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  1. Can you elaborate on the scheduler issues? I usually schedule and entire year too and I anticipate this will drive me nuts. I like being able to ask, "If we take this field trip or 3 sick days, what is the impact on the end of the year?" I don't like operating in a black box. Is there anywhere in the program that says, x days of school year completed and y days of school year remaining? At least at that point I can look at a lesson plan and say, "We have 76 days of school left but 82 days of math left and realize we need to double up or drop the last chapter." Does the rescheduler
  2. you can see it on one page if you change the settings to show PLC or change to the Agenda view which is a list of everything for that day.
  3. Can you elaborate on this at all? We still need to purchase the supply kit from Quality Science Labs. Is he doing something different?
  4. The only thing I saw that caught my attention is the Homeschool Tracker Online is half off for a 1 year subscription. The rest of it was a let down.
  5. I have used Homeschool Tracker Plus for over 10 years. I have dabbled with Homeschool Tracker Online. I don't like how the assignment grid isn't "active" in HSTO like it is in HST+ which means I have to double click into every record I want to enter a grade. I do like that it is online so rescheduling is immediate, no more reprinting assignment calendars. It is a little slower online, especially for rescheduling. My kids liked the Assignment calendar report in HST+ that allowed them to see their assignments a week at a time in a nice grid (subjects down the left, days of the week across t
  6. That is what I was thinking too but I am not a college admissions officer... nor did I ever take AP's in high school myself (not offered) so I am seeking to find a balance between rigor, outside activities (swim team), teen social, and everyone's sanity. Your response is appreciated. :)
  7. Our kids usually take 7-8 credits per year of high school, 3 of which are honors level each year. Our oldest will be a junior next year taking 2 AP's and 3 true honors courses (per provider offering each course). When kids start taking AP's do they still take 7 credits or do some kids cut back to 6 credits to help balance out the work load? How many credit hours do your kids take when they start into AP and dual enrollment?
  8. Everywhere my dd is looking which covers state schools as well as private, all say 3. I've only seen more at Ivies. She has evaluated the requirements of about a dozen schools so far? The only common thing we see: 1 year US history, 1 semester of US Govt. One school specifically called out World History. The rest appeared to leave it pretty open as to how the other credit and a half are filled. She skipped geography freshman year because an incredible course opportunity popped up. We have no intention of making it up and she will graduate with 3 full credits of history (1 world, 1 us, 0
  9. If your student used DIVE Chemistry, was the student prepared to take the AP Chem exam without additional outside study? If your comfortable sharing, what did they score? My student wants to take the AP Chem exam next year but will need a 4 or 5 to place out of engineering chem at the schools she is looking at. We are debating between ChemAdvantage with the high price tag (yeah, i know, cheaper than college tuition) or DIVE Chemistry. Thoughts? Experience? TIA.
  10. Oh! And depending on your budget, this might work for you too? https://diveintomath.com/clep-ap-prep/ At the end of the day, the real question is why she isn't doing her work for the tutor. Does she not like the tutor? Does she not understand the material? Too many other things on her plate? Changing curriculums or programs may or may not improve her situation.... I'm sorry if I have stepped on your toes saying this... please know my heart is to genuinely help not upset. Peace.
  11. No idea how they do it with upper level math but you can create a khan Academy account for free and play around. For younger grades it showed a video and had practice problems. The student had to get 5 correct in a row before they could proceed to the next lesson if I recall correctly. It might be worth creating an account and having your daughter give it a whirl and see what you both think. If nothing else, it is one more curriculum option out of the way? :)
  12. Khan Academy is free and teaches Calc 1. Everything else I know of has fees of some form.
  13. Ahhh.... a fellow mom of a budding civil engineer.... or is that mechanical.... depends on the day and what has her excited. lol. Okay, so I am 1 math year behind you but have been researching the Precalc / calc issue a lot lately. I have a few options for you, one I think was already suggested: Derek Owens has AP Calc to prep for the Calc AB exam. $59 per month for his curriculum, video teaching, and grading. He has a half price option if you want to do your own grading. LeTourneau has a Calc 1 class as distance learning. $270 plus text. And if your daughter is interested in
  14. If you want to be safe, DIVE sells a CLEP Professor program for cheap with assessment to determine weak areas, study materials, video instruction, and practice questions. It might be worth an investment to ease you mind before you invest in the test?
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