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  1. Early morning when they first open or weekend nights are the least crowded. I hate the crowds, so that's when I go.
  2. I have not. We’re using Aim Academy, but not for that class. I just happened to notice it because they sent out an email about the Fall 2 classes starting next month.
  3. Also, Debra Bell's Aim has some Fall 2 classes starting in October. Not sure exactly what you are looking for but there is a Middle School Expos class starting and maybe something else that would work if you look through the course list -- https://debrabell.com/onlineclasses/middle-school-expository-writing/
  4. You could get four quarters in at Lantern by starting second quarter and taking a summer course. They are not live courses, though. You receive lessons via email and have one week to complete and submit them. Then they are graded with feedback and returned pretty quickly. My kids have had a lot of success with Lantern, but I do generally walk them through the lesson or at least make sure they know what they are doing.
  5. I'm not sure what to title this. The online class thing is new for us this year. I thought I planned well by stacking my kids' classes so that we would have a few free days. I didn't realize that three hours in a row was maybe too much. 🤦‍♀️ My poor DS. Fortunately, one of his classes is just this semester, and I will choose a different time slot in the spring that is not stacked with two others. He's being a good sport. Lesson learned: better to spread them out or at least have a break in between. The other challenge that we've had is that, because I'm so particular, I chose different providers for almost every subject. So my kids are learning to navigate several different platforms and systems for logging into class, accessing assignments, submitting work, etc. Which means that I am still way more involved than I wanted to be! I really want to get them to the point where *they* are managing their classes. So now of course I'm pre-planning the future in my head. If we continue to go this route, is it better to use as few providers as possible so they can navigate it more independently? That would probably be very limiting in course selection. Is it too early for me to be kicking myself? Maybe they will get the hang of it soon and I won't have to manage it all.
  6. I have heard it said that forgiveness is giving up your right to hurt them back. It's not saying that it's ok, because it's not ok. It doesn't mean to not draw boundaries. But give up retaliation, even in your heart. Give up dwelling on it and repeating over and over (to yourself or others) how wrong it was and/or how much they hurt you. The goal is freedom for you, not an apology from them.
  7. I didn’t read the replies. Before we were ready to give our kids devices, we set up a house iPhone. It generally stayed in the kitchen and it was shared. This way we could closely monitor it and they did not feel entitled to take it everywhere. It allowed them to communicate easily with friends without using our phones. It was a great solution for that in-between time for us!
  8. I'm not savvy, just have been trying to buy a house since last fall. We've had one builder bail on us and have been outbid multiple times on resales. It seems like houses are staying on the market a bit longer right now as opposed to a month or two ago. But just a bit longer. What we have seen is that the houses that are turn-key and in immaculate condition are still selling for 30-50K over asking price. Houses that need some work are sitting a little longer but are still selling. Houses that have a huge strike against them are sitting longer as well. We have been eyeing a house that is gorgeous but the lot is awful. This house would have sold quickly and for a lot over asking if it were not for the lot. But we don't want to be stuck with a house that is not sellable in a normal market, so we're definitely not going for one that is still sitting there in this market.
  9. I believe it's two weeks
  10. My 15yo DD and 13yo DS got them in June. Sore arm and felt crummy for a day or so. Their second shots were no worse than the first.
  11. I definitely had not heard of this up here in NJ, but I think it's super cute! Nice jeans and a dressy top - comfortable, classy, and trendy.
  12. I found this black tie blue jean
  13. Umm…change into jeans for the campfire? I have never heard of that phrase before.
  14. I don’t wash the rake, but it is only used as a pooper scooper.
  15. Once or twice a week or if we are having company/ kids over that will be running around the yard or before the lawn gets mowed. I line a pooper scooper with a plastic bag and the bags go in the trash.
  16. Same! Although I upgraded around 11 years in with the first one. It was still going strong.
  17. Yes, and interestingly, SSRIs do not help with PANS/PANDAS. The brain inflammation needs to be dealt with first.
  18. Sometimes it takes a few different meds to find one that helps.
  19. I had J&J in March. I had one night of body aches and chills. Last month, my mom had a breakthrough covid case. She had Moderna back in February. We are in the same household and I did not catch it from her.
  20. Anyone have experience with these specific BCPs? My DD 15 has been on Loestrin since around the spring for cramps and cycle regulation. It has made a world of difference for her in those areas, but it has made her more irritable and she has gained weight. I’m wondering if it would help her to switch to the lower dose in Lo Loestrin. She definitely wants to stay on BCPs. They have really given her back her life. I’m just hoping there is an option with less side effects for her.
  21. The one I have for my DD is from PB Teen and there are ties inside the duvet cover. We tie the comforter in at the corners and it stays in there just fine without moving around.
  22. Maybe keep some Binax tests on hand for peace of mind if any symptoms cause you concern?
  23. We tried a lot of free programs. What really worked for my kids was Mickey's Typing Adventure . There is another program set up the same way but with an island adventure theme. It was worth the small cost for us. My kids enjoyed it and they learned to type very well.
  24. DS 13 has said a few times this past year that he is never having kids because he doesn’t want to bring any children into this world the way it is. DD 15 had always said kids were annoying, but she is really very maternal and I’d be surprised if she didn’t eventually want kids. She doesn’t have the doomsday outlook that DS does. Who knows. They are too young to know, and there is no telling what life will bring over the next ten years.
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