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  1. Thank you to the two ladies who responded so far! And thank you for sharing your school profile. I would welcome additional input if anyone else has any! :) I am wondering if I should include curriculum-type things. Does anyone include their curriculum outline or description in either the School Profile or the Homeschool description... I don't mean the whole thing, just something like "We used this online school, we used this university, we used these textbooks." Do any of you include textbook titles in either of these documents... I am still wondering how much detail it would be OK to include. -jhschool
  2. Dear Friends, DS is a senior this year and we are very close to being done--but I am holding up the whole process! DS already turned in his CA, recommenders turned in their letters, and all the scores and transcripts are sent by outside institutions. I am stumped about what should go in: School Profile Homeschool Environment, Description, etc. and I don't know how much redundancy there would be. Is the School Profile a general description of our school? How would it be different from the Homeschool Environment, Description, etc? Or is the School Profile more a list of course descriptions? I had two different admissions people tell me two different things, and one of them said, "Oh, just put the same thing in school profile as in homeschool description." Then he changed his mind and said: "You know what, just put the course descriptions with esoteric titles that we would not understand." So I am very confused! I have been keeping records all along, so have all the information in Word documents. I just need to know what to put where. What are the ladies here doing as far as School Profile vs. Homeschool Env. & Description? Would anyone be willing to share their document? (You can take out all your personal info--I just wish I knew what School Profile is supposed to look like.) Thank you!!! -jhschool
  3. What sort of places cater for a low price? The cheap places.
  4. Ahhh!!Scary landlord doing walthru.Tips? Kill him.
  5. have any flea advice? yes, be very good fleas! don't sass your flea mother always make your flea bed when you get up sit straight (if you can)
  6. Have any flea advice? yes, don't get them.

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    I am looking to buy the MODG Medieval History, Literature, and Geography books. I have the Thomas More and the Murder in the Cathedral. Need all the rest.


  8. What to do with beef broth? Eat it, of course.
  9. Rose, I just read the last update. I have been praying and reading this thread. I think you are so strong and have gone through so much! Question: If he stays there are you still responsible for supporting him? Or does the responsibility for buying clothes, food, doctor visit copays (insurance!), school supplies, etc. shift to the other family? If you do send money, is there a (legal) way to make sure it's being used for him and not for other needs of the other family? Like have a social worker there to be in "charge" until he reaches adulthood. I agree with a PP about you making a paper trail where it is clear that you want him back, that your door is open, and that you did not abandon him--that he left of his own free will. Please do not feel guilty about feeling peaceful. And tell your other children not to feel guilty either. Rose, you have been through so much. Please be kind to yourself. :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug:
  10. Hugs, Rose. I think the fact that he said "It's weird visiting without Rose" means he is thinking of you a lot.
  11. Rose, I just prayed for you. May God keep and bless your son and send you His strength during this difficult time. Hugs
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