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  1. I heard back from the publisher. They said September 2017. :(
  2. Does anyone know when year four of the Telling God's Story curriculum will be available? We just finished the third book and I was hoping to pick up with the fourth one in August.
  3. BioLogos, a Christian organization that promotes the harmony of faith and mainstream science has just started publishing a biweekly blog geared specifically toward educators and homeschooling parents. (It replaces the Saturday Science Links they used to do.) The blog post, which will be published every other Friday, is a collection of cool science-related news links and activities you can do with kids. Here is a link to the first one. My kids and I have really enjoyed the Saturday Science links from the past, and now it is even better that is specifically written with educators in mind. Even those of you who don't go in for the evolutionary creation perspective might still enjoy some of the content, since many topics besides biology are covered. Have fun!
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