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  1. Time Left: 3 days and 11 hours

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    REA Chemistry SAT Subject Test Crash Course and Study Guide, book wtih unused online key.


  2. Time Left: 13 hours and 36 minutes

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    The complete 3rd edition of "Economics" from the Great Courses on DVD. This is a 6 DVD set with 36 video lectures by Prof. Timothy Taylor. Great preparation for the AP Macroeconomics and AP Microeconomics exams. This is what Mr. Richman from AP Homeschooler's uses for his AP Macro class. Great set of lectures, very engaging. DVDs are in excellent condition.


  3. For Algebra II, Trig, PreCalc? Specifically to prep for the math portion of the SAT (trying to get a score from the high 600s/low 700s to something better), but also to help in preparing for AP Calc this fall? I've been teaching her (I have a math background), but at this point I really think she would benefit from someone other than me - a different perspective, a different way of thinking or approaching the problems, whatever. Does anyone have an online tutor that they've used that they would recommend? Any suggestions greatly appreciated!
  4. I think AP CSP fills a useful niche as either an intro to computer science for non-majors, or a general survey course for future CS majors. As a gen ed requirement for non majors, yes, I would say it is college level. As an intro course for future CS majors, no, I would not expect it to get credit within the CS major - but I think it has value anyway to at least some future CS majors, just because it is a very broad survey class that covers not just programming but also networks, operating systems, information security, history of computer science, and much more. I would see a future CS maj
  5. Ahh, I understand better now... I always submit the syllabus and get College Board approved for any AP class my kids will do that is not fully outsourced (like to AP Homeschoolers). I find the access to practice tests, etc, to be very valuable. So I didn't even think about that as being an added burden, but I suppose if you often have your kids just study and then take the AP test, it would be an extra hoop to jump thru.
  6. Yes, the digital portfolio requires a school... but our homeschool is considered a school by their software. No external school is required, assuming you get your homeschool class college board approved. We did this course in our homeschool last year. I completely agree that it is confusing and misleading - it took me several hours of poking around on their web site and two phone calls to College Board - but I can definitely state that you do NOT need an external school to do this class. You as the homeschool teacher can (and must!) submit the Performance tasks for your students. I
  7. What Edhesive says is not accurate - either they are confused, or the rules changed after they posted that. This past school year two of my kids took AP Computer Science Principles. I had previously registered a syllabus thru the usual College Board process, and was approved to teach AP CSP in my homeschool. (I have a professional computer science background.) I was able to have my kids to do the Performance tasks at home, and I was able to submit them myself thru the College Board portal, with no involvement from a school. The only school involvement was the usual having them
  8. What are your recommendations for comprehensive/cumulative math review of high school math? One of my kids is quite good at learning math, but quick to forget any parts he does not use regularly. He would like a math program that gives him a wide range of types of problems, so he can review/ keep things fresh. We've used Khan Academy mastery challenges, but the problem is that once the program thinks he has mastered something the topic rarely shows up again, and because we used Khan extensively during his earlier years, most of the stuff shows up as mastered. I've heard some things a
  9. Two DDs took AP Computer Science Principles - one 5, and one 4. They used CodeHS and self-study.

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    Life of Fred Chemistry book, like new condition - somehow we bought two, and we only need one, so selling the second copy. Here's the info on the book: http://www.stanleyschmidt.com/FredGauss/11cat%20of%20chem.html Selling for $25, will ship anywhere in the continental US for free.


  11. Thanks - good to know! She was just watching the recording, maybe she can get it from that? And agreed, I wish those things would be put on the class page.
  12. While we are talking about Latin 3 - my daughter can't seem to find the handout for this week's translation homework. Can anyone point us in the right direction? Thanks!!
  13. Haven't quit AoPS yet, but we are seriously considering moving to Derek Owens for my oldest DD. She likes AoPS - they all do - but it's the pace. She's at the point where she's becoming much more tactical about math - she wants to cover what she needs for the SAT and get on to Calculus in time to do the Calc AP and maybe Calculus based physics. AoPS is still working well for my younger ones, but it is such a very, very time consuming program. There are days when we only get through one problem, or maybe two. I think it works best when you start it early - but some kids can handle starting
  14. I'm not sure what the style is, but there are free samples you can download and look at or print out: Sample from Inspirational Quotes Sample from Presidents
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