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  1. This. I have 2 special needs kids myself and have often used the term struggling. However, I am very much aware that they are indeed behind. There is no way to sugarcoat that. They do the best they can and we work with that.
  2. I have never heard of this! I just googled and sure enough this sounds like what I've been dealing with.
  3. I've had this happen to me with pineapple, some nuts and pizza sauce. It really is annoying. My dentist says its geographic tongue (in my case) and although there is no known cause, it may be tied to acidic foods and possible vitamin deficiencies. I've had blood work that says otherwise, so I went in for a 2nd opinion. He confirmed what my dentist says about geographic tongue. I know I probably should get allergy testing done.
  4. I have been with Virgin mobile for 4 years. I just recently got the iPhone 4 since it was on sale and I love it. I haven't had any coverage issues either. I have it billed to my credit card for $30 a month. I think it's an awesome deal.
  5. Sounds to me like your doing her a favor, so why not? She should be willing to go the extra mile.
  6. I've been wondering that myself. It's possible he was just driving through and no one called. I've been reading the responses and I'm totally floored by how ugly people can get. I am one of the paranoid ones. Yes, I'm a helicopter mom. I think it's a combination of things. I worked in law enforcement for close to 7 years. My husband has been working 20+ years in law enforcement and we both worked child abuse cases. In addition to that, both my boys have a history of epilepsy, so that is not something I am willing to risk. However, that's how WE do things. To each their own. I am glad everyone is safe. Geez people, it's a rant, if you can't say something nice, don't say nothing at all. I think my mother taught me that.
  7. It is totally possible. The police officer could have been in the parking lot of Starbucks or Fed Ex. He could have been around the corner when the call was dispatched.
  8. I believe that's a new feature. Ours don't have the removable file ring.
  9. Not sure, but from my experience in scheduling service appointments for GE for the last 6 years, seems like it's pretty common for front loaders. We currently own a top load, but if we ever replace it, I'm sticking with a top load washer.
  10. We are just starting this series ourselves, but I found these links to be helpful. You can download the table of contents for each of the books off of these links. Kidneys: http://www.ztwistbooks.com/node/38 Liver: http://www.ztwistbooks.com/node/39 Mineshaft: http://www.ztwistbooks.com/node/40
  11. I did weight watchers a few years back and still loosely follow the plan. I know may have changed since, but fruits and veggies were 0 pts then. That should help without sabatoging your weight loss. Back then, I earned activity points just so that I could eat more, LOL.
  12. You will be fine with the SWI-B. It's the same as the SWI-A, but geared for their age/grade. There is a IEW yahoo group that has been quite helpful, but IMO, I would stick with the SWI-B. You will cover each of the units each year, much more in depth if you continue on to the next level.
  13. You would watch the TWSS while you watch the SWI with your kids. The lesson plans will state exactly which lessons to watch for each lesson.
  14. Wow! These look great. I just requested these from the library. I was surprised our library has them.
  15. Yes, shortly after I posted, I realized I was in the wrong forum, LOL.
  16. I can't decide! Would using both along with TT 6 be overkill?
  17. We are planning on following this sequence, which is posted on their website. http://bluetoad.com/publication/?i=143193&p=20#{"page":20,"issue_id":143193}
  18. I think she addresses mom's like me that can get so wrapped up in giving, giving, giving and it's all about homeschooling. Some mom's may already be balanced in that area. Me, not so much, so reading this much needed encouragement was a breath of fresh air.
  19. Just read both her books. She's very encouraging and doesn't tell you anything you don't already know, but it's nice to know someone else has been there, done that.
  20. Thanks guys! We will be eating it 😃
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