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  1. I know I’m chiming in a bit late here, but think he looks quite charming in his suit and boots, and the flowers are just right! I hope they have a wonderful time!
  2. I thought I would update this thread in case anyone else out there is interested. The medium HM was a perfect fit for dd. She said they are very comfortable and easy to breathe and talk through. Shipping took about a week.
  3. The only one in my family that I am aware of is dh's cousin's son. When the son and his very supportive parents told the family, the family basically shunned them. I find it appalling that the family would behave in such a manner, but not surprising at all, given what I know about dh's extended (and not-so extended) family. I’m sure I know more that I’m not aware of, but they are not very public about it. It’s not something that is exactly embraced in our neck of the woods.
  4. Well, as it turns out, I need not have worried. All the gal really needs is what she calls an administrative assistant (and I call a gopher)- just drawing up fliers, running errands, etc...Sadly, no actually tutoring, but that’s ok too. It's a good opportunity for me to get myself back into the “real world” so I decided to do it after all. Especially since dd is out of the house again, I really need something to do, and as much as I would like to be a full time spinner, there just aren’t that many people who want yarn spun from their dog's combings! Thanks for the replies, though. I was really anxious that I would have to say something that might make my friend upset.
  5. Oh, I do think that brain scans have a place in medicine! It's just that we have newer, safer (MRI, for example) methods of scanning for actual disease/damage, and the lack of peer-reviewed research just doesn’t sit well with me. Also, the process seems to be 1) Amen clinic administers a “before” scan, 2) Amen clinic sells you a bunch of their brand of supplements, 3) Amen clinics administers an “after” scan wherein they tell you that you have made amazing progress with their supplements. I guess I feel like if this is something that is really producing positive results, we would see its use by more than just one doctor out there, especially when that one doctor claims to have the “cures” in the form of his own label of supplements.
  6. The daughter of a dear friend has sort of offered me a part time job (5-10 hrs per week) as she builds her tutoring business. I am very grateful for the offer, because I have been out of the workforce for nearly 20 years, and have literally no references, so this could be a good way for me to build contacts. Sounds good, but there's a bit of a problem. I say “tutoring business,” because she is tutoring students/ helping parents learn how to help their kids, but the business is more focused on the “brain health” of the students, and the definition of “brain health” comes directly from Daniel Amen, complete with a line of supplements for any problems the student might be facing. Now I'm all for supplements when there is scientific evidence to back them, and even (in some cases) when the evidence is mostly anecdotal. (I keep peppermint oil around for my migraines, for example, because I know that a couple drops on my temples and neck will keep me from advancing to the projectile vomiting stage. Sorry, probably tmi.) But everything I have read about this Amen guy leads me to believe that his treatments are mostly woo and placebo based, and the whole SPECT thing sounds like a crock of hooey. I am meeting with the daughter at 1 this afternoon, and I desperately need tactful, gentle ways to get myself out of the job if it involves anything more than Zoom conferences with students to help them with their academics. I don’t want to appear ungrateful, and I don’t want to damage my relationship with my friend, who has been very supportive with all of the garbage with dh over the past year or so, and is really just trying to be helpful by suggesting to her daughter that I need a job. So! Oh wise and tactful hive, how do I gently tell the daughter (who is nearly my age) that I can tutor but not peddle snake oil?
  7. I have a mug that says “I knit so I don’t kill people.” There's this gal in my knitting circle, and, well, let's just say I knitted harder and at a tighter gauge than I have in my life when the group met this week. We are still meeting outdoors, rotating between each of our porches. Anyway, this woman is very anti-mask, and has been from the beginning, although she did get vaccinated because she has diabetes and high blood pressure, and MS. This week, she announced that “The CDC dropped the mask mandate and everyone should stop masking because we need to see what happens if we don’t wear masks, and we need to see where the surges will be.” 🤯 (Feel free to imagine a witty, data-packed reply I could have used here. I was too gobsmacked by her utter stupidity to do anything except knit on in silence and try to suppress my desire to poke her in the eye with a sock needle.)
  8. Sadly, I agree. I am so exhausted and disgusted from the selfish, willful ignorance of the human race.
  9. From cdc.gov: COVID-19 vaccines reduce the risk of people spreading COVID-19.
  10. I hear you! I’m fully vaxed and I did attend an in-person knitting circle on Thursday afternoon on someone's screened porch, but I felt edgy the whole time because all but one of the gals were unmasked. I know that the maskless ones are “fully vaccinated” but that doesn’t equate to “fully immune” or “incapable of transmitting.” Thankfully, this group of gals has no problem with me continuing to mask around them, or if any of them do, they keep it to themselves. I’d feel better if they would mask too, though.
  11. Congratulations on completing your final FAFSA! Dd is class of '22 as well. I actually let out a woooo-hoooo! after hitting the send button on our last FAFSA. She won't get her official financial aid package until the end of June. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the cost remains the same as it was this year. 🤞
  12. I'm right there with you, happi! I was just beginning to feel okay about dd traveling 15 hours away for her summer research program, even though she is high risk. Now I’m terrified about her getting sick (or worse) up there all alone, and she is dreading rather than looking forward to the summer. I just want to curl up into a ball and cry.
  13. Yup. This is me exactly. And if I am walking, the downbeat *must* be on the left foot, which comes from years of marching band drilling, I think. Also, if someone says something that follows the rhythmic pattern of a certain piece of music, my brain will switch to that piece.
  14. Absolutely justified, IB! I am having some similar thoughts about my own parents. I'm an only child, and I have no earthly idea how I am going to manage caring for my parents, especially my (npd?) mother. I may be forced to move in with them though. If dh and I can't work things out ( he moved out last March for a number of reasons) and he wants to sell the house, I will have literally nowhere else to go. The thought of that makes me physically ill, so I'm trying to just get through one day at a time. Hugs. It's rough. I know!
  15. Blondie looks pretty chill about her new roommate. Congrats on your newest addition! Rescue dogs rock!
  16. Because we didn’t buy Bitcoin either and there's no “hysterical laughter because laughing is better than crying” button!
  17. This little gal's name is Mercy! Named after Mercy Warren. Foster failure as a puppy, but she was already responding to that name when I got her, so I kept it. As it turns out, it's the perfect name for this little hurricane. I walk into a room, see what she has been up to, and say, “Oh, Mercy, Mercy, Mercy!” 😂
  18. Definitely more Entish! Well done! But I think I'll stick with Mercy the Super-Mutt for now!
  19. Ok, probably temporary change to the latest canine addition to the family. Nothing to do with the screen name, but cute nonetheless!
  20. Like Fangorn, Treebeard, the Ent from Lord of the Rings. There was a bit of a play on words from the song from Paint Your Wagon and Treebeard, the Ent.
  21. Yep. We have a collection of Fluxx games : Chemistry, Dr. Who, Holiday, and the one we are very proud of creating ourselves: Ancient Rome!
  22. I like the idea, but that tree looks less Ent-ish to me, and more like one of the little devils from the Wizard of Oz. 😂 (Absolutely no offense intended. I appreciate the try!)
  23. The gut feeling you have about your mother is right. Quit trying to please people. It doesn’t work, and it just stresses you out. Spend the money on private lessons with the best players instead of college. Don't let anyone guilt you into being something you're not. Read more. Listen, I know that pimple on your right cheek comes back every.single.month. And it hurts, and it seems like the thing to do is pick at it, but don't. Just don't. Sit on your hands unless you want an irritating scar where the irritating pimple was.
  24. ... I’m not happy with this one. It was time to change the old one. As much as I adore that photo of my pup (I had spun some yarn, and draped it over him to make him a “SHEEPdog”) I lost him three years ago, and still tear up more than a little when I look at it. So! After another fit of tears the other night, I changed my avatar, but I don’t like this one as much, and I want to change it again. What makes a good, memorable avatar? When I am scrolling, I think I probably identify people most of the time by avatar first, then by name if it's just one of the letters. I can’t go back to the original avatar I had when I picked out this name (a still of Treebeard from LOTR) so....ideas?
  25. From the pictures I have seen, yes, it looks amazing! Dd will be there for marine science (her research is on sea star cloning) and I’m sure they will spend lots of time out on the beaches. Her prof. Has already warned them to expect some 5am beach combing during low tides, which actually sounds perfectly lovely to me!
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