored, and can explain the denouement, rising and falling action and a bunch of other literary terms I always forget until she pops out with one....
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