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  1. ... I’m not happy with this one. It was time to change the old one. As much as I adore that photo of my pup (I had spun some yarn, and draped it over him to make him a “SHEEPdog”) I lost him three years ago, and still tear up more than a little when I look at it. So! After another fit of tears the other night, I changed my avatar, but I don’t like this one as much, and I want to change it again. What makes a good, memorable avatar? When I am scrolling, I think I probably identify people most of the time by avatar first, then by name if it's just one of the letters. I can’t go back to the original avatar I had when I picked out this name (a still of Treebeard from LOTR) so....ideas?
  2. From the pictures I have seen, yes, it looks amazing! Dd will be there for marine science (her research is on sea star cloning) and I’m sure they will spend lots of time out on the beaches. Her prof. Has already warned them to expect some 5am beach combing during low tides, which actually sounds perfectly lovely to me!
  3. Following the rocket? Heck, no! I'm going to be running in the opposite direction! 😂 Sorry. Couldn’t resist after reading the title, and I'm too lazy to go searching for the Forum Game thread. Real answer, yes, but not too closely. Don’t need anything else to make me bite my nails right now.
  4. Gotcha! 😉 What we have been using when we have to be out is a 3-layer cotton jersey mask (Hanes) underneath one of the Old Navy “pretty” masks. I’m not sure that would be comfortable for her all day long in a lab, though.
  5. She and the other members of her home lab and her prof. will be vaccinated, but the other students and their professors may not be. So how and where would I go to be sure I’m getting quality KN95 masks? With so many counterfeits out there, I'm not sure where to order from. I was kind of hoping that someone on here who is currently working in a cheek-by-jowl situation could shed some light on that for me!
  6. Thanks 😊! Her prof. Is a Bowdoin alum, and is very excited about taking his honors research students to the fancy, new building in his old stomping grounds. The masks are for Covid protection, because although she and the other two students from her home lab will be vaccinated, the others in the lab may not be, and they will be working in pretty close quarters. Also, dd has some underlying conditions that make her higher risk for complications of Covid, so anything we can do to add a little bit of protection is worth doing! Better to overprotect than underprotect in her situation.
  7. In my Happy Masks thread, NotaNumber said that dd20 should probably use something with more protection for her lab research this summer. So now my question is this: For 6 or more daily hours in a lab with 5 other students and 2-3 professors, what is the best mask to be using? And where on earth can I order them? We only have a couple of weeks to get this all sorted out, and I know shipping can take a while, so I want to get on it ASAP. Here is the place she will be doing the research. It’s exciting because she will be in the very first batch of undergrads doing research at the newly completed facility.
  8. Ok, I hear you. So what would you do in a lab situation? Please be specific. We have been shielding since last March, since dd and I both have underlying conditions, so we haven’t been in a situation where we needed N95s. Now that dd will need greater protection, I have no idea where to go to purchase something that is effective, comfortable, and not counterfeit. I see plenty of KN95 items for sale on Amazon, but are they reputable manufacturers or sellers? I need to get the ball rolling and order something soon! In the meantime, I went ahead and ordered a couple of Happy Masks. Even if she doesn’t wear them, I can always use them. I’m still masking when I walk the dogs on the river walk, primarily because no one else is.
  9. Thanks for the replies, guys! I may just order one or two and see if she likes them. Looks like they will have a mailing address where I can ship her more if she likes/needs them, so that's good. I may also dig through and find some of the other threads where people are asking for mask recommendations to find other options. I just recalled a lot of folks on here saying that Happy Masks are really easy to breathe through. The lab is (obviously) indoors, in pretty close quarters, so a simple cotton mask isn’t going to cut it for protection. I have knitted several of the “ear saver” tabs (basically, a stash-busting knitted strip with a couple of buttons on it) so that should help keep the mask both a little more snug and off her ears.
  10. (Note: I changed my avatar from a dog with yarn draped over his head. It's still me. I needed a change!) So it looks like DD20's summer research program is a go. She will be masking all day in the lab, so will need a comfortable and breathable mask. You guys have raved about Happy Masks, so I think I will order her some, but I have questions. 1) She's 5’4 and, I think about 120lbs with an average size face, but a tiny chin. Is a Medium the right size? 2) How often do you wash your mask if you are wearing it daily? I think she should wash at the end of the day if she is wearing it all day. So....should I order a week's worth? 3) She is in the meeting discussing logistics right now (there are 3 honors students attending this program, so they are traveling together) but I'm guessing we need to be ready to roll the last week in May. How's shipping time for this company? Do we need to order some others from Amazon as a backup in case the Happy Masks don’t arrive on time?
  11. So I thought long and hard about it, and I have decided to withdraw my claim on cutest dog avatar. Your little cutie can have the trophy! 🏆 Actually, after about a bazillion years with the same avatar, I decided I needed a change. 😁
  12. Thanks for the links. I am working with a therapist now to try to process some of the garbage from a lifetime of being the only child of a potentially (she'll never get a diagnosis, because to her, nothing is wrong) npd mother. I feel like I am in a race against time, because the older she gets, the less she filters and the worse the behaviors have become, and I need to be in a better place in order to be able to care for my parents as they age. 😞
  13. May the force be with you, my fellow boardies! 😁
  14. Not so fast, my friend! Perhaps we could agree to call it a draw in that category? 😁
  15. Reporting back as requested! Last night was a bit rough. To quote Douglas Adams, it was “unpleasantly like being drunk.” (Altogether now: “What’s so unpleasant about being drunk? You ask a glass of water.”) In all seriousness, the worst of it for me seems to be the headache. I finally gave in at about 3am and took some ibuprofen, and had another dose a couple of hours ago. My arm is also very sore, and has a red knot the size of a quarter. I’m just being a baby, though. If this is as bad as it gets, I’ll count myself very fortunate!
  16. Got my second dose of Moderna this afternoon. I’m not sure if I’m hoping for lots of side effects to prove that my immune system is working or no side effects because I am a wimp!
  17. QFT! Idiocracy is looking more and more like a documentary film these days. 😞
  18. I agree with bolt. You don’t have to make a dramatic production out of it. Just matter of factly say, “We're quarantining because of DS's positive. What a drag, eh? See y'all on the other side of our quarantine!” <friendly wave> If I were in the other families, I would expect at least a fair warning so that I could decide what to do. Keeping exposure to yourself while allowing your dd to play closely with the others is deceptive, and may cause you even greater trouble in the long run.
  19. Dd had her first Moderna shot today. So far, she is only complaining about a sore arm. Unfortunately, this means that her second shot will be the day that finals start for her. 🙄 Oops. Maybe she will be one of the lucky ones who has a bit of a headache, pops an ibuprofen, and goes about her day. I hope so, anyway!
  20. Shhhhh....don’t tell her, but I have really enjoyed helping dd study for biochemistry and organic chemistry since she has been stuck at home doing classes, and I’m kind of going to miss having someone around to ‘splain sciency things to me when she goes back! 😁
  21. Bio major dd says to tell you you got it right! 👍🏻
  22. Oh, my! The bolded is a perfect description of where I am right now, and it is so very, very difficult. My parents are aging, and I realized after a particularly nasty episode a few weeks ago that it is never going to get better, and will probably only get worse as they get older and more childish. Boy, do I wish I had a sibling I could talk to right now. Gardenmom, I am glad to hear that you have been able to lift your burden through forgiveness! Indigo and Cincinative- hugs and empathy! I hope we all find the peace we long for!
  23. I probably wouldn’t even attend the event unless everyone was vaccinated already and wearing masks. But I fall into the very cautious/ still shielding category because of my and especially my DD’s risk factors.
  24. I got my first Moderna shot today. My arm is a bit sore, but nothing else. Dh has an appointment Wednesday for his first shot, also Moderna.
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