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  1. if you want it to be more "thanksgivingy" you can toss some fresh cranberries in with them. The will soften in the oven and some will burst, they look really neat. Bake and serve in a glass corningware type dish, very festive looking.
  2. Barleans makes a fish oil that is a flavored liquid. Its delicious!!!!!! I honestly thought it would make me gag, I mean, it's fish oil!!! But I tried it at an open house at the local health food store and OMG it is sooooo yummy!!!! And some stores carry a generic, which makes it pretty inexpensive. But the regular is worth it if you can't find generic. This is the stuff, it will be in the refrigerated section: http://www.barleans.com/omega-swirl.asp
  3. OMG, NOT dreft!!!!! It has TONS of perfumes and fragrances in it. It makes many people break out horribly!!!
  4. Framed pictures of your family are always good. otherwise my go to gift is a book or two. For that price range you could easily get two on Amazon, and free shipping also. I like books because they are inexpensive, easy to personalize to particular interests, and easy to wrap :)
  5. I have excema on my face and arms. It is aggravated by dairy and pollen allergies. It is helped by vitamin D and sunlight. The ONLY ONLY ONLY lotion that works is Aveeno Baby Soothing Cream. Not the regular baby lotion, this one http://www.aveeno.com/baby-care/soothing-relief-moisture-cream. I have used the adult one and it is NOT the same. I am 34 and this is all I use, even on my face. I have to put it on the INSTANT I get out of the shower. If I wait even a few minutes the itchy and burning and redness set in. Also, warm showers only, not hot. And NO soap. None. There is no need for soap at all. I tried all the mild ones, even cetaphil, they all aggravate it. what works best is just water. I actually haven't "washed" my face with anything but water in probably 3 years. And no breakouts. And I wear make up sometimes even. You don't need it, just water. So warm water, the aveeno soothign baby cream, and put it on INSTANTLY, before drying off all the way even. Hope that helps. It's cheap at least, so worth trying.
  6. I did read her whole post, including the part where she said CIO wasn't an option for her family. And yes, if she lays him down he wakes up and has trouble getting back to sleep. If she kept doing that yes, he would be sleep deprived. But, when she holds him he sleeps fine, which is what she is doing. So as long as she continues to hold him when he needs it he IS getting enough sleep, nestled against his mama. Yes, it is hard. I've been there and done that. But it doesn't last forever. They get bigger and their nervous systems mature and they don't need that anymore. Its but a few months out of a lifetime. I did appreciate that you said you don't agree with everything in babywise, but since you didn't say what you don't agree with someone could read your recomendation and then end up following some of the advice in the book that is very dangerous. Babies have ended up VERY sick, and many many many mothers have lost their milk supply due to the feeding and sleep recommendations in it. I can't imagine that risking my milk supply would be worth getting better sleep for a few months. YMMV.
  7. Um, how on earth is a baby that is held securely in his mother's arms every night suffering in the least???? He is sleeping peacefully in the arms of the person he trusts and loves. If that is suffering sign me up!! Katie
  8. With all due respect, she did NOT train her child to wake up often or to want to be held. The baby was BORN this way. As I said earlier, I have two children. Both parented exactly the same. One needed to be be touching me in order to sleep, one can't sleep unless in her own space with no one touching her. I didn't "train" them differently. They were born with *gasp* different personalities. It happens. And guess what, the one that needed to be touching me when he was a baby did learn to sleep in his own bed without ANY tears, when he was old enough to understand that mommy was just down the hall if he needed anything. No trauma, no tears. I know many wonderful moms that use CIO, but the science shows that it induces dangerously high levels of stress hormones in the baby. It also flies in the face of EVERY instinct a mother has, and goes against the collective wisdom of millions of mothers in cultures all around the world. Most babies in the world today sleep touching their mom or other sibling. Until not that long ago that was true in this country as well. She is not doing herself or her children a diservice to meet their emotional need right now. As for how she is managing? That's easy. She is a strong woman that, like mamas everywhere is willing to sacrifice for her baby. Sorry for the strong feelings on that but I'm sick to death of people thinking you are permissive or lacking a spine if you mother your baby in a normal fashion, just like mothers have always done. And the thought of books like babywise, that tell mothers never to rock or nurse their children to sleep...it makes me want to cry. Women who read that may miss out on one of the most amazing experiences in the world, rocking or suckling a newborn baby to sleep. NO amount of sleep would ever be worth giving that up in my opinion. Which is why women have held, rocked, and suckled their babies to sleep since time began. Katie (who is pretty darn sure Mary didn't leave Jesus alone to cry in the manger)
  9. Thanks. I certainly would approach any baby God gave me as a blessing. I'm just glad God decided to wait a little while longer. The blessings I already have need me so much right now.
  10. just hugs. My son was exactly like that. I remember how HARD it was to never have a few minutes alone. I started taking a LOT of bathroom breaks while my husband held him. Even if it was only 3 minutes, it was MY 3 minutes and I was keeping it private. (obviously during the day that wasn't an option and I'm really good at peeing while nursing now.) If it helps, he DID eventually learn to sleep on his own, without tears or crying it out. And today he is a ROCK when he sleeps. A bomb could go off and he wouldn't wake up. So it does get better. Oh, and it is NOTHING you are doing right or wrong. I parent my daughter the same way and yet she can't stand to cosleep. She wakes up constantly and screams unless she is in her own bed. I actually miss those snuggly nights a little bit! But still, the point is that I parent her the exact same way and she is a GREAT sleeper and he was a LOUSY sleeper. It's just their personalities. Wait it out and know that you are an AWESOME mom for meeting your son's needs so well!!!
  11. My period I mean. Don't get me wrong, i would love another baby at some point, but I'm glad it isn't right now. As you may have seen in my other thread today about my son's bloodwork ordeal, I have my hands full. Now I can have a beer!
  12. It is necessary. We did use a pediatric needle, he still said it hurt really badly. He does NOT want to take any medication to reduce anxiety as the worse part for him is being out of control, and that would make him feel less in control. And nitrous doesn't help him at all...it actually just makes him jittery and twitchy. Which sucks as he isn't much fun at the dentist either. The only thing that helped a bit was letting him "prove" to me that he COULD get food if he wanted too, but was "choosing" not to. Of course, when I realized that was the new issue I let him walk over to the box of cereal without stopping him, so he could "prove" how in control of the situation he was. At the same time he couldn't choose to go, as he was too scared. I had to make it clear there was no option, and his dad had to back me up...it was a delicate line to walk.
  13. thanks. And I did tell him that I know it scares him. I know he doesn't want it done. It is ok to be scared. it's ok to cry even. that he still has to have it done, even though he is scared. That I will be there the whole time etc. sigh.
  14. It's DONE!!! thanks everyone. I should clarify that this is for a workup to rule out physical causes for his behavior problems. So he already HAS behavior issues, add in fasted and probably low blood sugar, and a fear of the unknown and a lack of control and you get what we had here this morning. It involved him attempting to climb out a window, throwing and breaking a mug, and other fun stuff. Sigh. I did call his dad and have him talk to his dad, who thankfully backed me up. Us being on the same page helped. I also told him that this is needed for his health, and if I can't get him to do what is needed for his health I'm not really taking care of him at all, and he needs to go live at his Dad's until he can listen to me and do what I say. I hated saying that, but after he threw the mug it was time to get serious. He went, he shook while they did it but it was fast. He says it hurt really bad...even with the butterfly needle they used. He knows a 3 year old that has lab work all the time and now I think respects him a bit more. As for bribery, trust me, I tried that. I offered anywhere he wanted to eat and a field trip to the Science Museaum. Nothing. I did end up getting him a donut on the way home, at his request. Oh, and when we got home he was practicing with a new slingshot/pen gun/thing that he built, and the rubber ripped and the pen shot into his finger. Hard. The blunt ball point tip pierced his fingernail. So he ended up on the floor crying with his finger bleeding. Sigh...I've canceled school for the day. He's watching tv, then going to clean up the glass he broke. I need a margarita or something, but as my period is late I can't even do that!!! I REALLY hope the nueropsych can give us a reason he is like this. katie
  15. i just had to pull food out of his mouth and he is sitting in the bathtub. sigh.
  16. His ped ordered labwork over a week ago. I gave him a week to settle down after the regular doctor appt. I brought it up again yesterday, and today I'm making him get it done. He's refusing. He locked the door on his room, which I got him to open without having to take the door off the hinges, which is good. I have had to physically stop him from eating twice and sent him back to his room, as it has to be fasted labwork. I THINK he is getting dressed, but he is still saying he won't go. I'm at a loss. this has been an hour now.
  17. I had something similar happen years ago. We had missed some payments because of my husbands heart failure and so I contacted the mortgage company. They set us up with a modification, we started payments again and they tacked the missed ones onto the end of the loan. So no problem, everything is great...right up until I got a note on my door from the nice man that had BOUGHT MY HOUSE AT AUCTION!!!! He wanted to know when we were moving out!!! So I called the bank and somehow the legal department didn't know that the modification section of the bank had made me a deal and that I had started making payments again. So yeah, they sold my freaking house "by accident." It was fixed, the judge repealed the sale, but I thought i would get an ulcer. And that was before the whole housing bubble. I guess it happens all the time now. HUGS to you!!!
  18. I called my mom today and told her we won't be coming because we want to be near my MIL. she was fine with it, and being a mom seemed to also understand that the difficulties I have finding a pet sitter, etc. She's a great mom :)
  19. Yup. peel and chop them...a bit smaller than quartered I guess. Add to a pan with some red skinned potatos also cut to that size but not peeled, and some chopped parsnips. toss with olive oil and some salt and pepper. Add some cranberries if you want to make it festive. Bake at 350 or so until they are tender. YUM
  20. my husband built the turkey derrick last year. QUOTE=LemonPie;2187027]My brined turkeys always seem to cook faster too. I wonder why that is? I usually don't refrigerate while brining either. In fact, on the show Alton Brown says to just stick it in a cool corner somewhere and that the brine solution is so salty it discourages the growth of any bacteria. We usually put ours in the garage overnight and there is always still ice in the bucket the next morning. FYI--they usually replay that Good Eats episode over several times during this time of year. If you get Food Network, check your lineup. Also check out the one where he deep fries the turkey and builds an outrageous turkey derrick with a household ladder :D We're big time Good Eats fans here.
  21. what about dropping back to WWE 2 or 3 for a while?
  22. I just thought of this, have they done tests for lyme and erlichia? there are actually several tick diseases that can cause joint pain and lethargy. Idexx labs have a new tick disease panel that tests for all/most of them, or there are the snap tests that some vets have in the office.
  23. I don't know what the weather is like near you but how about a group camp out? Or just them camping out, in the backyard? Hotdogs over a fire or on the grill, hot chocolate, and a neighborhood scavenger hunt would be fun. Maybe a nighttime scavenger hunt, with the appropriate chaperones. We often take our son and ONE friend to a theme park or other fun place instead of spending the money on a party.
  24. How did you determine price? And how did you charge for shipping? Some of the books I have are heavy, like the Usborne Ancient History Encyclopedia and others are smaller. Did you post prices including postage? If so, how did you figure out what to charge? Or did you charge actual postage, and if so how did you figure it out? thanks!
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