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  1. Thank you to the two ladies who responded so far! And thank you for sharing your school profile. I would welcome additional input if anyone else has any! :) I am wondering if I should include curriculum-type things. Does anyone include their curriculum outline or description in either the School Profile or the Homeschool description... I don't mean the whole thing, just something like "We used this online school, we used this university, we used these textbooks." Do any of you include textbook titles in either of these documents... I am still wondering how much detail it wou
  2. Dear Friends, DS is a senior this year and we are very close to being done--but I am holding up the whole process! DS already turned in his CA, recommenders turned in their letters, and all the scores and transcripts are sent by outside institutions. I am stumped about what should go in: School Profile Homeschool Environment, Description, etc. and I don't know how much redundancy there would be. Is the School Profile a general description of our school? How would it be different from the Homeschool Environment, Description, etc? Or is the School Profile more a list of course d
  3. I know...sometimes I feel like I'm going to pass out if I am in a parking lot on the blacktop, because it's so hot!
  4. Hi Melissa I love your post. It looks like a poem. It cheered my evening. :)
  5. Bumping because we have several cats and their boxes get really smelly although we scoop daily and change often.
  6. this topic is pretty interesting... I tend to change my mind back and forth... (Christian here.)
  7. Sounds awesome! I'll have to try that soon...it's pretty hot here...
  8. Praying that you all stay safe! :)
  9. Yes, it will be fine. (in the fridge!) :)
  10. jhschool


    No advice but sending you lots of hugs. This sounds like a difficult situation.
  11. jhschool


    I know. It was a joke. Or more like a trap. I knew someone wouldn't be able to resist. :) :p Love you, Jean (your tackle posts make my day!)
  12. I'm sorry you had these experiences... And I'm very sorry for your loss...
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