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  1. Just curious, I noticed in your siggy that you are doing Diogenes, are you able to continue with the same flexibility you used in Aesop and Homer? What are your thoughts on Diogenes after having done Aesop & Homer with only the core book? And did you get the student book for Diogenes? Thanks!
  2. Here's what I posted over at the CW forum... Here's their response... Hope that helps!
  3. I know that CW does have the student retell the fable from their outline in Aesop, so I'm guessing that they have the student outline and rewrite in future levels. I went ahead and posted some of the questions from this thread over at the CW forums, I'll let you know what I hear.
  4. bumping again, hoping maybe someone out there has the answer :)
  5. :iagree: Elizabeth, as usual, very wise words!
  6. We've all been there, my dd is behind in spelling thanks to the, ahem, 5 different programs we used in 1st and 2nd grade. Now we've finally found what works and we are making up ground. No surprise, but the approach is very similar to what we began with in 1st grade. Oh, well, live and learn, the grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence :D.
  7. In my professional opinion, yes :D. I would have not been cool with that as I have a slight phobia of snakes and spiders, kudos to you for turning it into a learning opportunity!
  8. If you try googling spelling words you'll come up with several options. You could also look at other people's lists on Spelling City or this is a good resource for free spelling lists. Personally we use the Ayres List as laid out in WRTR (Writing Road to Reading) and it's working very well for us. Hope that helps!
  9. I would give him the evaluations, which you can download from here. Then you'll know for sure.
  10. We use the AG for the coloring sheets & maps. Occasionally we use the narration questions, projects and book lists. For me, it's been worth keeping it in my budget because it's a good resource to have and it saves me a lot of time. We did not have the AG for SOTW2 and I regretted it, but it did work.
  11. We survived in Thailand :). The coolest thing happened to right around 6pm, there were a few big fluffy clouds in the sky and they all had rainbows sitting on the top of them. I figure that's a good sign that we'll all be ok :D.
  12. Sure, but where are your picks :)??
  13. :iagree: Colleen, you always make it sound so simple. I'm printing that one out for future use :). LB, thanks for starting this thread, very interesting!
  14. What is it like? I don't want to start my 15 days because I'm supposed to be on vacation, so I didn't bring my books with me :). I'm using One Note right now because it's easier to cut and paste, but the formatting is terrible, I much prefer Excel's formatting. Can you print out weekly schedules withe everything you've entered for the week in a nice pretty grid? Is it tedious to enter assignments or can you cut and past information for other sources? Thanks for any info, I'm subscribing to this so I can come back to it later when I get home.
  15. :lol: Got it wrong too! I know where Mt. Everest and Mt McKinley, but the rest...not so much...
  16. Maybe the narration in the WWE workbook's were focusing on having the student give more detail about one part of the passage, hence the reason for focusing on the Gordian Knot? I think she did a good job with the narration for WWE Level 2, she hit the major points. It's what my dd would have given me at this point last year. You may want to work on having her add a bit more detail by asking leading questions to get her to expand on things, such as why did he cut the Gordian Knot and so on. Anyways, narration is a process, some kids get it quickly, so have to have their hand held through the whole process (ask me how I know that). Asking the leading questions and modeling what a good narration looks like has really helped my dd. Now, finally by the end of Level 3 she's giving me the type of narrations that are in the text, but we did pull a lot of teeth this year :D. Hope that helps!
  17. I've got one that we did posted at the ES yahoo group, there's a link in my siggy below.
  18. The best way I know how is send them outside with a margarine tub that has a cotton ball soaked in alcohol in it. Let them catch bugs till their hearts content. You can also freeze them for a few days to make sure they are dead. Then get a good field guide from the library and look them up. Let you student examine them with a magnifying glass and mount them on a piece of Styrofoam board. They will have tons of fun and have a neat keepsake by the end of the summer.
  19. We don't use WRTR for all of our LA because we were already pretty happy with our grammar and writing programs before we started :).
  20. My dd was halfway through 3rd grade when we began WRTR. It was all to obvious to me that our lightening fast phonics approach did not help her spelling. I have her make up her own sentence, my only requirement is that it includes at least two spelling words. Some days her sentence has been as simple as--I ran. So she write 20 words per day plus the one sentence, so far she hasn't complained. ETA: If you wanted to add tiles to the program, which we have done, you can measure and cut out squares on card stock, write the phonograms on them and then stick magnet strips on the back. Works great, but your dc do need to be a bit gentle with them, unless you laminated them.
  21. Yes and Ellie is right, it really is just that easy. I also agree that the blue/green version (I think it's the 4th edition) is much easier to navigate.
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