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  1. My daughter is in WHA Geometry as well. I agree that it is fast paced but She is very motivated. She hates to use the discussion board as well. But discussion board is where you can ask help for homework. If your ds does 45 mins everyday, she should be able to catch up. My Dd loves geometry. She thinks it is fun. Mine attends online on Tuesday and Thursday. Would you like me to PM my contact info? Maybe they can be study buddies? This is till early. If you help her catch up she should be able to pull through this and you can review in summer. Hang in there is my humble opinion.
  2. DD second year online classes: WHA geometry with Mrs. Smith WTMA physics Mrs. Nallakumar WTMA history story of Middle Ages Integritas academy ( Mrs. Cindy Lange) writing Clrc intermediate Latin She is in love with all her classes. Teachers are extremely helpful. Each course is rigorous.
  3. Well, the level 7 does say that it starts as a review from previous levels and ramps up. Hmm.... Now I am worried after reading the posts here. This child has pretty good grasp of grammar and I don't want her to sail through the rest without a challenge....
  4. I use Level 7 language arts with my 6th grader. She loves it. Very independent. We started with Ananlytical but she wanted something pleasant. Definitely lacks in writing but she does an online class. So i didn't bother much about it. Not sure if it will change for her.
  5. My Dd is like that and has two sports. She drives people nuts if not busy. She is very athletic and tomboyish though.
  6. CLE Algebra came in yesterday. I got it for a Friend's DS. I am really surprised at how thorough it is. It has extemely clear steps, spiral review and good word problems. You can supplement it with Forester word problems or Zacarro's if you want to add more. But It looks pretty sufficient.
  7. My DD used Jacobs through Veritas and it is a thorough program. It is discovery based. I have foresters and We do word problems from that. Out of the two, I highly recommend Foresters for its clear step by step explanations. Very doable. Jacobs not so much explanations. You learn doing the problem set.
  8. I revamped some of it... Math: WHA Geometry ( Review Algebra with Foresters word problems and CLE Algebra), AMC 8 prep with Math tutor Science: Wtma physics with Engineering class at the coop History: WTMA Middle Ages Lit and comp: Integritas Academy with Mrs. Lange ( extremely excited about it) Grammar: Analytical grammar Vocab: Baron's SAT words and Vocab from classical roots Latin: Clrc Spanish: College spanish with tutor Logic: art of argument, mindbenders, anologies, critical thinking Music: piano lessons continue Art: Art memory competition ( art and artists history) Cod
  9. I spoke to Mrs. Lange today and what an amazing person! I am on a fence between two providers now. So want to enroll my daughter in Mrs. Lange's academy. She sounds like a wonderful wonderful teacher.
  10. My daughter will be there as well for your chemistry course if you start one in 2018-2019. Jetta, I cannot tell you how grateful I am for your help when I was in the fence about your physics course. You stirred me in the right direction. I knew then and there what an amazing person you are...
  11. Hi, Since WTMA logic stage physics is new and filled up pretty quickly, I am guessing lot of us from hive signed up. Can we check In here for fun? My dd is in Sec 3.
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