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  1. I'm so excited that so many are interested in this! I will send it out free through the end of the week. So, let me know if you want it. And really, I would love your feedback and any pictures you get of your cuties doing the projects. Thanks!
  2. I think I have sent out an email and attachment to everyone who has requested it thus far. It not, please email me again and I'll send it right out to you as a Word doc or a Pages doc. Once you take a look at it, I'd love to know what you think. I'm THRILLED that some of you amazing moms may be able to use this! :) Cindy
  3. And I've replied. My internet seems a bit slow tonight. So, just let me know if it doesn't arrive. Hope you can use it!
  4. Great! I've sent one back to you. Let me know what you think, and if you end up using it. :)
  5. Cheryl, they're at Trinity Academy. We really love it. It is a great fit for homeschooling families because of the size, the feel, and the sense of community. I would love to talk to you about running in Raleigh. I haven't really run since we moved and would love to get back to it. Feel free to email me, if you'd rather "talk" that way. c y n t h i a f i n at gmail dot com.
  6. In our last year in C-ville I worked with the C-ville Schools' after-school program. They liked what I was doing and so they contracted me to continue to write their enrichment curriculum. So, I've just finished an 18-week zoology curriculum called "Wild Kingdom Adventure." It doesn't mention evolution or creationism. It begins with taxonomy and moves through invertebrates and vertebrates. The spines are: What Is the Animal Kingdom? (Science of Living Things), Bobbie Kalman http://www.amazon.com/Animal-Kingdom-Science-Living-Things/dp/086505889X/ref=pd_bxgy_b_text_y Animals Without Backbones (Big Science Ideas), Bobbie Kalman http://www.amazon.com/Animals-Without-Backbones-Science-Ideas/dp/0778732991/ref=pd_sim_b_4 What Is a Vertebrate? (Big Science Ideas), Bobbie Kalman http://www.amazon.com/dp/0778732975/ref=rdr_ext_tmb What is a Mammal? (Science of Living Things), Bobbie Kalman http://www.amazon.com/What-Mammal-Science-Living-Things/dp/0865058903 Animal Kingdom Card Games Student Activity Kit, The Flinn Staff http://www.flinnsci.com/store/Scripts/prodView.asp?idproduct=21832 I've set it up to have lessons three days a week with some sort of hands-on activity each day. K-5 is the target. It's not nearly as meaty as the Apologia books, but you could beef it up for your olders. It would be really fun to use in a co-op. I'm not selling it because I use pictures and reference websites that I haven't tracked down permission. I might move in that direction, but for right now, I'd just like to offer it. The only thing I'd ask is that if you do want to use it, give me feedback. And maybe take some pictures of your kids doing the projects that I could use if I try and sell it. It is a little over 200 pages. I could send it to you in a Pages doc or a Word doc. So, if you're interested, just email me at c y n t h i a f i n at gmail dot com. Thanks!
  7. It has been AWHILE since I've been here. And I'm sure that so many of you don't know me. But, for those who do ... here's a quick update on our family and then I'll tell you what I'm working on. Our two oldest daughters are in college now. Sara Maria is at Christopher Newport Univ. in Newport News, VA and loves it. Grace finished high school at the comm. college in C-vile several years ago, took a gap year when we moved to Raleigh, and has just gone back to UVa for her 2nd year. When we moved from C-ville to Raleigh, I homeschooled that first year with a Classical Conversations group. It was fine. But I was so tired after all we had been through with the adoption, our church closing, and our move. I barely made it through the year. So, I started looking for work so that we could put the kids in a classical Christian school. I did find a job and they went to that school last year. All except Katya. She simply was not academically ready. So she went to a public school. We did lots of testing, she did get some ESL support, and it seemed to be okay. But through the year, her behavior in the household spiraled down, down, down. I came on here some to get some support and you all were AMAZING as usual. :) Anyway, we started with a couple of therapeutic horse programs and she went to a day camp this summer that she just loved. She is doing so much better. She still was not able to go to the classical school, and we could not put her into public middle school. I think that some of what we were seeing in the home was related to stuff she was experiencing at school. So, she's at another Christian school. It's much less academically rigorous, but there are quite a few kids there who have been adopted internationally. And, one of the girls in her class is her cousins' cousin. And she was adopted from Russia. This feels like a good fit for her and she's enjoying it. So, about the online devotional. It's on my website -- www.cindyfinley.com -- and is called At the Riverside. Essentially it will be a verse-by-verse walk-through of Philippians but begins in Acts with the story of Paul meeting Lydia and the other women at the riverside. My thinking is that women could open up their computer while they're making coffee in the morning and read it while their coffee is brewing. I have some questions and related scripture if they want to go deeper. So, I'd love to see you over there. And, I'd love your interaction as well.
  8. It's hard for me to separate sugar and gluten when I think about recipes. I have a couple of paleo cookbooks, and need to delve a bit more into the resources many of you have suggested. Katya had a bad start to her week last week. We celebrated Grace's birthday and I let her have a small piece of her birthday cake. I don't know if this has anything to do with it, but here's what happened. Bill was driving her to school and heard a phone ring in the back seat. He asked Katya to find it. At that moment Sara Maria called to see if Bill knew where her phone was. He told her it was in the car and Katya was finding it. Katya then told Bill she couldn't reach it and he told Sara Maria she could come find it in the car when he got home. Bill dropped Katya off at school. Several hours later, I get a call that Katya has a phone at school. Katya had found Sara Maria's phone, hidden it in her backpack, turned off the ringer, and then put it in her desk at school. She didn't realize that if Sara Maria used the locator feature this would override turning off the ringer. So Katya had lied to Bill, and taken Sara Maria's phone. When confronted, she made up the most ridiculous story. Long, long day. I thought it was interesting that this happened the day after she had eaten a piece of cake. Is it at all possible that there's a correlation?
  9. Sorry, I'm sure I wasn't clear. The meeting is THIS Monday. I'll let you know how it goes. That's neat about your daughter. At Hope Reins, they make a point of *not* calling it equine therapy for the reasons you're talking about, but also because if it's called "equine therapy" there are some pretty stringent regulations, from what I understand. As a former recreation therapist, I am completely supportive of the regulations, but don't mind that this is not technically "equine therapy." I believe that she'll benefit from simply being around the horses and in the "horse-y" environment. Katya's eager to get back out.
  10. Bill and I applied for positions at Dalat a couple of years ago, and I do have to say that our experience was stellar. Heather, of course, was phenomenal. Although it didn't work out the way that I wanted it to, God used the application process, the interviews, and especially our conversations, to prepare us for what we're doing now. I know we're in the right place, but I do feel my heart tug when you post about these opportunities, Heather!
  11. Coconut is a big favorite. She also loves anything with anything with caramel. Thanks!
  12. Really I love all the input. I'm trying to move from simple changes and see the impact before I move to more complex, or even just things that *feel* more complex to me. Pamela and Rosie, as wonderful as aromatherapy sounds, it just feels like too much to tackle right now. Regarding baking, I have a grain mill, order grains from Breadbeckers, etc., but haven't experimented with much beyond wheat. I think we tried spelt one time, but the consensus was that it tasted like bird seed. Could that be right? I do have almond flour I picked up at TJ's, but haven't used it yet. Does anyone have a no-fail recipe using almond flour for something like powerbars that would be good for breakfast or for a snack? I also have buckwheat from Breadbeckers. I bought it because Katya talked about "kasha" when she first came home. It took me awhile to figure out what she was saying. There are a million kasha recipes, and I haven't found one that she loves. Does anyone make a type of porridge out of buckwheat? I'd love to make one that I can start the night before, maybe in the crockpot, to have for breakfast the next morning. I do have several paleo cookbooks and those have great ideas. I've looked at Everyday Paleo briefly, but need to spend more time there. Okay, here's a question. What do you no gluten, no sugar gals do for birthdays? Last night we celebrated Grace's birthday and her "special" cake is an orange marmalade cake. I didn't feel right about not fixing her "special" cake. And I din't feel right about not letting Katya have cake when everyone else was having cake, so I let her have a small piece. This morning was terrible. Worst morning we've had in a while. I don't want to attribute it to the sugar too quickly, but what do you think? You ladies are the best! Thanks so much!!!
  13. Responded to the other before I saw this. Good news! Please keep us updated!
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