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  1. I personally don't feel like I've been sold a bill of goods, but I'm pretty irritated about the whole thing. I am thankful that my mom is experiencing what only feels like a cold, because I think she would be in the hospital by now if she wasn't vaccinated, with her history of really bad bronchitis and pneumonia and other lung issues. I feel pretty confident that if any of the rest of us get it, it will be mild, and I think we have the vaccine to thank for that. I guess I'm mostly irritated that people are selfish and irresponsible and choose to ignore their own symptoms and serious symptoms of their unvaccinated kids.
  2. It might not be accurate if you don't have symptoms. I would just watch for symptoms and mask in public. That is what we were advised to do. You can also get some home tests, but I wouldn't totally rely on them to rule it out.
  3. We have a rule of no devices at the table (like during a meal). My phone is usually in my pocket or on a counter somewhere. I have an apple watch so I don't feel the need to check my phone all the time. But really, I can see anything that comes through on my watch immediately, so I guess I am checking it all the time.
  4. So I can tell you what happened with my mom. She drove a friend to a luncheon a week ago Sunday. This friend was vaccinated and "sniffling" a bit. At some point during the (45 min) ride, the friend said that her teenage daughter had "a really horrible cold, but it's ok because I'm vaccinated." (The woman's daughter was not vaccinated, BTW, because the father wouldn't let her.) Three days later, my mom felt like her allergies were acting up, which is normal for her this time of year. The next day, it seemed more like a cold than allergies. Then the next day she went for a test "just in case." It hasn't been worse than a cold for her, thankfully, except that she also has no sense of taste and smell.
  5. A sick (vaccinated, unknowingly COVID positive) person not staying home is why my vaccinated mom has covid and the rest of us are now at risk. I fully support vaccinated people resuming normal life, but it is NOT ok to go out when you are sick. It never has been, and even more so now. Selfish, selfish, selfish!
  6. Tell your girls to block her number. Tell your mom, “I told my kids to block your number because I will not tolerate you treating them this way. If you are going to make this more of a problem, I will block you as well.” You need to set firm boundaries with your mom and follow through when she doesn’t respect them. Her behavior is not normal or acceptable.
  7. I get Fromm Adult Gold
  8. Does this mean that they are no longer contagious with a negative test? And I don't mean an at-home rapid test, but a test sent out to a lab.
  9. I'm so sorry. I don't have personal experience with this, but I wanted to reach out with support. A dear friend of mine who has had some significant losses very highly recommends GriefShare. Maybe it will be helpful to you. https://www.griefshare.org
  10. Yes, we all are. My dad was vaccinated with her back in February. DH got Pfizer in April/May and the kids had theirs in June. She’s been quarantining in her room. Even if we do get sick, I’m sure we’ll be fine. It’s just annoying and frustrating and discouraging all around.
  11. My mom is positive. Uuuuuuuugh. She's been fully vaccinated since February with Moderna. She's 67. I guess we'll see how the rest of us hold up sharing a house. I'm the one that got the crappy J&J in March so this will definitely be a test.
  12. I have a 15yo and 13yo fully vaccinated so I'm wondering about the risk of them having a breakthrough case. Their 2nd shots were June 14th. I just read somewhere that the majority of breakthrough cases were 65+ and I'm hoping that means that it would be extremely, extremely rare for under 18yo to have a breakthrough case. But I was wondering if anyone has heard of any yet.
  13. It might be early for this, but has anyone heard of any breakthrough cases in vaccinated kids (under 18)?
  14. His vision was definitely to have a wholesome, family park that was affordable and enjoyable for all. It’s so sad that the reality is very different today. We are longing to go back, especially for all of the new Star Wars stuff that we have yet to experience. But it’s not happening now.
  15. First, I'm wondering if the stolen wallet was a story and she really doesn't have a lot of money. Is it possible she's blown it all already? Second, maybe she will continue to ignore you, but I would come right out and say, "$200 is a lot of money for me and my family. It's ok if you don't want this job, but please do the right thing and pay me back so that I can hire someone else."
  16. I’m sorry. My DD gets panic attacks and it’s no fun. I hope you feel better.
  17. My DS prefers one from Target. DD prefers one from Kohl’s.
  18. I think there was only one time when I left a small tip. The entire wait staff was engrossed in a sports event at the bar and we were basically ignored for the entire meal. It was obvious that we were being ignored and it was not the kitchen or due to being busy/short staffed. I can’t remember any other time when I’ve had truly horrible service. For mediocre service, I’d just leave a little less.
  19. How about using Independent Study in the title somehow?
  20. This happened to us and it was an electrical fire smoldering in our ceiling fan. After the fire company came out, we were all convinced it must be the dishwasher. Then as we were looking up dishwashers online, the fire became visible in the ceiling fan. We were literally minutes away from leaving the house to go buy a new dishwasher. And if we had actually left before we saw the fire, we would have come home to our house burning down.
  21. You can also focus on time periods— Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Modern.
  22. Was beginner her first year? You could do Piano Year 2 and 3. Or sophomore piano, junior piano. Another one I’ve seen is Coda meaning advanced (Coda Piano).
  23. Some of those things seem normal to me. We've always had people come to the door for one reason or another -- power washing company, window replacement company, politicians or political club members canvassing, Jehovah's Witnesses. It's annoying, but I just tell them no thank you (unless my dog scares them away first.) Some of those can be explained, I think. Maybe the man ringing the bell suddenly realized he was at the wrong house. The car stopping in front of houses, maybe they are looking to move or they were looking for someone and forgot which house they lived in. The man asking for water is weird. So is the lady walking around the driveway, but maybe she was on a walk and felt like she had the freedom to walk around that driveway. The number of accidents and car theft would unnerve me. But, I live in a very quiet town, fairly affluent, with an extremely low crime rate. So my perception might be skewed, as well.
  24. What do you think of the program? Is he going into 6th or 7th? If you would rather wait until high school, I would wait. Jump through the enrollment hoop in 8th grade and start it in 9th. I would not base this decision on those requirements. Also, there are so many other online options. I don't know anything about public virtual schools so I can't comment on that.
  25. Can I add coop? Drives me insane. It's co-op, not coop, unless referring to a chicken coop or being cooped up.
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