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  1. No, she has been eating normally. When she realized how much she was losing, she even started adding in a Naked juice every morning and more snacks through the day. There is nothing she is actively doing to lose weight. ETA: It is causing her some anxiety as well. She does not want to be losing weight.
  2. Dd, 18, has some sort of undiagnosed thyroid issue but we can’t get in to see an endocrinologist for another six weeks (made appointment in Oct). We knew she was losing a little weight but four weeks ago she started doing a weekly weigh in because she could actually tell she was losing. In four weeks she has lost three pounds and is down to 118 pounds. That’s 10 pounds total since March but it seems to have sped up. She is just under 5ft 7in so she doesn’t need to be losing any at all. We have six weeks to go until she can even be seen and then I’m sure there will be more tests ran before any treatment will begin. The endo and pediatrician don’t seem all that concerned with trying to get her seen earlier. I have some people in my life saying I need to be pushing harder and I’m trying to figure out if I’m over concerned or the doctors aren’t concerned enough. I have a family member who can bump us to the front of the line with a different endo but that feels icky if I don’t really need to be as worried as I am. Covid is just making everything harder right now because I know they’re all probably doing the best they can.
  3. I’ve never thought stomach bugs were that contagious because they haven’t been in my experience. Growing up, it was always just one or two of us but never all six. With my own kids, it was always only oldest who got them but none of the rest of us ever did. We never did anything special, or separated people, but the majority of us never got sick. Oldest one ended up in the hospital because his stomach bug was so bad but the rest of us were fine. I guess we’re weird.
  4. None that we know. Her co workers were all fine and there was no big issue of transmission connected with the restaurant. We know she got it from her boyfriend, who works outside the home, but no idea who actually passed it to him. She spent a few hours with roomie, in Ds’ apartment and no masks, working on a school project and that’s how they passed it to one another.
  5. Totally get that, but she did actually spread it to those she was around while unmasked. I’m not saying my one example proves anything, just that it follows along with my feeling that food isn’t really a big deal. ETA: Another reason I don’t view surface transmission as a big deal is that Ds’ roommate had Covid (got it from food service worker friend I mentioned earlier, tested positive and lost taste/smell). She quarantined in the apartment and he went back the week after the quarantine ended. There’s has been no illness. I have read nothing that leads me to believe surface or food transmission is an issue I should be worried about.
  6. We mask and practice social distancing when we must be around people. We’re only doing curbside grocery pickup now that numbers are bad again. We’re more aware of touching things when out and washing our hands. We’ve never really done the vitamin thing but we’ve added in a few for now. We’re not doing any family get togethers for the holidays (even though we’re the only people in our families taking this stance - it stinks). We quit worrying about wiping down groceries and eating take out long ago. I’ve only known two people with Covid so far and one ended up really sick with it and she worked in a local busy restaurant. There was no outbreak due to her working in the beginning before she realized what she had -and restaurants here have been open at 100% for a while now- which fits with my belief that takeout and groceries just aren’t a huge issue with this virus. Dh and I even now have a weekly take out date and we eat in the car (and it’s been very good for our mental health).
  7. It hasn’t been too bad for us (have had several delayed) but I have two packages that haven’t moved since 12/2. I’m actually more upset with the companies than USPS at this point. They are large companies who could resend but they just keep telling me to wait. I’ve checked both their social media and there are very few complaints so it’s not a widespread issue for either. I’m not expecting the packages to actually show up at this point since they haven’t moved at all so I’m just waiting until the companies do the right thing.
  8. Yes, I’ve been concerned about a cousin who is due in about a month. She is a a nurse and the doctor she works for actually died from Covid in the very beginning of this. She actually already had Covid in the early stages, pre pregnancy, so I’m hoping she will be safe from getting it again right now.
  9. Dh started his career as a property and casualty insurance actuary, and has always been adamant we have it.
  10. My in laws loved our Google Home years ago when they visited. They loved how we could so easily play music. We would like to get them something for Christmas that is just as easy for them to play music. It needs to be something that we can mostly set up for them. They do not do technology. Dh did walk them through a Chromebook so we could Zoom, and it took about four hours to do but in the end it worked! We live very far away so can’t go over to set it up in person. So, are any of these devices that easy to do? Dh knows their WiFi info so can even do that remotely once they have the device but I’m unsure which one would be best. We will also set up the music account so they all they have to do is ask it to play.
  11. We do mostly local as well. We do our local Angel Tree every year. There are two local LGBT groups we support. One is a gathering place for teens and the other is a home for homeless young adults. Then we also try to donate time and money to local food banks and shelters.
  12. Quoting myself just to say that, at least in our area, the deadline to return gifts was today. We dropped ours off on Monday and I know my sister in a different state said they’re deadline was tomorrow. So, it may be too late for the Angel Tree in most places but I know here they use Toys for Tots for the kids who no one shopped for.
  13. I always get our Angel Tree kids online. I check our local Salvation Army page and the links to adopt local kids usually opens up the end of October. There is usually an option of several different locations to choose from to drop off gifts.
  14. I am surrounded by people that have been married for decades that started dating in their teens. My own brother has been married over 25 years and started dating his wife when they were 15. My in laws have been married 60 years and started dating at 17. Those are just two but there are so many that I just do not understand this sentiment that they are too young and it’s silly. OP, my own dh and I alternated who paid. We both worked and it always seemed silly that he should be solely responsible so we shared.
  15. For future reference, look up your local Angel Tree online. I always get ours online the end of October and return to a Salvation Army center downtown.
  16. There were two more things I wanted to mention after asking my dc about the holidays this year. We adopted more than usual kids from the Angel Tree. We made a day of online shopping and they enjoyed that feeling of helping more than ever this year. I think it’s too late for Angel Tree stuff (at least it is here as the deadline is tomorrow), but maybe there’s local donations still taking place somewhere. The second thing only applies if you have pets. We went a little overboard in shopping for our little dog. She will wake Christmas morning to a doggie pool full of new stuffed toys with squeakers! It’s going to be crazy but they were so excited picking it all out and they can’t wait to watch her on Christmas.
  17. We’re not planning for the summer but dh and I will do a cross country road trip to visit his parents in early fall no matter what is going on with the vaccine. It’s been a few years since we’ve seen them (would have this year) and they are in their 80s, so waiting indefinitely isn’t in the cards. They’ve seen all the other kids this year but we’re the farthest away.
  18. Yeah, I bought one for each member of my family and only one of the four of us is actually able to wear them. They don’t fit the rest of us at all. It was a bummer. We use the Old Navy masks with ear adjusters and I added nose pieces to all of them.
  19. Dh and I had our weekly take out breakfast in the car this morning. There were so many other people near us eating in their cars just like us. We’re going to keep getting take out and having some time away from home/dc. It’s important for our sanity. I’m not at all concerned by take out food or grocery pick up/delivery anymore, so I’m going to keep doing my best to give them business. None of us work outside the home, the only place we go indoors is for doctor visits, and the dc see relatively few friends here and there. I think we all have to do what’s best for us in our current situations. I mean, I’m being super careful compared to everyone else I know IRL so it’s weird to come here and feel like one of the not careful people. My family and friends thinks we’re completely ridiculous with how careful we are compared to all of them.
  20. I’ve only known two people who have had it and they are both college students. They got it through one of their boyfriends who has to works outside the home everyday. They are both fine. I think they’ve all been rather careful. They do get together here and there but I think it’s important for them not to feel too isolated. I know it’s been very important for my dc to still have small get togethers with their friends. It’s a balance and I think they’ve found a healthy one. I actually have a lot of family that has continued to travel and go out quite often through all of this, including my mom who works in our largest hospital here. I feel like I was really judgmental in the beginning, but I’ve let that go. I do worry about them more, though.
  21. I mask up in my car if I’ll be walking into a building but I don’t even carry a mask when dh and I go on neighborhood walks. It’s easy to just walk across the street when we encounter the few people that we do. When we’ve walked around dc’s college campus we mask, because that is the rule and all students do as well. When we walk around downtown, we carry a mask to put on when other people get close. So, it varies.
  22. This thread has had me looking at so many subscription boxes today! I actually found one for my 20 year old writer! I ordered a 3 month subscription box to Scribbler. Dh has asked me to stop looking for more stuff to buy. 🤣
  23. My dc’s uni added the flu vaccine as mandatory this year so I would assume they will do the same for Covid. I hope everyone who can get the vaccine will do so and I’m honestly not sure what I will think of those who choose not to.
  24. I had never heard of Universal Yums until this thread but I did purchase just the holiday box for us this year. It will definitely be something new to look forward to.
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