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  1. Did you end up getting the guide Rosie? I am umming and aahing over buying "Our Whole Lives K-1' by Barbara Sprung. There's not any samples that show the layout of the lesson, etc, and the only site doesn't even show post costs to Aus,, but I am over awkwardly flapping around this area. I just have a feeling I will fork over a chunk of money for a book that has under an hours total lessons. I wish they just had online versions of this :(
  2. I think it pretty much suits anyone who likes classical or formal CM style curricula. My eldest is just sensitive and gets frustrated easily/has anxiety. The book you read is pretty okay (our Australian Story), and it has questions, cut and pastes, dictionary work/alphabetising, additional book suggestions for the history/reading side, all the usual cm stuff (copywork, dictation, narration), it has little Picture Studies, Art/Lit/Poetry Study, Researching etc. I do like that its Australian and works through Australian history and is CM. In my personal opinion, the age its correlated to is
  3. From the past year (we school year round) LOVES Dynamo Math (really cementing things for Atlas, who really needed it - dyscalculia) Story of the World + Activity Book (of course) KONOS (Love this, I use it my own way/as a framework) Math on the Level (Love this, allows me to do math our way, at individual levels) Bravewriter etc (Love, I use the main manual and ideas from things like Jot it down etc, its a lifestyle rather than "lessons" for us though) Creek Edge Press Task Cards (I use as a framework) General Handwriting Book (used for eldest, just picked up locally, I get her to d
  4. Maela, Sorry for the late reply! I've include the list of books I'm reading as part of our Family UU Studies, they are just books I feel the kids are ready for and suit them at their current level. As for GVS, this is my first year with it, but I love it, it very much suits us. Here's my new layout: Family * Oak Meadow Circle Time (Verses, Poetry, Movement etc) * My UU Studies Booklist (these reflect our values, studies, beliefs and interest in other religions): - Many Ways: How Families Practice their Beliefs - Accept and Value Each Person - Picture Book of Louis Braill
  5. Language Arts: Time 4 Learning & Time 4 Writing Science Basics; Time4Learning & Science4us Reading: She choose books + Scribd Unlimited Religious; UU Books Art: Creativity Express Math; Math on the Level Penmanship/Handwriting; Journal & Storybook History; Unsure right now, still deciding, she might follow along with her Sister. She does T4L Social Studies as well. Mopup curriculum; Global Village Unit Studies, chosen by her: Human Body Detectives (full series curricula), Guest Hollow Human Body Science, Hogwarts SCS Studies. Edited to add: Oh, we might do McHenry's th
  6. Phonics: Outsourcing (T4L, Reading Eggs, Easy Peasy or similar) - I have 3 different accents for words (Aussie, British, and US), so I make big mistakes when trying to teach Phonics, so I outsource it to a speaking program thats not me :p Extra goodies to come from GVS Math: Unsure on this. Either GVS suggestion, T4L/Mathseeds (although I'd rather not use an online program for her, she's a worksheet gal), Math on the Level etc. I might end up teaching her anything she needs to know before moving her to Math Mammoth 1. I'll need a couple more weeks to iron out Maths. She's doing Mathseeds f
  7. I thought the one I tried (Darwin) was quite cute. Unfortunately, whilst the kids don't mind me reading picture books ocassionally, they aren't into me reading out books. They will listen to their father read out long stories of a night (right now they are going through the entire Harry Potter series, before that it was American Girl stories), so unfortunately, not matter how much I like the idea of classical, I can only include bits and pieces and ideas of such into our curricula. My eldest is a big reader and will read a lot of interesting books on her own of her choice (quite good choices),
  8. We're doing Creativity Express on HSBC and Harmony Fine Arts Other than that, I keep clingwrapped ice cube trays filled with pre-mixed colors in the closet, and brushes in a water pot near the sink. My kids can go get out their stuff, paint and put most of it away, themselves. I also am using Tapestry of Grace. There is a section that gives vocabulary for the week. I select a bunch and just write the names on the bottom of a plain sheet of copy paper. My daughter draws a picture relating to each vocabulary word. It seems to help the vocab stick in her head more and she loves to draw.
  9. 1) No 2)No No conventions here in Australia except for more odd ones that are more a meeting of minds.
  10. We're out in Boondocks (middle of nowhere) So: 1) No 2) No 3) Here I suppose? I don't really have support. I rail at my husband and have meltdowns and he accepts that. I suppose he's the closest to my support LOL.
  11. 1) For the Freedom. We fit in school around our other pursuits. 2) Currently throw at the wall and see what sticks approach I think? I have styles I learn from that make me a better teacher, but I can't say I fit into one category. I adore WTM, Charlotte Mason, Rudolph Steiner, Maria Montessori plus about 20 other mentors/teachers, because they all have at least one or two things to contribute to the table. 3) We currently use what's in my sig so thats really a mix of more artistic with classical, with basic & textbook. Plus the kids watch a lot of videos and tend to them go off an
  12. I'd have to think about that when they are middle school aged. Right now, no, I don't. But hubby does and has, no matter how many times I tell him not to. He's left them in the car a few times to pay for gas. I only find out about it afterward, after finding he did it more than once, and again ignoring me, I have been more wary of letting him take them out by himself. But its because he has a different mindset then me, he never does prevention, only cure after the fact. So if the car got blown up with the kids inside, and years later I had more babies ,,,,THEN... at that point he MIGHT thi
  13. I just put this on another thread, but it suits here as well: Well Trained Mind (obviously) Well Educated Mind Dumbing us Down - Gatto Maria Montessori: Her Life and Work by E.M. Standing The Original Homeschooling Series - Charlotte Mason Summerhill School: A New View of Childhod: A.S. Neill Free Range Kids - Leonore Skanazy 50 Dangerous Things (You should let your child do) John Holt book or Magazine (your choice) Project Based Homeschooling: Lori Pickert Discovery of the Child: Maria Montessori You Are Your Childs First Teacher - Dancy Kingdom of Childhood - Rudolph Steiner
  14. If a person is not pleased with a certain thing, I find that they tend to use any method available to prove its not a prudent idea. If a person had two similar boy in front of them, two similar ages and personalities, one homeschool, and one at public school, both acted the same way in a similar situation, highly likely it would be responded to in a fashion as stating one boy is socially awkward and the other child is just at that "pre-teen stage, boys will be boys" etc.. Same as if you put your child in public school and your family wanted him in private school. They'd comment on the
  15. I have a fascination with teaching styles. Basically my interest stems from there. So to take from your list, I would get interested in Montessori, which would lead me to the interesting way Math is presented in Montessori, so I would end up travelling further down that path. I use a lot of bunny trails. Montessori also has interesting crossovers with parenting especially in the modern day, quite a number of authors have approached this. So from my list there is Simplicity parenting, which stems from Montessori i Believe (that or a waldorf/montessori mix, its a bit late here and I seem to
  16. -Tapestry of Grace -Harmony Fine Arts -Science in the Beginning/follow Borenson Science books (right now I am using this go around of it by utilising the ideas & topics, so have been giving them just videos from Youtube etc on the subjects, so reflection/refraction, interesting experiments done by actual schoolkids filming themselves and stuff like Bill Nye on the themes). -Living Math through History (Purchased Units) -Math U See at appropriate levels -Funnix 1 & 2 -I also grabbed Creativity Express and we started using that, and my eldest has Always Icecream (I add scoops to he
  17. Don Quixote. I actually like the story, found it quite amusing, but the writing style just makes it really hard for me and I cannot get through it. Perhaps its the translation (I chose a recommended translation), but its awkward and slow. Its like watching the TV Show Neighbours, you could skip 10 episodes, come back and that same cup of tea is still boiling.
  18. These are mostly books that I loved as a kid (and a couple that my kids love me to read now) Pippi Longstocking Mallory Towers Series' Babysitter's Club Henry Huggins series Magic Treehouse series American Girl Series The Hobbit Strawberry Girl Charlotte's Web The Lion, the witch and the Wardrobe The Secret Garden Anne of Green Gables Little Women Matilda The BFG The Twits Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Goosbumps Series Choose your own Adventure books Little House series Heidi Winnie the Pooh Harry Potter Series Alice in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass Judy
  19. UM.....Celebrity Slim Rapid Chocolate Shake and 1/4 Diet Coke. What I wish I had: Hash browns.......like 20 of them. rofl. I lurrrrvvve Hash Browns. Unfortunately since quitting smoking, quitting V (energy drink) and going through dental surgeries (which I will continue through the next few months) I have doubled in size over the past year. So it was either continue to gain kilos whilst undergoing the dental surgeries (which make it hard to have anything but stuff like ice creams etc due to the pain/swelling) or go on a meal replacement shake diet (which I can still use through the res
  20. I have 3 seperate organizing strategies for 3 different lots of books. 1. My curriculum books aren't too huge (I purchase quarterly), so they just go on a shelf in the computer room cupboard till I require them. I have a milkcrate on wheels that holds my currently in use curricula & books, my table holds the proclick-ed curricula & MUS and any items not for the current year are boxed up and shelved. 2. My own/personal books are large and many. I often ruthlessly cull these books and try to use the Ipad where I can instead. I am currently re-arranging rooms so my books are curre
  21. The Robinson Self-Teaching Curriculum "Teach your kids to teach themselves. Self-teaching methodology turns kids into independant learners" Practical Homeschooling Magazine 2008 Annual Reader Awards, First Places in: Literature Vocabulary Curriculum - Middle School Curriculum - High School Spelling Grammar / Language Arts History "This teaching program requires almost no teacher interaction. It is not dependent upon the parent's individual education, and it routinely allows the students to acquire skills and knowledge that are beyond those of the parents. "
  22. Thank you! Understandable, if still annoying. I had been trying to google everywhere and nothing about it was coming up. It was like a weird secret handshake everybody was doing :p If I didn't get humougously annoyed over fb on phones, I would probably use my phone too. Unfortunately, I have never figured out how to view posts others have made on a page, it only shows the owners posts, so I gave up.
  23. Because its starting to drive me insane. Like this: Kerry Anderson > House of Ideas I worked with the fabric last night, it was amazing!!! 29 People Like this View 24 more comments Alison Novel * 24 minutes ago Jean Anderson Did you try the fabric? 25 minutes ago Jorge Frederick * 26 Minutes ago Ben Sanchez * 26 Minutes ago Lily Warrer * 27 Minutes ago And so on, what does the asterisk denote? There's liking which puts it in your feed, so theres no reason to add a comment of starring to like something or add it to your newsfeed. I have to scroll th
  24. I can mention stuff on my shelf if that helps: Managers of their ______ (Homes, Chores & Schools) *wishlist* Trim Healthy Mama (obviously more a mum book, also contains info about stuff other than food) Real Learning: Education in the Heart of the Home - Elizabeth Foss (Catholic CM book) The Well-Trained Mind (current edition & 1999 edition) Montessori Parenting: Unveiling the Authentic Self - Dr. Jim and Sonny McFarlane (Montessori Parenting) Summerhill School: A new view of Childhood - E.S. Neill (Child Equality, Unschooling, "Little Adults") Make way for Reading - Latimer
  25. There is "samples" (well limited pictures) on a ladies blog: http://training6hearts4him.blogspot.com.au/2014/02/homeschooling6-dayspelling-you-see.html Its what made me decide, tentatively, that its not for us. The chunking looked pretty much like PAL, which we have already looked through and re-sold. Searching for combinations and picking apart poetry isn't really for us :( I was expecting something much different, I guess, from the reality. So unless thats just an extra page or minimal amounts of that type of thing, I will probably go to AAS/Spellodrome instead.
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