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  1. @SanDiegoMom in VA I just started watching the Big History of Civilizations yesterday and have been really enjoying them. We are getting ready to start BHP next week and are really looking forward to it. I'm also thinking of adding in SWB History of the Ancient World, et al. on audio. Anyone else adding in more world history? Does BHoC cover much of that same info? We are hoping to also get in an year of Western Civ with this as well.
  2. Wow! What a great link. Thank you. We are doing US history this year and will need to look into this more.
  3. I just started my GCP subscription and am in LOVE. However, I seem to be having issues watching it through the app on my Fire Stick. Anyone else have this problem? Any suggestions? It'll stream fine through my iPad, but the last few times I've tried on the TV, I get a "can't view video" error.
  4. I use the ease into 5K app. I was horribly out of shape snd overweight when I first did it two years ago and HATED running. After three months, and just a couple weeks after running my first 5K, I ran a half marathon. I kept running the same week until I felt comfortable and made progress. Good luck and have fun. It's an amazing program and really works. (It's also something I need to do again.)
  5. From my grandparents' experience, rather than moving her into an apartment, I'd look into assisted living with Alheimers unit. My grandma had her own "apartment" but was looked in on and had meal service available as well as recreational facilities. When her dementia became too much, she was moved into an IDENTICAL room where care and supervision was 24/7. She was so gone, she didn't realize anything had changed, because everything was the same. Wishing you the best of luck and hoping you can get it all worked out.
  6. Hot toddy. I use an Asian citrus tea, very yummy. At night, I'll add a shot of whisky.
  7. I don't know if it's the same with European tours, but here in Asia, factory tours are ALWAYS part of trips as they help subsidize the cost. (Some of these stops have been worthwhile, others have been down right stupid.). I wonder if that's where some of those stops come into play. As much as the art and history are important, I would think kids might enjoy an authentic cooking class. I took a tour in high school to Paris and it was one of the best experiences ever.
  8. I am baffled by the AP courses today, particularly in the sciences. Why repeat courses? Why not do DE instead? I personally think there are too many AP courses today. If everything is AP, why not just go straight to community college?
  9. Roald Dahl was how I managed to get my boys to enjoy fiction and start reading "real" books. His stories are so twisted and fun and outrageous. Matilda is one of my absolute favorites, but one of my best memories from school was our second grade teacher reading James and the Giant Peach. I suppose they aren't for everyone though.
  10. My son did a couple classes at the high school last year, and I'm pretty sure he only used Power Point. I'd agree with being familiar with that one. That said, my kids are better at Power Point than I am. They're self-taught and have a lot of fun putting presentations together. My youngest has even done primitive animation via PP.
  11. My son is teaching a zoology co-op based off of this series and some other materials.
  12. Thank you for all the suggestions! I'll be checking the links. Wish I had thought of checking a college bookstore while in the states. I have looked at Ikea. Sadly, all the books are in Japanese. I actually found a free bi-lingual story book for free on Amazon last night, so that was something.
  13. My son has been doing Swedish with Duolingo and really enjoying it. Are there any other resources for learning the language?
  14. I put maybe, but it wouldn't be pretty. I had to learn when we lived in Italy, so I could drive to the base to catch a train to Venice to meet my husband. That was motivation enough, and the last time I tried.
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