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  1. Here it is $33K to start, with no overtime. They do get comp time, so at some point if they need to take a lot of time off they can. My friend that has been a cop for 12 years makes about $45K. That is not unusual for this area, and he actually makes more than average (which keeps him from switching agencies.)
  2. Orange tips have been required for more than 20 years - it's federal law. The toy gun in the picture has had it removed. ETA: Many do remove them, but I throw toy guns without them away.
  3. Here there aren't enough officers here for quick backup most of the time. They respond to calls alone, which can be difficult. It's harder to de-escalate when it is one indicidual. My friend tells me stories about calls where he had to be creative to de-escalate the situation. He would convince them that their children didn't need to see Daddy fight the police man, or explain to them how much the sheetrock was going to cost to repair if they busted it all up fighting. He would go to serve warrants on holidays where he knew the women of the family (he grew up here) because he knew they
  4. I agree. Or to the wife of someone whose mental health deteriorated greatly after a fairly mild head injury. He ended up commited for more than a week after he was hunting his wife down intending to kill her and then kill himself. If not for insurance paying for it, he would have been barely stabilized and released. Mental health care is for the benefit of everyone.
  5. Knowing your grandmother, I can imagine she was MORTIFIED! (BTW - hello Ruth!)
  6. My friend and I have talked about this quite a bit. There are no physical standards or fitness standards for his agency anymore (or the other two town police forces in our county.) The reason is budget problems. If they had requirements, they would have to provide a place for fitness training, paid time for fitness training, and support for officers who didn't make the cut (much like the military.) Patrol cops tend to be heavier than others here, but they spend HOURS sitting in their cars driving around, and eat a lot of fast food at meals because there aren't a whole lot of other optio
  7. Here they get training a couple of times a year, but it is in the classroom, not tactical (except the SERT team.) They qualify once per year. Some practice shooting other times, some don't.
  8. I went to Walmart earlier for coffee creamer. It was organized chaos. They had lines for various deals, and at the appropriate time they passed them out. I was in and out in 9 minutes with coffee creamer and a ninja turtle pillow.
  9. I just read that on Facebook earlier, and I think he summed it up well. There is a middle ground in what has become a very devisive situation.
  10. If he was running away when the officer shot him, why were none of the shots to his back? I keep reading this various places, but I am not understanding how it could be true.
  11. I would say that it is a combination of sensationalized TV, and the fact that the only cases that are reported are controversial ones. I can only think of two recent (in the past 10 years) deaths related to police in our area. One was a shooter who had shot AT police first, the other was killed by a taser. In the case of the shooting, the man had already shot one person in another county, was randomly shooting at cars as he drove down the road, and shot two police officers when confronted. This is my local police.
  12. I have regular interaction with our local law enforcement, and the majority are white males. I do know several females, though, and I think the gender ratio will change in the future. What I would like to see is more minority law enforcement, but it seems the majority of people going through BLET are white males.
  13. I want to clairfy that this is not the American Bar Association. It was also released immediately after the announcement, so there was not even time for this organization to go through the released evidence. It would be a more effective statement if it had come after a review of the evidence presented.
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