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  1. @SanDiegoMom in VA I just started watching the Big History of Civilizations yesterday and have been really enjoying them. We are getting ready to start BHP next week and are really looking forward to it. I'm also thinking of adding in SWB History of the Ancient World, et al. on audio. Anyone else adding in more world history? Does BHoC cover much of that same info? We are hoping to also get in an year of Western Civ with this as well.
  2. I wish GC had a government series. I agree with aaghomeschool, Crash Course. My boys find these much more tolerable than GC lectures.
  3. I was here for the Tohoku earthquake and am originally from CA. I figure if I had to go through a "big one" I'm glad it was here and not in So Cal. I couldn't even imagine the chaos that would take place compared to the calm and orderliness I saw of the Japanese. I would say it's a good idea to be prepared either way though. It shakes A LOT here.
  4. Anyone have insight on these? I found a few at our library. Otherwise, I've been using REA too. http://www.passyourclass.com
  5. I live in Japan and am freaked out about visiting the US this summer, let alone the idea of having to send DS there to college in a couple years. I love it here, and yeah nothing has changed regarding anything. ETA: yes, the bigger threat is natural disaster as we remember the Tohoku earthquake today. It's been six years.
  6. This is fantastic! Thank you for the input. I really like the Experiencing America idea.
  7. I went to Sonoma State and it's a great school. Small cal state. The campus is gorgeous and the "dorms" rated some of the best--they're townhomes. There's been so much construction since I graduated I didn't recognize some areas.
  8. Not sure about online, but in college I took a 20th century world history class. Is that what she's looking for? Sounds like a great idea.
  9. We are road tripping across the US this summer hitting as many parks as we can. If I want to give my son high school credit for a course, how much should we be doing? Anything to add? We'll do the Geology of the National Parks GC lectures and I just ordered a Geology text. His math skills are lacking so he's not really had a physical science, and I was thinking this might be a better alternative to chemistry. (He's slowing making his way through Fred Chemustry.)
  10. My mom used to use this in her geometry classes ages ago.
  11. I purchased an older edition of Prego, an Italian text book, and managed to find some of the accompanying materials too. Another one is Ciao!
  12. We are road trippers and my teens are really looking forward to one next summer. We didn't find much to stop for in Texas, but in New Mexico, White Sands, Carlsbad, and Roswell were fun. Those are Southern New Mexico though, so you'd have to go north to get to the Petrified Forest and Grand Canyon. In LA, I'll second the La Brea Tar Pits--my boys like to go there whenever we're back.
  13. Celebrated as a federal holiday. It also coincides with Japanese Sports Day which really catches the Americans off guard thinking they've chosen a good Monday to go do something fun.
  14. Wow! What a great link. Thank you. We are doing US history this year and will need to look into this more.
  15. Thanks for this thread. I have a second generation Kindle--I think that's what it is--and it's suffering a slow death. Been wondering if I should upgrade it. I LOVE that I can read it in the sun.
  16. Thank you so much. I was heading in that direction and her dictionary actually explained "the first time" as a conjunction--something I never would have guessed.
  17. I'm working with an ESL student. How do you diagram this sentence: "You couldn't really expect a person to prey very well the first time she tried, could you?" It's from Anne of Green Gables. She's finding the structure very awkward, and I'm not sure how to explain it. Help. LoL
  18. We're reading an AP Government book we found free online combined with Crash Course videos and discussion. Seems to be going well. We are doing it a year ahead of time given the election and all this year.
  19. I LOVE my Fitbit One. I like that it clips to my pocket or bra and I don't have to think about it. The wrist ones calculated too many steps while knitting and not enough while shopping. ;) (My friend wears hers on her ankle since she's always pushing a stroller.) It counts flights of stairs too. I'm trying to convince the hubby to get one too. It doesn't work in the pool, nor while biking or on the elliptical. (But I enter those manually into MFP, and all is well.)
  20. I just started my GCP subscription and am in LOVE. However, I seem to be having issues watching it through the app on my Fire Stick. Anyone else have this problem? Any suggestions? It'll stream fine through my iPad, but the last few times I've tried on the TV, I get a "can't view video" error.
  21. It is my understanding that an AS is your first two years of college. I'm confused as to why you'd want to repeat those two years if you've already completed them?
  22. We've had a lot of luck with Cooking Light recipes--they have fast meals--and Pampered Chef, there are several cookbooks and on their website you can search a category of 30 minutes or less. (They've really improved the quality of their meals, and a few skillet ones are some of our favorites.)
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