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    You could always send it with Tracking or delivery confirmation. And email them the tracking number when you send them a note that the item has shipped. Just to let them know ; ) Also, when I sold on ebay (YEARS ago), I had a special marker and light (UV or black?) I made a mark on EVERYTHING I sold and if there was a problem, I told them they could send it back and when I confirmed it was mine, by finding my mark, I would issue a refund.
  2. I've heard about and PM'd a bit with Astrid, but I missed what's going on with Julie. Could someone PM so I can pray for her? thanks,
  3. I would expect/request more blood work. I would want a test that breaks down the cholesterol into LDL and HDL, because my MIL lived with this for YEARS. She had high cholesterol, and she ate low/no fat and exercised like a crazy person. Come to find out she had a high good cholesterol and a very low bad cholesterol. DH has followed in her footsteps. So he always requests a COMPLETE workup.
  4. I use to go to a church that dressed up. I quit going because we were newly married without a lot of extra money, and I could not afford clothes for work (business casual) clothes for home AND dresses, hose and heels for church. And I really don't think God wants us in debt just so we can Worship Him. I am now a homemaker and we go to a casual church. I always make sure that I have a pair of black jeans and a couple of nice shirts for church AND for 'going out'. For summer, I have a nice pair of white or khaki capris. I USUALLY get make up and earrings in for church also. :)
  5. Now see, I heard the pill inhibits the growth of it because it causes your body to NOT produce the hormones that make it grow. But endometriosis, at least when I was diagnosed, was a newer thing and every doctor I talked to had a different story. What I DO know is that the pill, with no breaks, means no bleeding or cramping. OR PMS :party:
  6. And they also own K-Mart. 'Nuf said. ETA: I usually buy the girls' bathing suits there because their slim is the only one that fits DD modestly. Her legs are so skinny that with most, she might as well be wearing boxer shorts. For the amount of time that they wear those, I've been satisfied.
  7. Drop the artificial red and yellow food colorings. That made the BIGGEST difference for us, aside from prozac and concerta.
  8. Farrar, I would LOVE to do something like that. I have dreams of teaching like that. But I have ADD and my oldest had a plethora of behavioral and emotional issues, including ADD. They are mild, but they are there. I might try to plan a couple of field trips, but I know that much more than that would be overload for her. Science is completely academic, but maybe I can get them to the aquarium when we finish the section on aquatics. I think my post above does sound more rush rush cram cram than I meant it too. It is more of a get things balanced and then carry on as I should have in the beginning. Thanks for the imput. It's helping me gain some perspective on the Big Picture.
  9. So, I sat down to schedule our next few weeks out, and started looking at things a bit more and realized that we are 'behind' about 10 weeks in science and 8-10 in history. (You go, Mama! :bored: ) I continued looking at things and realized that at the current pace, both girls will finish 2 of their workbooks in early May. So I think I'm going to do a January Block. I think for the next 3-4 weeks we are doing 2 science and 2 history lessons each day, and we will drop the 2 workbooks the girls are ahead in. Just for those weeks. Our science and history are both just reading and discussion. I read (or at least I'm suppose to!) and then we discuss. We do a lapbook type of thing with science-they color some pictures and write down a few things while I read. We do not do any hands on science right now (MAJOR sensory issues with the oldest, and the younger is just 2nd grade). What do you all think? IF I do it, do you think it would be ok? Cramming? When I say behind, I mean that I mapped history and science out for my oldest, so that we would be ready for 8th/9th grade and the more intensive subjects. I have tried several different curriculums, and have come to realize that the problem is me, not the books. So I'm now kicking it trying to get her ready. It's my fault we're like this. I also thought that maybe, just maybe, if I have to do 2 a day for a couple of weeks, then when we go back down to one of each a day I'll feel like it's nothing, and be thrilled!
  10. Wow, my iPad is MASSIVELY underused. I am scribbling down (on paper, yes!) all these apps and am going to be checking them out. I need to start looking into PDFs for some of our textbooks. I hadn't even thought of that! I have an iPad 1, but I think most all the apps can still be used, except anything needing a camera! Thanks so much for all the great ideas!
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    :svengo: I would die without my internet and cell phone. (We don't have a landline)
  12. I cannot imagine someone actually doing this. This is criminal. If I tried to shoot someone but missed, I could be charged with attempted murder. (or some such thing). And to have someone you love and trust(ed) try to do this to your own family. I , could never be around that person again. In this case, I would just keep thinking, you tried to kill my wife! And I might just look into criminal charges. My goodness, my blood pressure is up. This isn't sick, it's just freakin demented.
  13. We are hoping to move this year, so I've been doing some MAJOR cleaning/decluttering/boxing carp up. I cleaned out our bedroom and actually have an EMPTY piece of furniture! It has 3 wider drawers, like a short chest of drawers. Yesterday and today I have been going through bookshelves and any book that is available through gutenberg goes to goodwill. I have a nice size box of books leaving. Also, some of the >sniff< baby books. I need to do more work in the girls' bedrooms, but they each have 4 underbed storage containers to keep their memory things in (aka CARP!). And their legos and stuffed animals.They can still play, but quickly put the stuff away for a nice clean bedroom (haha!) I'm going to finish the books tomorrow, and then get the tree down, and then start going through and boxing some stuff up in the kitchen. We have 2 sets of china which we will keep(DH and I are both only children and inherited them), but I'm sure there's plenty of carp in there that we can get rid of. Monday I'll work some more in the kitchen and then work in the family room, just clearing out. We are renting a storage unit so we can make the house look bigger for showing. I hope we can get it soon, as we are running out of space in the garage!
  14. No doubt about the RAD, but could her diet be exacerbating her symptoms? We took DD off of red and yellow food coloring (red 40 is the biggie) and then realized how enraged it made her. We also put her on the omega oils (we use Carlson) and those help with her moods too. We still ended up with her on prozac for depression and anxiety but the first two made a HUGE difference. It might at least tide over until you can get her into treatment.
  15. If finances are an issue, then at the very least go to the local library and see what you can get regarding RAD & Adoption books. Contact Denise and talk with her. And research, research, research, because if/when you go to a counselor, you need to know if THEY know what RAD is and what they are doing. It looks like there is a University Medical Center in your town, and after you do some research see if there are some counselors there who might be able to help. I agree, pediatricians are not going to be much help, but I will say it won't hurt to ask. You never know if they have dealt with this before, either in their own life, or the patient they saw right before you.
  16. Aw carp. You just had to remind me, didn't you? I guess I better get started soon. We don't start back for another week, but I do like to have a few weeks planned. UGH
  17. I have two girls. I've heard that Henty's books are not that thrilling for girls. Yonge's books seem to be more geared towards girls, but are they as historically accurate? I know that anything *I* tell them to read will be a HORRENDOUS chore. :rolleyes: So I'd like to make it the least tortuous as possible. At least today. I do have days when I threaten my 11 yr old with War and Peace. Just because she can never find anything she likes to read. Funny thing is, she LOVES to read. Just can't ever find the right book. EVER.
  18. I have mixed feelings. I have allergies, but they are not severe, so while the dog doesn't bother me, I understand how it could bother others. But I am a dog person, so if the dog is well behaved, it doesn't bother me. It's sort of like kids. If I'm trying to eat and the kid at the next table is screaming, they are going to bother. If it is a working dog, it is suppose to have a vest on. Which an be bought on ebay, I think. :glare:
  19. We're doing one over here. No spending except for the regular things, such as gas, groceries, and the monthly bills. No malls, 1 fast food a week (we are on the road ALL day, and it's the only fast food of the week). But everything else is a NO. I have to be careful at the grocery because it is similar to Walmart and has lots of other stuff. JUST groceries!
  20. I usually only plan a week at a time. DH and DD11 juice twice a day and DD8 & I do smoothies for breakfast and lunch (she has some additional food also). If I don't have a plan for those too, I end up not doing them. I also plan lunches so we don't end up at McDonald's. Planning all that gets overwhelming, so I usually only do a week at a time. I'll try two weeks and see how well it goes.
  21. My kids lost grandma and great grandma this past year. (Their only grandparents). I actually sent an email out to several friends asking them to send the kids cards on their birthdays. No gifts, no money, just a card.
  22. We didn't go to Christmas Eve service this year either. They use to have a kids service at 5:00 and then we went out for Chinese, and looked at lights. they moved the service this year to 6:45, and we just didn't feel like working around it. Plus, older dd doesn't take well to change, sometimes. especially when it's a 'tradition'. So we skipped church, still went out for Chinese and looked at lights.
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