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  1. I'm trying to decide between these two for our family with teens and maybe my 9 and 11yo to watch, just for fun/extra. They are both pretty long. So it would be a commitment. Has anyone seen them both by any chance and could compare them?
  2. I think: Just let her try it on her own. Do the us edition textbooks and workbooks. She'll be fine. And if she's not, you can try again later. Not worth the battle, unless you feel that it is a discipline/rebellion issue. In my experience, gaps are easily closed later. Jen
  3. :glare: :lol: OK, I should have paid more attention when this was discussed the first 100 times, but now I'm the one dealing with it and I'm stuck. My older boy, who is now 15, never went through the "classic" boy who hates writing thing when he was younger. Now I have two younger boys, a 9 and and a 10 yo. My 10 yo is not a strong reader, which I haven't been too concerned about. He listens to tons of audio books, has great comprehension and vocabulary etc. I don't mind reading aloud, so that has been ok. His spelling is terrible, no surprise. His handwriting is terrible especially compared with his younger brother. And he basically cries whenever its time for writing. And I am not talking a large amount of writing. I'm talking 5 lines of copywork. So I don't know what to do. I would honestly just let it go and not force it at this point, but he's got this younger brother who is doing great with writing and spelling and I don't see a way to let the older brother off and not make the younger brother feel it is unfair. Letting them both off feels like its not an option because I want to keep the 9yo moving along doing what he is capable of. I just haven't had this issue before. I have three older kids who have always worked at or above "grade level" so we just moved along more or less. Does anyone have any words of wisdom for this situation?
  4. We do almost exactly what 8 fills the heart outlined. We kept trying to do a "program" and my kids hated them all and so did I, so we never did them. But I have always had a lot of science books on our shelves and require reading from them every week. And of course whenever they are more interested in a topic on their own, we get extra books from the library. So far my kids seem very scientifically literate and have passed all their state tests (fwiw) without any science 'instruction" from me. And NO "experiments". My kids are 16 down to 8. Jen
  5. Thanks! I'll look for the Ninja for sure. I've never even heard of it :) I don't get out much... Jen
  6. The last blender I bought was $30 at walmart. I hate it. I'm willing to spend a little more, like up to a $100? Does anyone have a blender they love and can recommend that isn't a vitamix or whatever? Jen
  7. Thanks for some good ideas! that bbc series looks amazing. I'm sure I'll have a good start with some of this stuff. Jen
  8. We are using biblioplan this year, which I am excited about. I would really like to add some some alternate church history from a different perspective since mostly they offer reformed materials. Does anyone have any good places to start? biographies, or texts or even just stories are fine this would be for 6th grade and up through high school. Thanks Jen
  9. Would you be willing to share why you are having them removed? Or is that too personal? Jen
  10. We were just talking about this tonight! My dh figured this out last year and his hayfever has been 90 percent better. Strawberries, chocolate and fermented foods were what he cut out last year and that helped a ton. This year he avoided most of the same foods, but he also cut out wheat and that has made a HUGE difference. (he only has to avoid during allergy season, not all year) Hope this helps!
  11. I don't know why I don't have one of these yet, seeing as I have 5 kids, but I've decided it's time. Mainly because I need more oven space. I would like to roast 2 chickens at once and be able to do other stuff with the oven. So if you have one can you give me pros and cons or at least a thumbs up or down? Thanks Jen
  12. We just went to see a high school performance of Oliver. It was pretty good, but not great. But it made me really want to see some great musicals, even if they are just on video. We haven't watched any except sound of music. So I need your best suggestions. And tell me if would be good for all the kids (ages 7-15) or just the olders. and please include the best version if there is more than one. Jen
  13. we did QMA about 4 years ago. We did not enjoy it as much I thought we would looking at the program in the catalog. We didn't end up liking several of the books (and my kids LOVE to read). We also didn't care for the hands on projects. It's been a while now, so I honestly don't remember specifically which things didn't work for us, but I know I definitely decided not to use them again after that year. FWIW. They also may have changed a bunch in 4 years :) Jen
  14. Just got back from outdoor school - fun to be in the woods for a while. I could see my dd's wheel turning while we were there. :) We talked to one of the teachers there and she told us that a BS was a requirement for her job. I didn't say anything then, but I thought I might bring that back up sometime soon and see what dd thought about that. Anyway - Arcadia - thanks so much for those links. She does love botany. Yesterday she went out in the yard to do her school work and spent an extra hour reading in her botany book. She was supposed to be doing algebra, but whatever :) Coffee - I went back and read through your thread - there was some great information in there! Such a great community we have here. Thanks again everyone
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