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  1. I checked the ones that I play or used to play well. Since my bachelor degree was in music and my first career was as a band director, I can play several others, but not well. I don't play much at all these days though. Maybe, I will get back to it after I retire from the science world.
  2. I played a ton for the first year, but got burned out with it. There was a ton of drama in the larger Ingress community in my city (Austin) which made the game less fun. Now, I usually only play when in a new place or when I happen to have time to kill and am sitting on a portal in which case, I will glyph hack until I burn it out. One of my best friends is still very involved with Ingress and helps with national level ops and dispatches for anomalies.
  3. I think she is using "right," to mean correct, as in "why correct orally, but not in writing," in which case she used the correct word.
  4. I looked that up a while back and found out that it either means baby, babe, or stands for before-anyone-else.
  5. This may be the funniest thing I have ever read on these boards. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  6. I always assumed late elementary or early middle school since they walked to school alone and Charlie Brown's crush on the little red-headed girl, so I guess about 11-12.
  7. Yep, that is me. I live in Austin now though and commute to Waco 3 days a week.
  8. My county (in Texas) will start issuing same-sex marriage licenses here in about 30 minutes.
  9. I joined the boards shortly after I began homeschooling in the fall of 2003. My son graduated in 2009, but I never left here. I mostly just read and comment only if I feel I have something relevant to add. This is the only homeschooling board I visit though I am on a couple of social media sites.
  10. I'm fine here in west-central Austin though downtown is a mess of flooding.
  11. I have lived in Texas most of my life and currently live in Austin. I have no plans to ever leave this state and love being a proud Texan. That being said, be careful when referring to freedoms. Homeschooling freedom is great. If you want the freedom to carry weapons or openly or kill someone who invades your home, easily done. If you want the freedom to drive 80+ mph on many roads, we have you covered. If you want the freedom to marry whomever you choose or freedom to be able to decide what happens with your own body without major roadblocks, however...look somewhere else.
  12. Since you are both working outside the home AND you are homeschooling, I would hire someone to come in and clean and take it out of the family "fun" money.
  13. I have not read all the posts yet, but I DID kick my son out at 19, right after his birthday. He was living at home while attending college and did great the first year. The second year, I found out at the end of the first semester that he stopped attending all but 2 of his classes so failed almost everything. I sat him down for a long talk and he promised to do better the next term, but he did exactly the same thing again. He of course, lost his financial aid, and I told him if he wanted to continue living with me, he needed to find a job. A couple of months passed with him "just not getting any interviews." I gave a deadline for a job or move out and even extended it once. In the meantime, he was having his band friends over at all hours, living in squalor in his room, ruined the carpet in there with all the spills, and basically staying up all night and sleeping the day away. I was a single mom working part time and going to graduate school full time so could not police him like I would have liked. After the 2nd deadline passed without a job, I made him give me his key, moved his belongings to the garage, and told him he had to leave. It was one of the hardest things I have done and spent the following days alternating between crying and anger at the situation. He slept on a friend's couch and lo and behold, miraculously had a job within 2 weeks. He stayed with friends another few weeks, moved back in with me for a month but I would not let him have his room back as I had a friend crashing there a couple of nights a week while she was teaching in town, and finally moved out for good. He has been renting with room mates ever since and has managed to always have a job. I still help him financially quite a bit, but our relationship is much better with him living somewhere else. He is still figuring out what he wants to do with his life (he is 21). I have offered to help him get back in school one class at a time, but he is not ready yet. He has finally figured out that he can't make a living on minimum wage even with full time hours which is why I make his car and insurance payments. He has thanked me for kicking him out and told me he was not really looking for a job that hard before then and said he would probably still be lounging around the house playing video games if I had not.
  14. I have medium to longish light brown hair with lots of gray. I go about every 7 weeks to my hair dresser. I'm not sure of the price as I always get a cut too plus a few foils for highlights. We usually just "break the base" every other time which in my opinion is hair dresser speak for touching up the roots and all over color on the in between visits. With tip, I pay about $140.
  15. I just want to say thank you to this thread for letting me know about the "other" category of messages. I am on facebook all the time and had never noticed it before. Yes, I had several, only one of which needed a reply and to whom I just ran to her office and apologized.
  16. While I have been a rebel several times in my life, and many think I still am...Rebel is also the name on my birth certificate. People tend to assume it is a nickname.
  17. I went to a Lucky store during off peak hours so I would have a sales person to help me. We looked for low rise and shortest inseam possible. I ended up with 2 pair that are actually cropped jeans and 1 pair of boot cut. All still needed to be hemmed which is why my tailor is a frequent stop for me. I am 4' 10" by the way, but not really an hour glass though I do have hips. I tend to wear anything between a 0 and a 4 depending on the brand.
  18. I think the kids can get away with whatever, but I would not wear leggings to a wedding. If you absolutely don't do dresses, I would get nice slacks. The fact that you may never wear them again is irrelevant in my opinion. I'm in a casual area of Texas, but people still dress up for weddings. I have attended weddings in my grandmother's extremely rural farming community and yes, the MEN could get away with starched jeans and cowboy boots though many still switched to khakis with their boots, the women still wore dresses.
  19. We are friends with a lot of couples. If someone is hosting something at a place large enough to accommodate everyone, then everyone is most likely invited. More often however, we get together in smaller groups. We try to invite people over once a month if possible, but can only have about 3 couples plus ourselves. We do not invite the same people every time. Others do the same, and yes, we all talk about it. It has never been an issue that I know of. Sometimes, we make a point of inviting people with children over. Other times, we try to make it adult only. Every time I want to have people over to swim, I can not invite the entire group, so I rotate. Yes, pics may be on facebook where most of us are friends. I know I've had conversations where weekends were discussed and friend A has told me how she and her husband got together with couple's B and C. I've never felt slighted in the least. Conversely, I may have gotten together with couples D and E. The same holds true for individual friend's getting together to shop or whatever. Maybe, it's a regional thing?
  20. I don't get to many of these, but 100% of the ones I do get are either stay-at-home moms or have a very part-time job. I'm assuming this is so due to those groups looking to supplement income.
  21. I have just spent some time updating my SO's resume and all the articles I read said not to go back more than 10 years. Since he has been with the same company 14 years, that is the only one we listed. It still takes almost a full page to describe his achievements at that job though, so the resume is still 1 1/2 pages. He is in tech so anything tech related that far back is not relevant anyway.
  22. I think you should leave early and take the side roads if that is what will prevent you from having a panic attack. That being said though, if I were having the kind of anxiety you describe over something that is a routine part of life (for me anyway), I would consider how to fix the problem, whether it be medication, therapy, or something else.
  23. Wow, I had no idea this was possible. I live in Travis county and going to look into how to do this myself. Thanks for sharing.
  24. I think for myself anyway, that BMI is crap. According to the BMI charts, I am overweight. According to body fat percentage charts, I am in the low end of ideal and almost into the lean category. I recently uploaded the attached pic to facebook to show a new swim suit that I love. While I have body image issues like most everybody else, I do not think I look "overweight" in the pic.
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