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  1. My level had declined by about 50% and while that is still okay, it is not as robust and I was very paranoid about returning to teaching in person. If I were going to continue working from home, I would have waited another month or two.
  2. I had Moderna and got a third dose at 6 months. (It was during that brief period where Biden was saying everyone should be eligible at 6 months, before it went back to 8 and then changed to Pfizer only, etc.) I am in an antibody study so knew my level, was about to return to in-person teaching at the college, have 2 comorbidities, and my doctor agreed that I should go ahead and do it.
  3. There is another song they do in Paw Patrol called Pup, Pup, Boogie. https://youtu.be/TBCQ4afJOs0 There is also something my granddaughter calls the Boo Boo song that has Paw Patrol characters in it, but I don't think it is officially Paw Patrol. https://youtu.be/y9J8D8iZMno Pup, Pup Boogie is fun, but I despise the Boo Boo Song.
  4. I live in Texas and I am worried. My son, daughter-in-law, and grandchild share a home. They have been trying to have another child for the past year or so and daughter-in-law has suffered 3 miscarriages over the past 8 months. She is working with her doctor to try and figure out why this is, but what happens if she has another miscarriage and someone thinks it is an abortion?
  5. At my college, adjuncts get paid an extra stipend for attending training. I think it is $25 per hour.
  6. The CC where I teach is virtual synchronous, virtual asynchronous, hybrid, and in-person this fall. The goal is to be almost completely in-person by spring. We are not allowed to require vaccination or masks since we are a state school in Texas, but they are going to make daily entry to campus much easier for those vaccinated. Our fall schedule is a mess, due to administration deciding AFTER registration was in full swing to try and have more in-person classes. Before that, our fall schedule was only opening 3 of the 11 campuses for in-person and having very limited offerings. I had volunteered to teach 2 courses in-person at one of the 3 campuses, and had a third virtual synchronous one. When the announcement came that the college wanted to transition as many courses as possible to in-person, THAT is when everything went haywire. As a department, we decided that if a course had 5 or fewer registered and the professor desired, it could switch to in-person, and our administrative assistants would contact those students to help them change to another virtual option. My one virtual class was already full with a waiting list so I can't suddenly tell the students they need to show up in-person at a campus that may or may not be convenient for them. At the moment, the in-person classes have a lower enrollment cap to allow for distancing.
  7. Someone please tell me I am not the only one who ordered both B12 and Vitamin D supplements after reading this thread.
  8. I voted other for the same reason as those mentioned above. It is fine to delay the shot for a week or two while the person sees a doctor.
  9. I had my first dose of the Moderna vaccine Thursday evening (2 1/2 days ago) and have a sore arm similar to what I have with the flu vaccine. I did have overwhelming fatigue about 24 hours post shot, but just went to bed early and have been fine since.
  10. I have never worn barefoot running shoes myself, mainly because a few years ago when I ran a Tough Mudder with a friend, we saw a man with a stick going completely through his foot who was wearing those shoes. This was crazy terrain and he happened to hit a stick just right where it went through the sole and out the top of his foot.
  11. I love baby pics! Is anybody besides me visiting this thread repeatedly just to get into a good mood? lol
  12. This is my 6 month old grand baby, Aria Melody.
  13. I have a friend who lives next door to the first package bomb. Her husband is the one who found the victim. One of my students at Huston-Tillotson University wrote me that her godson is the 17 year old who just got killed and she might not be in class tomorrow. This is hitting close to home for me. I live in east Austin and am carefully checking my packages.
  14. I currently teach General Biology at a CC and Environmental Science at a 4 year university, both for non-science majors. I also teach Human Physiology labs as a TA at a 4 year university. My suggestion would be environmental science or geography. I would NOT suggest Human Biology as the human body is extremely complex, but then again, the course I teach is for pre-meds and is a "weed-out" course.
  15. Glad to see you back!
  16. She is precious! Love those cheeks and the cute little pout!
  17. My purse got stolen on a trip about 4 years ago. I was flying out of a small airport in Traverse City, MI back to Texas. I called and was told to show up an hour early. They patted me down, tested me for explosive residue, and asked me several identity type questions while they were looking at some kind of data base. The only thing I had with my name on it was some prescription medication. They asked me for an email address which was funny as I had about five different ones and had to keep giving them until I hit the correct one. They asked where I graduated from college, where I went to high school, what my next door neighbor's names were (that one was hard as I only knew first names), and probably some other stuff that I have forgotten by now. I think my attitude helped the situation. I was friendly, explained about the stolen purse, and joked that I was willing to strip naked if it would get me on the plane.
  18. We have been using http://www.amazingclubs.com/ for the hard to buy. They have been a hit so far.
  19. We have an in-ground pool that we heat when we have fall gatherings. Since,it is a house, I would make sure the heat is on before you arrive. Depending on the outside temps, it may take 24 hours to heat the pool.
  20. Oh no! I am so very sorry for your loss! :grouphug:
  21. I currently live in Austin, but homeschooled in Waco and commute there 3 days a week while I finish graduate school at Baylor. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. You can PM me here or contact me at rebel "dot" sanders123 "at" gmail.com.
  22. Since most pokestops are former Ingress portals, if you have an Ingress account, you can view locations of portals/pokestops at ingress.com/intel.
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