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  1. We have a 2008 Elantra with 280,000 miles on it!
  2. My kids never had trouble with time on the PSAT/SAT, but in Mathcounts, we found that it was really helpful to have them do the problems in less time than they'd really have (say twenty minutes instead of forty) and take it as a challenge to see how many problems they could get and to try to increase the number each day. After a couple of weeks of practicing that way, the full forty minutes seemed like an incredible amount of time. It also helps to practice things that come up a lot, like similar triangles, special right triangles (30-60-90, 45-45), etc. If you get used to those, many pr
  3. My oldest ds (now 24) took Rachel Califf's AP Us Government years ago and it was AWFUL -- the only PAH course that I'd advise people to stay far away from. She was terribly slow about grading and assigned lots of busy work. He could have easily self-studied for the exam and saved the money and hassle. My friend's ds took the course last year and she came away feeling the same way, so it doesn't sound like it has improved.
  4. My kids have lots of SAT IIs. They will all be on the report you send to colleges. They use the top two or three in their formula (or--if they ask for specific tests, they'll use those.) At least one book I read say they count as much as the regular SAT, so take them seriously. The remaining tests provide outside verification of your child's grades and show that he's learned each subject well.
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