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  1. I am so thrilled to see this update. I've wondered many times about how you and your dear son were doing. 😊
  2. My sister and family just returned from the Smokies. She said she has never seen it so crowded. They were not able to do several hikes they were interested in because of the crowds (and these were "moderate" level hikes---not the ones like Laurel Falls that always attract so many). She said Gatlinburg was unbelievable...her exact quote was that there were 20 million people there.
  3. My son got married March 21 in a live-streamed wedding with only immediate family present (we bumped their wedding up 6 weeks in order to have it before the shelter-in-place order was issued for our state). I did not buy a new dress for the occasion; instead, I wore dressy pants and a two-part blouse that I already owned. I felt perfectly at ease!
  4. Well...we had a wedding today!!! 😄🥰 After deciding on Tuesday to cancel their big wedding scheduled for May 2 (I whined about this in the Day 3 thread), my son and his bride decided to go ahead and get married ASAP. So we have scrambled to get the plans, furniture, necessities together so that they could marry today. We contacted all 350 people who had been invited to the original wedding and gave them the link to the live stream of today's wedding on YouTube. Only the two immediate families and the minister were actually present at the church. No favorite aunts or best friends forever were there...which was sad...but the wedding was SO precious and intimate. I highly recommend it if anyone else finds themselves in the same situation! They can't go to a hotel and they can't even go out to dinner, but I am sure they will be just fine! @TCBtagging to make sure you see this 😉
  5. Well, my 20-something understands the seriousness of it because we just canceled his wedding. 😪
  6. You might check out Canvas. It has a free-for-teachers option that is quite good; it includes file sharing, discussion boards, test writing software, etc. etc. I switched to it this year, and I've been quite pleased with it! Canvas also offers a free live meeting program (Big Blue Button...or something like that), but I didn't like it, so I do pay for a monthly subscription to Zoom for my live class meetings. I hope Zoom will be able to handle its sudden burgeoning load!!
  7. The NCAA has limited attendance to March Madness:
  8. I used this text with my older son. We took 12 academic months to complete the entire textbook, but I only counted it as his algebra II credit. He took precalculus later (which repeated some of the trig). I'm pretty sure I wrote a review or two of this text back in the day, but those reviews are probably archived now. The word problems in this Foerster text are fantastic. I remember them with fondness. 🙂 If you want to complete the text in one school year (approximately 9 academic months), then I would try to do Chapters 1-12. The final three chapters are the trig chapters. The first 12 chapters would make a very full algebra II credit. You could also drop Chapter 12 if you run out of time. There are some optional sections within the chapters that you could probably skip, too. It's just a LOT of material for one school year!
  9. My Family and Other Animals by Gerald Durell. The way the kids spoke to their mom rubbed me SUCH the wrong way that I threw the book across the room. lol (I have set the goal of reading the Harry Potter series, but I'm kind of already floundering in only the second book. Someone encourage me to keep reading...)
  10. Minn of the Mississippi. Loved them all, but that particular book is easily in my top five read-aloud favorites from 18 years of homeschooling. I have lived practically on the River my whole life, so that is a contributing factor! Tree in the Trail isn't necessarily sad (as in Old Yeller sad) but @Seasider too's description as "melancholy" is spot-on.
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