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  1. I think it pretty much suits anyone who likes classical or formal CM style curricula. My eldest is just sensitive and gets frustrated easily/has anxiety. The book you read is pretty okay (our Australian Story), and it has questions, cut and pastes, dictionary work/alphabetising, additional book suggestions for the history/reading side, all the usual cm stuff (copywork, dictation, narration), it has little Picture Studies, Art/Lit/Poetry Study, Researching etc. I do like that its Australian and works through Australian history and is CM. In my personal opinion, the age its correlated to is
  2. From the past year (we school year round) LOVES Dynamo Math (really cementing things for Atlas, who really needed it - dyscalculia) Story of the World + Activity Book (of course) KONOS (Love this, I use it my own way/as a framework) Math on the Level (Love this, allows me to do math our way, at individual levels) Bravewriter etc (Love, I use the main manual and ideas from things like Jot it down etc, its a lifestyle rather than "lessons" for us though) Creek Edge Press Task Cards (I use as a framework) General Handwriting Book (used for eldest, just picked up locally, I get her to d
  3. I thought the one I tried (Darwin) was quite cute. Unfortunately, whilst the kids don't mind me reading picture books ocassionally, they aren't into me reading out books. They will listen to their father read out long stories of a night (right now they are going through the entire Harry Potter series, before that it was American Girl stories), so unfortunately, not matter how much I like the idea of classical, I can only include bits and pieces and ideas of such into our curricula. My eldest is a big reader and will read a lot of interesting books on her own of her choice (quite good choices),

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    I'm in Australia. I have Live Education Kindergarten & Grade 1. There were purchased not long ago. We have changed directions. Feel free to make an offer.


  5. I broke the internet. Well at least mine. I even lost my flashy cursor thangy. We is not pleased. Off to pout.

  6. Madame, I will try this one more time to post, then I will duly hit keyboard, and leave internetz. a>a>a>a>

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      Okay, I officially give up. :/ but at least they are clickable links (FWIW I did try it on another forum that uses the same software and it worked!) 59cc9979705accc698ffd0f0ae3ced95.jpg

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