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  1. I picked the third option, assuming I can easily order it on amazon. If it is hard to get, I would want it to be provided for the cost and I would want a brand new set. If this were something like a glockenspiel, I would love option two. But for a woodwind...no. Brand new.
  2. Same. I am not an anti-masker. We masked until we were all fully vaccinated and the mandate was lifted. And I really, truly believe that we are not putting anyone else at risk by not masking. We got through a direct household exposure last summer (breakthrough case) without any of us getting it. DH and I got tested for antibodies and they are pretty high. I'm not going to mask or make my kids mask just to "keep up the cause" when it will make no difference.
  3. I am so sorry. I have no advice, but my heart breaks for you.
  4. Your teens are vaccinated and they are the only ones masking in their circles? No, I would not make them mask. Their masks will not protect them from an unmasked covid spreader. I know that my opinion is not the norm here on this board. We are all vaccinated and do not mask unless required or requested specifically by someone in our presence. I see no reason to and there are mental health implications for my daughter in continuing to mask. ETA - And also, DS picked up a cold in taekwondo camp last month when every person there was fully masked. They are pointless for me and my family at this point.
  5. Couldn't be farther from LA, unfortunately!
  6. I totally agree with the previous posters. You need to socialize her with calm, submissive dogs. (My dog would be perfect, but I doubt that I live near you!). Maybe there is a therapy dog program around that could recommend dog owners to connect with. Keep trying!
  7. It's beautiful. I hope you get it. Upping your offer was a great idea.
  8. Yeah, covid has just been horrible for us. Every social outlet we had was wrecked. That is when I started allowing my kids to play video games and watch YouTube. I was/am SO thankful that DD could connect with friends through FaceTime. Finally, some normalcy is coming back for us now. Our weekly fine arts program is running in person and they are back at youth group. But the technology was definitely a lifeline for us for awhile.
  9. Thinking of your dogs and hoping they are ok.
  10. We’ve been living with my parents.
  11. Good luck. We’ve been outbid several times now even with waiving appraisal and waiving inspection. Last house we bid 36k over and still lost it. We had one builder bail on us when lumber costs were insane. We’re meeting with another builder tomorrow. It’s a year next month that we sold our house and I can’t believe prices have continued to climb. I hope this is the one for you!
  12. Is there a vet on call in your area? I think this could be very bad and very painful for them.
  13. I am very happy with the other classes that my kids are taking so I really hope it works out with German and that I can post a good update. It is not my intent to bash the program at all. I believe that I looked into this. There is no interactive component, correct? I specifically wanted her in a class where she had an instructor and other kids to interact with. The textbook and workbook she is using is Klett. I printed out the glossary, but it is not as helpful as it could be. I can't find a transcript anywhere. What do you mean by that? Well, I don't want this year to be a waste and I don't want DD to feel like she is "bad" at German because her teacher isn't giving enough instruction and practice time. If she wants to continue next year, I want her to be prepared for German 2, whether we stick with this provider or switch.
  14. This thread has been very enlightening and I'm still not sure how I feel about it! I had no idea there was a "recent visitors" option on our profile pages. I have definitely checked profile pages to find a post for one reason or another. More often, I check my own to find a thread that I need to refer to that I commented on. I guess I would think it was weird if anyone followed me because I don't think I am that interesting. But I can't think of one person on here that would be on my radar as an actual stalker to be concerned about.
  15. My kids didn't have their own devices until 15 and 13. Prior to that, I set up a shared family iPhone for them to communicate with friends but did not allow social media (still don't). As DS (13) got into engineering type things and video editing and started his own business, we realized that his technology needs were legitimate and got him an iPad Pro. He doesn't use it for communication really but watches and learns a lot from YouTube. DD 15 has an iPhone now and primarily uses it to text and FaceTime. It has definitely become a necessity for her and honestly it is frustrating for both of us now when she has a friend without a phone. Because then I have to be the go-between with the mom and I don't want that role anymore. But, social media, NO. DD has asked about ig and tiktok and it was a hard no from me. I haven't noticed her being left out at all regarding that though.
  16. It is CLRC. To be fair, my kids are taking other classes through CLRC and those have been a great experience so far. No complaints at all. A German chat group with other kids is a great idea! I'm not sure if my DD would be comfortable yet because she is such a beginner. I'll keep that in mind. Thank you for the suggestion!
  17. I'm almost positive that my French textbook in high school had a translation and glossary. I think I would actually be able to help her if there was a translation. This is promoted as "immersion" -- which would probably be fine if she were actually in Germany or around German speakers all the time! She is young and new to the program. She said it is her first time teaching German online. I'm going to give her the benefit of the doubt and assume for now that she just doesn't know what she is doing. Yeah, I probably would not have such ruffled feathers over it if they had not already missed three classes. Thank you for all of the replies. I sent an email to the director of the program. DD was embarrassed and didn't want me to talk to the teacher. I had already questioned her about Labor Day and the three days of missed class so I just decided to go to the top on this. I was very polite but expressed my concern. I honestly wouldn't be so upset if it were any other class. But with foreign language instruction, every minute of class time is extremely valuable. DD has no other German speakers to talk to. There is always *something* they can review!
  18. The short version is, I am frustrated that DD's German teacher ended class 30 minutes early because they "finished" early, instead of using the time for the kids to practice, review vocabulary, play a game, or SOMETHING. Class only meets twice a week. The new info is presented very quickly and the textbook has no translation. (Is that typical of a high school textbook?) The first week of class there was no actual class because the instructor was traveling. She said she took the job after she made those plans, so she set up a bunch of intro assignments for the kids regarding getting familiar with the learning platform, online workbook, etc. Ok, I can understand that. The following week was Labor Day and she decided not to hold class because some students were traveling. Now, originally, I was surprised about classes on Labor day. But in this case, I was really wishing there was class so that DD would have an opportunity to practice this brand new language. I voiced my concern and she assured me that the kids would have plenty of practice this year and a full course in German. Fast forward to today. The students were assigned to create and give a presentation telling about themselves in German. They did the presentations and then the kids were let out of class 30 minutes early. So that's three missed live classes and now they were let out 30 minutes early... am I right to be annoyed? It's $660 for the year for this class. Am I overreacting?
  19. I kept my DS out of taekwondo for a week. This wasn’t any formal recommendation that I was given. I was just nervous about it.
  20. I think that I need this. I was considering asking for a Sous Vide stick, but this is so much MORE! I really don't like to give up counter space to big appliances...but I might have to make an exception.
  21. @Farrar and @cintinative Did your kids do any of the udemy courses? I'm looking at the Fusion for Beginners course. It's normally $99 and the coupon brings it down to $14.99 which seems too good of a price to be worth anything?
  22. So the liner pan and the grill pan are removable for cleaning?
  23. My question is, how do you clean it? I had a George Forman grill back when they were popular and I loved the result, but I hated cleaning that thing.
  24. It's not your fault. They need to learn to navigate life with people who will not cater to every meltdown and develop appropriate coping strategies. My DD has significant OCD, and one thing I have learned is not to accommodate her because that will make it worse in the long run and prevent her from working through her issues.
  25. @I talk to the trees I am so, so sorry. How devastating. @Jann in TXI hope your nephew pulls through. Please update when you can.
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