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  1. I don't remember when our math book introduced subtraction, but they were taught together. We didn't memorize our addition facts before we started subtraction, in fact, right now we are learning the facts as number families. 8, 3, 11. The problems are mixed on the page but all center around those three numbers.
  2. Here's what we're doign this year: HWT & Other Copy work R&S Reading, Math & Grammar Various Thinking Skills Workbooks SOTW I Drawing with Children Trying to start a writing program, but haven't found one that works, yet. Cindy
  3. I have alot of nasal allergies, so I, too, prefer non-smelly things. I've gotten things that have dryer sheets or perfumed tissue paper in them, and I've had to open them in the garage with my head turned away or breathing through my mouth. I would just make sure that there are no odors in the dresses and specify that they come from a smoke free, pet free home.
  4. We have 2 prius' and love them. In fact, we've owned 3. When I totaled the one we bought a mini-van, and 6 mos later traded it in on a prius. They've been out quite awhile. We bought all 3 of ours used and we love them. They've all had at least 30K on them. The newer ones get better mileage, but even the older ones get 30+ mpg. DH is a newer one, maybe 2 yrs old and it gets 40 mpg. I'm not a 'good' prius driver, so I only get about 30-35 mpg (which is still almost double what the van got, so I'm not complaining!). The funny thing about them is that at a red light, the engine shuts off. It goes to electric, so there is NO noise. Don't be alarmed :D. There is no driving difference. It's the same as any other car. IF you accelerate fast, you use more gas. The one thing that is fun, you can coast through a parking lot on the electric and scare the poo out of people who are walking down the middle of the row when they turn around and see you, not that *I* would ever do that (DH likes to though). Toyota's have been around the longest and rank really well by consumer reports, so I would recommend them. hth
  5. Did the pain start after a particular incident? A slip on ice, a bump, a funny twist? Have they done an MRI to check for a tear in the meniscus? is there any swelling or heat? I hurt my knee quite a while ago, almost 6 mos, and it took a LONG time for it to clear up. I still have pain sometimes. If it is bursitis or tendonitis, it can take time. I got a knee brace to immobilize the knee cap and did some PT, and took 2 alleve in the AM and PM. It still hurts when the weather changes or is extremely cold (like today), but it is not nearly as bad as it was. I'm sorry that she is going through this. I know it sucks!
  6. I would ignore it and live in the kitchen :D I'm sending my DH the link to it because we are re-doing ours this year. We don't have that much space, but I like the general ideas.....Beautiful!
  7. I *KNOW* I'm old because some of our favorite groups now do the summer festival circuit :D
  8. I'm starting Imitations in Writing, Aesop this week with dd6. She LOVES to write stories, often copying fairy tales and fables, so I figured I'd start her out on some relativeily simple instruction, before it becomes a chore. I also have writing strands, I'll be looking through that too. The first level turned me off, but I'm going to review level 2 & 3 to see if I like it any better.
  9. We just look at the inside of the door. If it is clean, then the dishes are clean.
  10. Mine were impacted and were surgically removed when I was 18. My mom wanted to do it over spring break, but I said NO WAY. This is my Senior Spring Break and I'm going to have fun!
  11. Forgot to tell you, when we were in Vietnam we saw 2 women on the street. We were a great distance away but one of them was picking at the head of the other one. We immediately thought OH GROSS!!! Lice!!!! (or some more exotic parasite). As we walked by we say that she was plucking the gray hair out of her head. I think the Asian hair is beautiful with Grey/white throughout it.
  12. I have a fair amout of gray hair. I like it, it has more texture than my otherwise LIMP hair! I've also decided to embrace it. I LOVE salt and pepper hair on men and women and I think white hair is beautiful. It may have something to do with 2 of my mentors, who are both VERY wise in many areas, have beautiful gray hair. Gray hair is a crown of splendor; it is attained by a righteous life Proverbs 16:31 ;)
  13. There are some great adoption books. I just found one called Lost Daughters of China. When You Were Born in China is another great one. There is a great website called Asiaforkids.com that has alot of great stuff, from Chinese babydolls to Adoption Baby Books to Books for parents and/or children on 'dealing' with adoption. HTH
  14. I'm a great speller, and I"m good at organizing through paperwork. I can pull together a spreadsheet adn have people where they need to be in no time! I can also tell you who has paid and who owes what. Do NOT ask me to talk much to those people though! And, I'm pretty good at decorating, when DH lets me ;)
  15. My 6 yr old dd is reading Herriott's Treasury for children (?), a collection of his short stories, and one of the Betsy Tacy books. I'm working on several books: Pride and Prejudice, Possessing Genius, The Journey of Einstein's Brain, Fox's Book of Martyrs and a frivolous Mrs. Polifax mystery. It all depends on When & Where :D
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