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  1. It's been a tumultuous year for us. But it's all been for the better. It started out with MIL's passing in February. DD's anxiety went through the roof during that time, so we started her on prozac, which fortunately, worked GREAT! It was busy too. We were doing OT, Speech, and Counseling every week, along with piano and gymnastics. Now though, we've graduated from all the therapies, and DD is also on concerta for her ADD. This Christmas break, I've taken the girls on several field trips, because we had TIME and because DD is so much easier to live with. Next year, 2013 is the year that I start taking care of myself. I can finally get to the gym a couple of days a week, and the girls are old enough to leave alone for 90 minutes. I have neglected my health for the past oh, 10 years (since DD came home), so now it's *MY* turn!
  2. We had a grandparent who did the same thing. We would buy the girls just a couple of simple things and then grandma would buy them everything else. Now grandma is gone and the girls always had so much fun with all grandma's stuff. Plus, we are approaching the time when the children will no longer want toys. With those two things in mind, we went all out this year and bought too much. But my love language is gifts also, and it would be hard for me to NOT buy them lots of stuff.
  3. cin


    You know, DH and I have a very small family. Actually we have NO family, except a few distant cousins and our two kids. Sometimes I wish we had more family, but then again, I'm really glad we don't, No fighting or bickering, we do what we want on the holidays....We've actually talked about taking a cruise next year over Christmas! Just because we can.
  4. I love the one of announcing it at the group picture. So you can get everybody's reaction! What a GREAT picture!
  5. I was done until II took my kids to see santa last night. DD8 added one more thing to her list, as did dd11. To keep the dream alive for dd8, I have to go find a Big Stuffed Dog that you can sleep on and something from the lego creator series. Such common items! :smilielol5:
  6. When I get the stuff wrapped, it will be a book titled 'The History of Farts' and a whopee cushion for DH. The girls thought it would be great for daddy. :rolleyes:
  7. This might not be a problem. Teachers who have left the field because they felt unsafe might well return if they can pack heat and feel safer. Not saying I agree or disagree.
  8. I went to the grocery store last night to stock up on food for Christmas Break. I was SO afraid I'd run into somebody I know. My cart had spaghetti-os, crappy, sugary cereal, NO vegetables or fruits, campbell's soups, frozen pancakes and waffles, pop tarts, and other miscellaneous prepared foods. All so I wouldn't have to cook much over the next 2 or 3 weeks. In my defense, I am suppose to be cleaning out the house and getting it decluttered so we can put it on the market near the end of January. We will be renting a storage facility. My next task is to go steal boxes out of the carboard recycling bin. And hit up the liquor store for boxes for all the books!
  9. I haven't read the rest of the thread, but the impression that I got from the report that I heard was that the district was not meeting his educational needs so she pulled him. Of course I am on the other side of the school spectrum. :p
  10. § I have ADD § My kids hear swear words, but I don't know if they realize that they are 'bad' words. § I am addicted to McDonald's French Fries and Dr. Pepper § I am extremely lazy and out of shape. § I have two large containers of Christmas decorations sitting next to me, and I have no intention of emptying them. § I have probably purchased 6 -8 workbooks to replace lost ones. Only to find them the day after the new one comes in the mail, and has been written in. § I wish I could sleep 10 hours a day. § I love my oldest daughter to death, but there are days when I cannot stand to be in the same room with her. And when she was younger, I probably would have sent her back if I could have. § Said child is on prozac and concerta. I hate it, but it makes her life easier. And mine. § My husband does most of the laundry and has a MAJOR role in the care of our girls. § I live with chronic back pain. § We don't have pre-set screen limits. When it's time to turn it off, I will tell them. § Dh an I spoil our girls horribly, but justify it with the fact that they have no grandparents, aunts or uncles. § I rarely fix vegetables. This is why we juice. § I only read brain candy, WHEN I get to read § We are currently about 3 mos behind in science and history, and are sprinting over Christmas break. § I wear sweats with no underwear until I have to leave the house (unless it’s just a drive by!) § I have a really high IQ, (REALLY high) but it means nothing. I barely graduated from High School. (ADD)
  11. My two are adopted and are obviously a different race than I am. The only remark that has really crossed the line was someone asking if they are sisters. With the two girls standing there. I just said yup and quickly walked away. Really? Do you need to give my child ideas? I'm sure I'll have enough problems with 2 girls during puberty, please don't help them out!
  12. Ours is kept in the house, as a pet, like a hamster. She is in her cage most of the time, but the girls take her out periodically to cuddle. The cage needs to be cleaned twice a week or so. Just like hamsters. Her cage is on hardwood, and in the area between our kitchen and family room, so she gets lots of attention. I don't think they are much more trouble than hamsters or gerbils, but ours is a smaller rabbit. I guess that might make a difference.
  13. Since the only time I get to sit down and read is at bedtime, I read braincandy. I try to make it a bit intellectual by reading series that are set in a certain era and picking up little tidbits about history. They are all mysteries. I've read most of the Amelia Peabody series and the SPQR series. Currently I'm reading through a Knights Templar series. Despite all the mysteries I've read, Miss Marple are still my favorite! I can't wait to share them with my daughter, who also loves mysteries.
  14. We have a small rabbit, a lion head angora. It has been the best thing that ever happened for our girls. She lives in a cage in our home. the girls will take her out and play with her. They will carry her around like a baby, sit and pet her, and she just lets them. I liken her to a therapy bunny. She even lays on her back on their lap, and lets them pet her belly. If she is loose in the house, she will chew on stuff. We give her paper or cardboard to chew on and that helps. But she did chew through my laptop power cord. Her cage needs cleaned about twice a week and when she is out, she 'drops things' everywhere. Rabbits make about 500 turds a day. Dietary-wise they need Timothy Hay, as it has all the nutrients they need (or some such thing) and they have a salt wheel and a vitamin/mineral wheel. Ours hates carrots, but LOVES raisins and cranberries. But we do limit how many she gets each day so that she eats her timothy hay. Just looked over at the bunny on my daughter's lap. His back legs are on her legs, but she is holding her up with the front legs and doing the cha cha cha cha chaaa hey. While making the bunny dance. And the rabbit is totally and completely relaxed. I sometimes wonder about the bunny's brain.
  15. I didn't read all the of the responses after DD posted, but it sounds like you are dealing with 2 different things, both related to your cycle. This sounds like migraine. There are meds out there specifically for migraines, or you can try some of the OTC migraine things. Basically they are the painkiller (ibup. naproxyn or aspirin) and caffeine. The cramping though....oh my goodness honey, I feel for you. I have been like that all my life until about 6 years ago when I went on the pill with no break. I have 2 periods a year and even then, they are better than they were. I can tell you from experience that the pills today are much lower dosages than they were even 20 years ago. When I first got married I went on the pill and if I skipped one it was no big deal. Now if I miss one, I start having symptoms within 12-24 hours. And by symptoms I mean tired, crampy and mean. When I was in high school I took prescription strength alleve (sodium naproxyn). I can't remember, but I think 550 mg was the number. It worked great if I took it at the FIRST SIGN of cramps. It is a large dose, but I only took it for 3 days a month, so I wasn't too bothered by long term effects. While I understand you not wanting to go on the pill, my OBGYN said most of the side effects are rare, unless you smoke. And one time my PCP told me that if someone in a study gets sick while taking the medication (whatever it is) they have to mention it in the paperwork. I'm not trying to minimalize your fears, but just put them in perspective. I too, try to stay away from medications and do the organic thing. Unfortunately for me, it hasn't worked for several things. And this is one of them. I am 47, and I am dreading the day when my OB takes away The Pill. He said I can take it safely until I'm 50. It has made SUCH a change in my life. Also, if you do have endometriosis, it will inhibit the growth and might even cause the growths to shrink. Sometimes being a girl sucks! I have friends who go through life 'embracing' their periods as a symbol of their femininity. Yeah. I can embrace my femininity in many other ways, thank you very much. That is not feminine to me. It's torture. Nothing short of it. ETA: I would definitely make sure to see an OBGYN. One without a condescending attitude towards women. And I would push for, at the very least, an ultrasound or scan of some sort to check for fibroids & endometriosis.
  16. My girls are to use the Ikea bowls and cups. They don't break AND the girls don't take as much food. And then throw it away....
  17. I wish my girls played with this kind of stuff. I haven't been able to find anything that they play with that has a 'building' focus. But they do play with their Calico Critters.
  18. RSV? RSV is a serious, sometimes fatal respiratory infection that hits babies who are more vulnerable to begin with. My friend had a preemie and he was hospitalized with RSV several times in his first 2 or 3 years. They always had several family members at their house and thus, at the ER because they needed help with the older kids. The baby was always sick and going back and forth to the Dr./ER.
  19. Honestly, I wouldn't worry about his speech at this level either. My oldest daughter was way behind in her speech at 3 yr old. I received a referral to Head Start. I asked my Study Group to pray for her and honestly, she hasn't shut up since then. The pediatrician now says that it was probably because of her high IQ and perfectionism. She wouldn't do it until she could do it right. I tend to agree. Also, as far as growth goes, i have a string bean. As the ped. says, She's not even a string bean, she's the STRING on the bean. So her height and weight are NOT proportional. At all. But she follows her curve.
  20. DD8 says Copper or Penny DD11 says Brownie. They are not real original.
  21. This is on my to-do list over Christmas break. And I'm dreading it. REALLY dreading it.
  22. I have no idea. It was traditional wedding music, so probably Canon in D.But I know one friend's recessional was Steven Curtis Chapman's 'Great Adventure'. Everybody loved it!
  23. We bought a CD YEARS ago that is hammered dulcimer and some other 'old fashioned' instruments. I think it's called a Smokey Mountain Christmas. I absolutely LOVE it. There are no voices, just the instruments. That and the classic 'Sing Along with Mitch Miller'.
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