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  1. I wouldn't mind being trapped in "a bubble of privilege." What else is in the bubble?
  2. What does it mean not to judge someone? That you really hold no opinion of this person and in fact may not even register them as entities unto themselves, that you are withholding all your opinions however good or bad, or that you withhold only the bad ones? I think most people only want the last. So if they hear or interpret something (anything!) bad about themselves and it fell possibly from your mouth, then you are being judgey.
  3. You're right … added sugar is everywhere, and it's not cute anymore b/c sugary things aren't special anymore. When I bake, I use raw honey. Not only is it slightly better for you, it keeps things moist. (Honey doesn't do much for adding body to cakes but you can give it ummmfph in other ways.) Also, raw honey is way more expensive than sugar. It makes you want to use less. Another thing is to not consume frozen or chilled sweets. Cold temperature requires the addition of more sugar to something to make it taste just as sweet as it would at at higher temp. An example is that a milkshake left at room temp is cloyingly, syrupy sweet but when it was frozen it wasn't so bad. I don't drink any sweetened drinks (or alcohol) at all. I take coffee and tea without sugar or any sweetener. I don't drink any regular or diet sodas, but I do enjoy fruity sparkling water. As a result, I have lost the taste for sugar. (Like Gollum, who had no access to ovens and mills, lost the taste for bread over time and wouldn't eat bread even when he could.) Many normal things taste bizarrely sweet to me now -- certain brands of bread or spaghetti sauce, for example. Find something that you know is sweet and is universally recognized as a dessert. Vanilla ice-cream for example. Look on the nutrition label at the grams of sugars and divide by the serving size weight. In my example, it is 21g/102g = 20.6% sugar. Let this be your guide and bring your calculator to the store -- that no food you buy (except honey or actual sugar I guess) may be greater than 20.6% [or whatever your cut-off is] by weight sugar. You may be surprised how many breakfast cereals, granola mixes, granola bars, yogurts, fruit snacks, breakfast foods, nut butters easily surpass this. Sugar is damaging because it is ubiquitous but it is not inherently evil. I am convinced, however, that artificial sweeteners are actually evil.
  4. Just wanted to pass along that the listeria recall for stone fruit (peaches, plums, apricots, etc) has been expanded to include more vendors. http://www.laweekly.com/squidink/2014/07/22/stone-fruit-from-trader-joes-costco-sams-club-and-walmart-recalled-for-listeria FDA 7/19 FDA 7/20
  5. Night Elf, were you the one who wanted a workaround for your daily Starbucks trip? How's that going? That right there probably saves $2/day. My best stewardship tip is to not let household maintenance go. See if I spend $90/mo on Starbucks, at least I got some enjoyment out of it, and the enjoyment was spaced out evenly and predictably. There is no joy in repairing water damage from burst washing machine hoses (which should be replaced every five years). Btw, dryer sheets carry their surfactant on a waxy substance which deposit onto your clothes, onto your dryer's moisture sensor, and all inside the exhaust ductwork which should be cleaned ideally every 6 months but at least once a year. Gunking up the ductwork is a good way of retaining lint which is a great way to start a dryer fire. If you live in a hot place and run central AC a lot in the summer, change those air filters frequently. I change about once per month and I buy fairly cheap ones (not microallergen ones) in the summer because I want to make it easy to move all that air. Keeping dirty filters just makes your AC work harder to maintain the same airflow.
  6. The first thing I would want to do is figure where did all those guns go and does he have the key?
  7. I am just curious if these kids are this annoying and persistent about anything else? (I just wonder if the next campaign will be something like asking if you can take them fishing every five minutes?) I don't know how many children total the neighbor has, but I would feel really guilty about asking a mother of 9 take care of my two for really any amount of time -- nevermind for hours on end. I would probably be mortified that they dared ask for anything. When I was little and you went over to anyone's house, you did not ask for things. If you were nice, ~maybe~ some snacks and things arrived (without refills or in bottomless bowl type situations) if their mom was not busy. To ask twice or more for anything would probably result in the earth cracking open once your mother heard about it.
  8. I have never seen shelfstable eggnog in the US. Have other Americans really seen this in their supermarket?
  9. “There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.†(Mahatma Gandhi) A non-believer may exist as so because he has never heard of Jesus, heard but never really thought very carefully about Christianity, thought carefully about it but feel instinctively there are holes in his theory, and numerous other reasons. There is no uniform characterization of the non-believer either. For most people, their highest goal each day is not to rebuke possible proselytizers who cross their path. Many people are walking around each day in mental, emotional, or physical pain or anguish over something. An encouraging word, a helping hand, an invitation, or bread in the case of hunger, would be a blessing and a reason to believe that someone cares about them beyond their rather unremarkable presence in the collective consciousness. Many a gentle and wise witness for Christ, particularly ones that have been waylaid or diverted, are pretty much always wondering, "Are you the reason I am here today?" The early martyrs were brave and calm in the face of certain death. It is this bravery and peace, and not a complaining against persecution, that led many to wonder, What does he know that I don't? The desert saints imposed struggle and physical hardships upon themselves when they felt Christianity had become too easy, too indulgent, and almost fashionable after it was legalized -- instead of a religion of the faithful. They did not do a lot of evangelizing but people came to seek them out in the their caves of seclusion in Syria and Egypt. To the subject of this thread, persecution is frightful word to describe unspeakable cruelties and really ought not be thrown about carelessly. The Apostle Paul remarked "In your struggle against sin, you have not yet resisted to the point of shedding your blood." (Hebrews 12:4) to the misshaped attitude of perceived persecution.
  10. About the fit of the orthotic inside the shoe … unless your child wears boots that go well over the ankle (and even if she does), one should remove the existing insole of the shoe (almost all shoes have one -- most are thin but some are substantial). The orthotic plus the OEM insole together may push the entire foot way too high inside the shoe. The fancier the shoe, the chunkier the OEM insole in my experience. Also if the orthotic for some reason has become too small (too short), it may basically fall short and subsequently dig into the heel where it was never intended to fall (imagine someone placing a jar lid concave side up in your shoe. That would be annoying!) I had to buy slightly larger shoes for my 8yo to accommodate his orthotics. I wear orthotics also, and really miss them when I don't have them on. Clark's routinely carries shoes in wide sizes and can be helpful in accommodating orthotics. Good luck!
  11. Can someone tell me if the writer of the article is Protestant? I can only read in a tiny screen right now.
  12. I can't imagine inviting not one but two boys to spend the night in my house and imagining it as retribution for anyone but myself for having such a crazy thought. If you love your friend, tell her you love her and have her own her behavior. By no means become the thing you detest or else this type will be the only kind you attract.
  13. Getting too involved and personally vested with the naming of things deludes you into believing you know all there is to know about an object, a person. Makes it easy to analyze, categorize, and deliver a false sense of "ownership" without ever having known or proferred anything meaningful at all. There is no richness and nothing deep about getting hung up in names. Tom Brown, a famous naturalist, said it best in on p.24 of his famous field guide to nature observation.
  14. They have to have at least one quality which I can readily see and really admire. Not a skill or talent but some aspect of spirit that I wish I had. I can't spend time with people I do not inherently admire.
  15. One of the psychologists on the show Hoarders sounds like she has gone the other way in terms of messiness. She said that not only can you eat off her floors, but when her friends come over to her house they are afraid to sit down because everything is so perfect, they are not sure if it is "okay." Let me ask. When's the last time you were afraid of perfect furniture? Or is it more likely that you are afraid of the furniture owner and the freakiness she projects in case something, anything gets messed up? I think being around hoarders a long time affects everyone's mental state. I like things sparse. It is easier to clean if there is not a lot of stuff around. I also make it a point to clean one full window a day -- sill, sash, locks, weatherstripping, everything inside and out. The window has to be tilted out and needs a total clearance of about 3-4 feet away from the wall. Windows are often located near corners and behind furniture which must be moved. There is no hiding from the vacuum, trash can, or paper towels. Funny that I associate cleaning clear glass windows with looking under a log.
  16. I couldn't do this. Too much trouble. My fear would be they would say, OK let's organize a big sale (lots of other donors) and plan a date in the fall. Then my stuff would have to compete with other people's stuff and I would have to hold onto it until then and clean it and label it etc. Then it may not even get sold. I think it is better to bite the bullet and just let go. The sunk costs walking out the door teach me not to spend money willy-nilly in the future. In my cleaning up, there is valuable momentum and motivation lost if I really don't see it leaving my field of view right away.
  17. These friends would have a better success just asking me for $10 three times a year than getting me to buy something that costs $40 from which they can derive $10 as commission. There is nothing I can buy from these social media retailers that I can't find comparable or superior at Target or certainly at the mall. I like my friends. I just don't like that they to integrate me into their vision of a being a seller of obviously inferior, or at best generic, wares. (It's ok if they integrate someone else who's willing though.) Sometimes I find it hard to believe that they think this will work and in this way I feel sorry for them. It's like a belief that the Easter Bunny can make you rich if you convince others to believe in him too. Just sad. And time-consuming. A friend of mine who is naturally very pretty started selling Mary Kay and she started wearing lots of heavy, almost metallic makeup. (Ladies, if you are blond, you don't look good with lipstick that is literally the color of burnished copper.) It looked very unflattering and was a scary way of advertising why I should not destroy what looks I have by buying into her vision. I can only imagine the pressure on kids as Facebook arises to convince them to sell stuff to their friends in a pyramid scheme. I'm guessing: energy drinks, drug paraphernalia or related jewelry, membership into clubs or fan sites. I don't know what else. Probably staying off of Facebook and Twitter and whatnot all these years has put me in the hard-to-reach category, as they would have to row off into the slow-flowing and reedy tributary of email or evites to deal with people who can plausibly say several weeks later "Oh I missed that email, sorry."
  18. Especially as the Shadow self pertains to people you dislike? The theory is (and I am sure there are better experts who can more clearly elaborate as I only learned about this theory an hour ago) that if you think about a few people you dislike and write a couple of words to describe their attributes which you dislike ... e.g. Beth - haughty Linda - selfish and rigid Glen - boring and conformist … then these are the attributes that you possess and know exist in your shadow self that you abhor (about yourself). Here are a couple of clarifying quotes: Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves. — Carl Jung If you hate a person, you hate something in him that is part of yourself. What isn’t part of ourselves doesn’t disturb us. — Hermann Hesse If your therapist believes in this, then would they say that the ideal/perfect person literally doesn't have issues with anyone?
  19. No one has yet suggested marshmallow Rice Krispy treats? Then I will! Everyone loves these.
  20. I can honestly say that when this thread started my answer was No Not Even Close, but now it is Almost Yes. Basically, I couldn't find a reason why it and I shouldn't be presentable. It's been a long week. I think it is easier to start this sort of thing in the summer when not showering everyday is really hard to overlook.
  21. You have to take a picture of the baby, or kiss the baby on the head everytime you get out of the car. Everytime you fail to, you have to donate money to your least favorite charity according to this formula, y = 100x^2, where x is the present number of times you've failed to kiss/photograph the baby, and y is in $.
  22. If you are sailing or doing any watersports, I would suggest polarized sunglasses. It makes alot of difference for us when we are constantly looking at the water surface. (It makes it easier to discern things that are just under the water surface as well) For $10 you might find a polarized pair at Target, but I am guessing more $15-30. The cheapest at BJ's are about $20. The cheapest ones at Costo around $25. There are no kids versions. I just had to look for smaller adult frames. Have a good trip!
  23. All I can offer is a link to to soap company called Rockin Green which makes different cruelty-free detergent formulations for different water types. Hard Rock, Soft Rock, Classic Rock. I think the amount of borax is the key to adjusting for minerals in the water. Good luck!
  24. I judge shoes. I judge them long and hard. I personally see no reason to ever wear shoes you cannot run, very very fast, in. It is better to wear no shoes at all. The ability to quickly and physically leave a situation is the best "self-defense" measure a person has. Therefore it is crippling to wear high heels, flip-flops, platforms, or any non-stable footwear. I hate stupid shoes. (I actually sneered when I came across the phrase "cute kitten heels" earlier in this thread.) I hate shoes that announce my presence long before I have arrived. I hate shoes that require a pair of "relief shoes" like ballet flats after a long night of clubbing. Sisters who rock the white tennis shoes, I salute you! Rock on. Bury me in my Chacos.
  25. I firmly believe that those featured in People of Walmart are the unfortunate patients of some kind of cut rate, fly-by-night cognitive behavorial therapy for Dorian Gray Syndrome.
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