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  1. Thanks ❤️ I appreciate the words of support.
  2. My DD did a World Geography and Cultures class for 9th grade and is doing US history for 10th. Probably will do government and economics for 11th but it depends where her interests are leaning at that point and how her goals for college develop. We used Guest Hollow for geography and I very much adapted it to fit her needs/interests. There is also a new world geography curriculum by Notgrass if you are ok with Christian.
  3. I hope this helps to keep you safe!
  4. Mine is like the first one. I would not recommend spending $139 on a bread pan before you know if you even like making bread!
  5. Here is one example of a baguette pan. Mine is from KAF but I'm sure the WS one mentioned above is excellent. It keeps the shape so nicely and the holes in the pan help it to bake evenly. Eh, it depends what you are going for and I guess what bakery you are using for comparison. The recipe I linked above is really delicious. The KAF website has so many wonderful tips for bread making.
  6. This is my go-to. It is really easy. Having a baguette pan makes all the difference in results. https://www.kingarthurbaking.com/recipes/food-processor-french-style-bread-recipe
  7. I just need to unload. I know everyone is dealing with a lot of crap right now, but I'm feeling so discouraged. DS has severe poison ivy. SEVERE. He is on a steroid that is barely touching it. His face is swollen and his hands are so blistered that I keep thinking of that character from the Fantastic Four. We have all the other things (topical) and some things are helping a bit but my poor kid is suffering. DH tripped while jogging last week and broke his ankle. Well, we thought it was broken. He went back yesterday for a followup because he has been in worsening pain and the whole ankle and shin area is still swollen and extremely discolored. The doc is sending him for an MRI because he's now suspecting a torn tendon that might need surgery. (DH has been through achilles tendon surgery and that was horrible. So this is really discouraging news.) My mom just got through covid. Fortunately, none of us caught it from her. Nonetheless, covid. Yay. FIL needed to go in for emergency heart surgery a month ago. It became an emergency because he had been putting it off and ignoring symptoms for months. We had to cancel our vacation to Nashville because of this. The surgery did not resolve all of his issues and he had a stroke at some point while in the hospital (they think...unless the stroke happened much earlier and they just figured it out now...not really sure.) He ended up needing a pacemaker. He's home now finally, but still needs lots of care. DD and her OCD...uuuuuuuuuugh. She's suffering. She's lonely. And I am her dumping ground. It's exhausting. Did I also mention that we are living with my parents because we stupidly sold our house last year with nowhere to go? Thinking we would be able to relocate easily to PA...ha. Our builder bailed on us and we keep getting outbid on houses. I'm trying to look on the bright side of everything. I write down 2-3 things every single morning that I am thankful for. I do have a LOT to be thankful for. But right now I am tired. SO.TIRED.
  8. Well, I care about very much about my family, but I believe the risk to us is minimal at this point. You really can't make a blanket statement like that without knowing the details of each family's situation. We are a fully vaccinated family that just dealt with a breakthrough case in the house. The rest of us did not catch it, so I feel confident that we can live our lives as close to normal as possible this fall/winter. Even my crappy J&J one-shot seems to have "worked". I am not afraid at all for my family's safety. If activities are running, I will send my kids. We will socialize. We will keep going to church. As always, we will stay home when sick. Our vaccines held up and maybe we were given a boost of natural immunity from my mom's case. I actually feel better now going into the fall because my mom is the one I would have worried about the most. Not to rehash, but we have significant OCD and anxiety to contend with here and my biggest priority currently is taking care of DD's mental health. It is definitely more of a threat to her than covid. And she is my PANS kid.
  9. I have no issue with people doing this. There is no shortage of vaccines here. Personally, I’m just not comfortable with it yet. It’s interesting to hear that the moderna booster is less…I wonder if it would be more prudent for me to eventually get a Pfizer booster since I originally had J&J. And also, whatever happened to the results from the two dose J&J trial?
  10. Same. If it’s just for music, I’d recommend a Bluetooth speaker. Unless her roommate doesn’t care.
  11. I used Spell to Write and Read with child #1. Then Logic of English was released and that’s what I used for child #2. ETA - both of my kids are excellent spellers, and I credit the phonogram approach for that.
  12. Maybe your church/school could send you the BJU materials to start the year with?
  13. This is the first year I have ever seriously contemplated sending them to school (15yo and 13yo) and it was because the pandemic isolation nearly put us over the edge. Our previous homeschool activities haven’t even all come back yet. We’re doing all online classes instead because our living situation is in flux. The next year, I might send them. It depends how this year goes.
  14. I wish I had gotten more! I bought two boxes and we used two. My mom still tested positive the other day (this helped me feel more confident with the reliability of the test) and I used one on DS yesterday, negative. I don't think any of us have caught it from her and we are now two weeks past her onset. Edit: we’re two weeks past her exposure tomorrow.
  15. This is excellent advice. Pet hoarding, aggressive puppy, and elderly individual incapable of seeing the problem / possibly has beginnings of dementia. Reporting is the right thing to do. Otherwise, it will only get worse from here.
  16. Exploration Education might be a good fit. It’s a physical science course and there are three levels. My son did it in 5th/6th grade very independently. He’s pretty advanced in this area so I bought him the highest level. It has an online textbook with short video clip demonstrations and comes with everything for all experiments.
  17. Long term, he and the roommate and anyone else who enters the house could be in danger from the puppy as it grows and becomes more aggressive. I would do whatever it takes to get the dog out of there. Who is giving him pit bull puppies, anyway?
  18. If you are ok with buying supplies and if your kids are independent enough to watch an engaging teacher and do experiments pretty much on their own, I highly recommend Supercharged Science. My son did the live classes last year and loved them. Prior to that, we just subscribed to e-science and worked through the recorded videos. Aurora Lipper is an amazing teacher and my son learned an incredible amount from her. It can be hard to wrap your brain around the options in her program. The main website is kind of poorly designed and hard to navigate. It was worth it for me because the instruction was excellent and it kept my son excited and engaged. I did supervise him for a lot of experiments because he wanted to do advanced stuff, but she teaches the kids in a way that they can take ideas and run with it.
  19. I have this concern as well. I'm not about to get one dose of Pfizer on my own without disclosing my J&J, because I don't want to be tracked as only partially vaccinated. I do have my original card, but I still think there could be complications from this. Also, I think it would be kind of foolish to do that without any solid studies regarding mixing vaccines. (Unless there is one that I am not aware of.) This was how I felt when my mom was first diagnosed, but it's been a week now and I'm still good. She had Moderna and the person that infected her had Pfizer. So far my J&J is holding up. I did have a very strong immune response when I got it (severe body aches and chills all night), so maybe that puts me on the effective side of the statistics. 🤷‍♀️
  20. So my dad got a test and it came back negative. His February vax seems to be holding up. (He didn't have symptoms, just wanted to rule it out, because he has been in the closest proximity to my mom.) I'm hoping the rest of us remain covid-free. I'm planning to get antibody testing done next month. I would love to start the fall vaxxed AND with antibodies and without having suffered through covid! Maybe wishful thinking, I know. Also, my mom's experience with covid had been just a bad cold and no sense of taste/smell. She's doing much better one week in.
  21. I really wish they would come out with a solid recommendation about this one way or another. I would gladly get a "supplemental" pfizer shot if it would help. However, my J&J seems to be holding up against a covid infection in my home. I'm planning to get antibody testing in September. Maybe being around a covid positive person worked as a booster for me in a way.
  22. I personally don't feel like I've been sold a bill of goods, but I'm pretty irritated about the whole thing. I am thankful that my mom is experiencing what only feels like a cold, because I think she would be in the hospital by now if she wasn't vaccinated, with her history of really bad bronchitis and pneumonia and other lung issues. I feel pretty confident that if any of the rest of us get it, it will be mild, and I think we have the vaccine to thank for that. I guess I'm mostly irritated that people are selfish and irresponsible and choose to ignore their own symptoms and serious symptoms of their unvaccinated kids.
  23. It might not be accurate if you don't have symptoms. I would just watch for symptoms and mask in public. That is what we were advised to do. You can also get some home tests, but I wouldn't totally rely on them to rule it out.
  24. We have a rule of no devices at the table (like during a meal). My phone is usually in my pocket or on a counter somewhere. I have an apple watch so I don't feel the need to check my phone all the time. But really, I can see anything that comes through on my watch immediately, so I guess I am checking it all the time.
  25. So I can tell you what happened with my mom. She drove a friend to a luncheon a week ago Sunday. This friend was vaccinated and "sniffling" a bit. At some point during the (45 min) ride, the friend said that her teenage daughter had "a really horrible cold, but it's ok because I'm vaccinated." (The woman's daughter was not vaccinated, BTW, because the father wouldn't let her.) Three days later, my mom felt like her allergies were acting up, which is normal for her this time of year. The next day, it seemed more like a cold than allergies. Then the next day she went for a test "just in case." It hasn't been worse than a cold for her, thankfully, except that she also has no sense of taste and smell.
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