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  1. Jessica--Thanks, that gives me a much better idea of how to approach things. I appreciate you taking the time to answer all that! Everybody else--Thanks for answering it's good to know what everyone else is doing. Paige
  2. Jessica, Thanks for the post, I had a few questions though. Why do you say I should take a foreign language into consideration in choosing grammer. We will be moving oversees and my dd will be learning another language. How should this effect my grammar choice? Should I back off on english grammer or hit it harder? And one more, what are the writing prompts like in SWO? Thanks again, can you tell LA is not my strongest subject, give me science or math please! Paige
  3. Hey all I am trying to plan out next year and I keep changing my mind on the LA part, so I thought I'd ask for advice. Right now we are using Sonlight LA1 along with ETC 1-3. I love the creative assignments and ETC, but I would like a more structured approach to LA. So here are the options I have come up with... 1. Stick with Sonlight's LA and ETC, just add in Growing with Grammar (I'm not sure that this will solve the problems I had with LA this year) 2. Switch to Rod & Staff 2 (I'm not sure that dd will be ready for this and should I continue with ETC?) 3. FLL with ??? (I'm not sure what to add to FLL to make it a complete LA program, I'm leaning towards SWO B, ETC 4-6 and I don't know what to do for writing) So what do you all think?? What has worked for you? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks--Paige
  4. Thanks guys, so many great ideas. I'm glad to know that noone uses the tests with the younger, I kinda suspected it was too much.
  5. Hey all! I am planning on using SOTW for Ancient Times along with the activity book for next year with my dd who will be 6yo. What I am wondering is how do you schedule this week to week? Also, do you use the tests? TIA
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