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  1. Yeah, but YOUR SON enjoys risky sex. You should have seen him hopping around with his pants around his ankles when the cop found us at the park.
  2. We are facing this right now. DD8 is REALLY REALLY good. But we want it to remain recreational. They want her on the team, and she is doing routines with the 'big kids'. Yeah, she has talent, but even at 8 yrs, she comes home from gymnastics and is taking ibuprofen for the next 24-36 hours. DD11 has been taking karate this past year and dd8 really wants to follow her big sister, and we may take advantage of that. They do have competitions but overall the sport is cheaper. And the competitions are closer, and not team oriented, so we can opt out if we choose to.
  3. This is somewhat similar to the posts about cutting off contact with parents. I guess it really just boils down to boundaries. It's easier with parents because we assume that since their older, they can manage without us. At least we hope they can.
  4. My goal today is set up folders and rules for my gmail inbox. Posting for accountability.
  5. I was sick over the weekend, so I put myself into isolation--it was just a bad head cold. ; ) BUT, I worked for 1 FULL day and a good 3/4 of Sunday on ONLINE organization. I set up my phone, tablet and computer onto google drive. I have my email, calendar, grocery list, menus, and a school schedule all on there. I am also in the process of moving most of our reading material there, so that we can ALL access it. Getting the menus organized was somewhat time consuming, as we juice and do smoothies. I searched and found 25 recipes for each. For each week I have 5 recipes to do. My recipes will be scanned in the weekend DH takes the girls to Great Wolf Lodge. I will move the scanner to the kitchen table, which is in CLEAR VIEW of the TV. Not sure what marathon we will have that weekend. But I can't wait! I am toying with scanning some of the TM also. I think the CLE ones will definitely be scanned. I wish there was more curriculum that was online. Even from Memoria Press--I just ordered there Latin DVD and it was a hard copy. BLAH. Not that I would put those on google drive, but I could download them onto DD's reader. It sucks to be ahead of the crowd :laugh: . Now, to clean the house. Since mama wasn't around, the house went to pieces!
  6. I have a medium and large skillet. I have creuset cookware, and I don't remember all the sizes, but off the top of my head, I have a 2 qt, 3 1/2 qt and 5 1/2 qt round, a 2 qt saucepan, and 2 ovals in the 5-6 qt size. I also have a 2-3 qt brasier, and a honkin' 9 or 11 qt oval. I LOVE that one, for when I do batch cooking. And I think I have a couple of other pieces, but I can't remember off the top of my head. I also have a 5 qt brasier, that is lime green and is currently being used as a fruit bowl. I'm thinking I need to thin out the cookware a bit, but every I do use them all, just not all at the same time.
  7. My MIL was against homeschooling until one day she realized that the time she was spending with DD would not be available if we did not homeschool. That helped change her mind pretty fast. :001_smile:
  8. Eileen Ryan--another repeat customer. Michelle used her for all 4 births.
  9. Mauren Rausch, recommended from a friend who has 6 beautiful girls!
  10. I am on the East side of Cincy, near B-North hospital. I will ask my friends. I, obviously, did NOT need a midwife nor obstetrician. But they all used alternative methods. Are you opposed to a Doula? Will post as I get information.
  11. generic zyrtec or claritan. They don't cause drowsiness like benadryl, an they are longer acting. I think one is 12 hour and one is 24. I, personally have been taking allergy medicine for 25 years, almost daily. I am allergic to EVERYTHING they tested me for (runny nose, runny, swollen eyes--not foods). I take benadryl on top of the allergy medicine if I'm having a REALLY bad day.
  12. These sound good. I'm going to look into both of these. I have a couple of BIG books that will just stay; King Arthur and Bob's Red Mill baking, but most everything else is just LOTS of papers, semi-filed, and impossible to find what I want. I also like the idea of being able to search with a keyword, instead of literally searching through the stack, for an hour or two! I probably can find most of them online. Great ideas ladies! Keep them coming!
  13. Honey Boo Boo! J/K :laugh: I love NCIS & NCIS LA and Criminal Minds. Bones is ok, I LOVED it before the baby. I wish they had just done the baggy clothes and film from the waist up when she was pregnant! I also like Elementary, CSI NY, and The Mentalist. On Netflix, I've watched Nummb3rs, Lie to Me, Flashpoint, and am currently working my way through Law & Order (the one with Jeff Goldblum) .
  14. I would like something electronic, but I'd also like something that is accesible to my laptop, notepad and smartphone. Something that I can access anywhere at anytime. I like Living Cookbooks, it looks like what I want. Except for that.
  15. Cookbooks and recipes are my arch nemesis. I can never get them organized AND usable. Was thinking about going electronic but I am not thrilled about the thought of scanning all of them. And' not sure how best to organize once they are scanned. Anybody BTDT? Would love ideas, programs used, etc.
  16. You did the right thing. Clutter can wait, but when they come home, they will be exhausted, and dirty dishes will be the last thing they want to see. Especially if they have been there for while. Bless you!
  17. I need some time alone so I can process all of this! I've got the GTD book and I'm going to download Misty's. So now I 'just' need to read, jot down some notes, and process everything. And THEN do it. Doesn't sound like much, right?!?! I'm almost overwhelmed just by that! Baby Steps. Baby Steps. Baby Steps.
  18. So how about google drive? I was talking to Dh about this stuff and he recommends this. I have never heard of it. Not that I've heard of any of these...
  19. Can you store/upload PDFs in either of these? I have hundreds of recipes that I need to somehow store online. I could scan them and then make them into a PDF.
  20. I feel like we get enough practice being sensitive in real life. Why read/watch something that makes us sad, On Purpose?! With that in mind, there is PLENTY of quality literature out there that does NOT contain dying dogs. She isn't trying to get out of quality literature, just the stuff that drags the girls down.
  21. Bethany, my dad had COPD and was in and out of the hospital MANY times before he finally passed. One of his favorite passages was John 14:2-4. In my Father's home are many mansion. If I go to prepare a place for you, surely I will return to take you there. (VERY abridged!) But it always comforted him to know that when his time came, he would go with God. Like I said, he was sick a lot, and at death's door several times before he finally passed. He was miserable, and was looking forward to that trip.
  22. Both the girls have summer birthdays, so it's usually not an issue. BUT, my birthday is January, so we DO take that day off! :thumbup1:
  23. Oh gee, that looks amazing similar to a green smoothie. What did you add to make it taste SO good? ;)
  24. I have dyson 'animal'; the purple one. We've had it for around 10 years. It just broke over Thanksgiving, I think, but the part that broke has nothing to do with it running, so we're still using it.
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