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  1. I've seen Ways Of The World recommended here. If you search online, you will find PDF copies of the book and study guides, essay questions, notes, and presentations prepared by AP World History teachers.
  2. Yeah, there were two board changes, one in Jan 2008 and one in 2013. The first one was major. The old board was of the threaded kind and every morning it looked different. It looked like this. The second board change was just a software change from phpBB to this new software. It looked like this.
  3. My dd loved the CW Primer at that age. We also did a little WWE. Other options that I checked out but did not fully use were 1900's texts like With Pencil And Pen by Sarah Louise Arnold and Primer and other books by William Swinton.
  4. Thanks. That is a good point.
  5. If you think Chicago Med has fake situations, wait till you see The Resident. :) Some online blogs gave it positive reviews, but I find it totally unrealistic with very black/white characters and outrageously unprofessional behaviour from the doctors. I've never watched ER. I must check it out. In fact, before I watched The Good Doctor, I had never watched any medical shows. TGD got me hooked on medical dramas, so I started binge watching Chicago Med. I'll run out of past episodes soon and have been thinking of moving on the ER and/or Grey's Anatomy. Any suggestions on which is better to watch first? :)
  6. What about NYT Science articles? They are short and accesible. I find them quite interesting.
  7. I am enjoying these: 1. An Introduction To Formal Logic 2. Cultural Literacy For Religion 3. The Story Of Human Language 4. How To Look At And Understand Great Art
  8. I am very sorry for your loss. She was an wonderful girl and you parented her the best you could. I hope sharing her story has given you solace.
  9. :bigear: I diagram cumulative adjectives like adverbs modifying the main adjective.
  10. Thanks. I've read through that whole thread but didn't find info about the copia. A boardie sent me the S&S document.
  11. My dd is becoming more mature and reasonable at 13. Now the inexplicable tantrums only last a few days each month. So hang in there. I would caution against supplemental calcium. Better to eat more calcium-rich foods.
  12. 1. The Body Shop's Moringa Body butter and Moringa Body lotion. 2. Warm Vanilla Sugar lotion from Bath and Body Works.
  13. If you like the look of Italic handwriting, here are three great-to-good choices: 1. Getty-Dubay's Write Now - I used this (and choice #3) to learn Italic several years ago. 2. Penny Gardner's Italic Comes with simple, instructional videos. The title says "Beautiful Handwriting for Children" but it is not at all babyish. ETA: Cheaper at Currclick.com 3. Gunnlaugur Briem's Italic - a free resource that I used to learn Italic handwriting.
  14. For my dd, a snack, and/or plenty of alone time to do her own thing (like play with slime) has worked.
  15. It sounds like a bad date and she is free to rant about it as such. It doesn't sound like assault and she should not have characterized it as such. It seems like she is trying to piggyback on the #MeToo movement and that is wrong.
  16. Found two threads that might help: Course Descriptions and Bibliography with Shared Textbooks - probably not the one you wanted but it's recent. Integrating History and English articles? books? - From 2011 but seems to be more along the lines you specified.
  17. I once called it Whining With Skill, because it seems to have improved my dd's ability to whine. :)
  18. 1. The Hobbit animated 1977 full movie 2. Crash Course Kids 3. Schoolhouse Rocks
  19. We used an HP Officejet Pro 8600 for several years and last year switched to an HP Officejet Pro 8620. The 8620 does most of the things you specified. It has four individual cartridges - black, red, yellow, cyan. Not sure if it prints from iPhones; we've never tried that. It does have a web print facility, which I think means you can print to it anywhere from the world with the right credentials. I've never tried to use generic ink, though.
  20. So it was not him, it was you, huh? ;) Just kidding. :) You lit the fire of learning in him. Pat yourself for a job well done.
  21. Thank you for attaching the file here. TracyP sent me the file via email last month, and your attachment will help others who are interested.
  22. Thank you for the links. I was referring to a document that SWB called "Tentative Scope and Sequence" which she shared in 2011. At the time, she envisioned having four levels of WWS. So the document provided a detailed breakdown of skills that would be taught in each of the four levels, and the questions a student should ask to elicit information for writing with each skill. Ultimately she ended up cover those skills in three levels.
  23. Thank you. This seems like the only option. I'll go through the list and sort/bookmark a few every day.
  24. Thank you. Looks like I'll have to go through all of them and bookmark/Pinterest them into different folders. Googling with keywords won't work because I didn't necessarily post in all of them.
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