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  1. We have a 2008 Elantra with 280,000 miles on it!
  2. My kids never had trouble with time on the PSAT/SAT, but in Mathcounts, we found that it was really helpful to have them do the problems in less time than they'd really have (say twenty minutes instead of forty) and take it as a challenge to see how many problems they could get and to try to increase the number each day. After a couple of weeks of practicing that way, the full forty minutes seemed like an incredible amount of time. It also helps to practice things that come up a lot, like similar triangles, special right triangles (30-60-90, 45-45), etc. If you get used to those, many pr
  3. Mine usually did a little better on the practice test than on the real thing.
  4. My kids earn and manage their own spending money. They'd rather it be that way -- if I was giving them spending money, they'd be accountable to me for how they spent it. This gives them freedom and responsibility. They also pay for books and travel back and forth to school. That is what we consider their contribution for college. They each have an account at a bank here that they opened in high school. My name is on those accounts because they were under 18 when they opened them, but I never look at what's there. I can deposit money in an emergency if they need me to. My oldest two
  5. We buy edited dvds from http://www.goodmediadvds.net/. Lots of movies like Forrest Gump, The Fugitive, Troy, Back to the Future.... are great for the whole family when edited. OP -- I didn't read all the posts, but did anyone mention the Bourne movies???
  6. And I thought 13 applications was a lot... but big congrats on Princeton and Brown! Here's my son's final list of acceptances: Duke Cornell RPI (merit scholarship) GA Tech University of Maryland (College Park) UMBC (University of Maryland Baltimore County -- or whatever it stands for!) So, he didn't get into his top choice (Yale), but he still has some great schools to pick from!
  7. Two of my dds took AP Psych with PA Homeschoolers. They were a little annoyed with the class chats (lots of sitting around, dealing with tech issues, etc.), but other than that it was fine. They were both well prepared for the test.
  8. When I wanted to break my kids of a habit like that, I put some m&m's in a jar in the morning. Every time they did what I wanted them to stop doing, I ate one. After dinner, they could have any that were left. You wouldn't believe how quickly this worked on all kinds of habits. So quickly that by the second or third day, I was wishing they'd do it so I could have an m&m!
  9. Congrats! My son applied to a couple of techie schools and heard today as well -- Georgia Tech Rensselaer (RPI) -- Merit Scholarship Still have a couple of weeks to wait for the rest .....
  10. Growing up, my kids would have soda on weekends. Now that they are all teens/young adults, they are into eating healthy and none of them drink it regularly. I love soda but have been cutting back. I'll confess that I had a can today, though. I went for a run and was feeling a little lightheaded on the way back, so I stopped in a deli and bought one for some quick sugar.
  11. Yeah, but if Moxie is sending her child to the activity, her child needs to participate and respect the rules. Think of it from the perspective of the leaders. Do they want all the kids calling their mommies to come get them early every time there is something they disagree with? That's disruptive to the group. If it's really "brainwashing", her child shouldn't be there. Either suck it up and participate or stay home.
  12. But how much coordinating do you do with a six year old? You are talking about an activity where you drop them off and pick them up at the scheduled time. If something happens, the adults in charge have your number.
  13. Well, my guess is that the coop is looking to teach all subjects from a Christian worldview. They'd say there are no "secular" subjects. To them, YE is part of that. And it is an important issue. It gets to the inerrancy of the Bible, original sin, etc. I am YE and I teach writing classes in which most of the students are evangelical Christians and YE. Students write a research paper and sometimes they write to defend evolution. That's fine. I would never confront them about it; I am working on their writing skills. Now, if it comes up in a class discussion (for example, in a persuas
  14. My kids didn't get phones until they were old enough to pay for the phone and the monthly plan themselves. Am I the only one who's shocked that people are afraid to send their kids off to an activity without a way to call mommy??????
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