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  1. I found a printable high school diploma online. At the bottom, there is a seal and a blank line on each side. Do I type my name on one side and sign the other? Two separate people sign? Does it really matter? Thanks, Karen
  2. I think she wants to stay in her own house. When I talked to her on Sunday, she was supposed to call her doctor's office and get details on what to expect after the surgery and what needs to be done and then call me back. I still haven't heard anything. It's the passive aggressive crap that makes me crazy.
  3. I know she's not on painkillers. She said her doctor has wanted her to replace both knees for years.
  4. The timing surprised me, not only because of Christmas Eve, but because January is so busy for her. She's about 20 pounds overweight. Her physical condition isn't too bad.
  5. Ok, I think you've got me beat. She's never asked me to reschedule giving birth. 😂
  6. No. My only experience with knee surgery is for a torn meniscus. After reading all of these comments, I'm feeling much better by refusing to send a 17 yo. I think her reasoning was, the 17 yo has fewer responsibilities and would be more available.
  7. She is supposed to contact her doctor's office and ask if she can fly after the surgery, if she needs a continuous motion machine, and when pt will start. Hopefully, I will hear from her soon and I'll talk to her about a rehabilitation center and me staying for 4-5 days after the surgery or rescheduling for July and I could stay longer.
  8. I don't think so. She often flies here for Christmas.
  9. My daughter had surgery for a torn meniscus, so that's my only experience with knee surgeries. How soon after the surgery does pt typically start? Dd was on a continuous motion machine for at least a week before she started pt, so I was envisioning something like that.
  10. That's exactly what I thought. Who does this? My mom is very passive aggressive but I'm the only living child and her sister passed away. She has friends who could help her who live nearby, but I'm going to look into rehab places near her.
  11. Thanks, I do feel better now. I was feeling like such a horrible daughter for not wanting to go. The dd she wants to fly there is a senior in high school and I'm really not comfortable with her driving in a strange city, especially in such a big car. I didn't even think about complications following the surgery or if grandmother fell. That would definitely freak dd out. I'm not even considering send one of the girls. If anybody goes, it will be me. I didn't know how likely to would be that she would be able to fly 3 days after the surgery. I'm sure she will have pt afterwards, but I can take her to that here. I would be really sad if I have to miss two weeks with the girls home from college though.
  12. My mother lives 13 hours away. She called 3 days ago telling me she is having knee replacement surgery on Dec. 24. She wants my youngest to fly to her house to help her and care for her dogs and cats for 2 weeks over Christmas break. Youngest has only had a driver's licence for a few months and has never driven anything as big as her grandmother's SUV. My older dds will be home from college during this time, so she wouldn't be able to see them as much. I will probably end up driving there and staying with her for a couple of weeks. But, then I won't be able to see my oldest two as much. She can stay in the hospital for 3 days after the surgery. I suggested she fly here after the surgery. Then she could spend time with everybody and I would get to see my children. She could have the surgery in July, but decided on Christmas eve. I knew none of this before last Friday. She still works and December and July are her least busy times of the year. January is her busiest time. I guess she plans to go back as soon as she is able. I really wish she had coordinated this with me before hand. Is that unreasonable? She has to have the other knee replaced at some point. Hopefully, I will have more notice with that one.
  13. My birthday is Dec. 25th. I would have wanted the big one on my birthday, since I rarely got a birthday present. But, I would ask her which she would prefer.
  14. I can't wear glasses at night, even with the anti-glare coating. Contacts work much better for me.
  15. A scary time for sure.?
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