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  1. I wouldn't mind being trapped in "a bubble of privilege." What else is in the bubble?
  2. What does it mean not to judge someone? That you really hold no opinion of this person and in fact may not even register them as entities unto themselves, that you are withholding all your opinions however good or bad, or that you withhold only the bad ones? I think most people only want the last. So if they hear or interpret something (anything!) bad about themselves and it fell possibly from your mouth, then you are being judgey.
  3. You're right … added sugar is everywhere, and it's not cute anymore b/c sugary things aren't special anymore. When I bake, I use raw honey. Not only is it slightly better for you, it keeps things moist. (Honey doesn't do much for adding body to cakes but you can give it ummmfph in other ways.) Also, raw honey is way more expensive than sugar. It makes you want to use less. Another thing is to not consume frozen or chilled sweets. Cold temperature requires the addition of more sugar to something to make it taste just as sweet as it would at at higher temp. An example is that a milks
  4. Just wanted to pass along that the listeria recall for stone fruit (peaches, plums, apricots, etc) has been expanded to include more vendors. http://www.laweekly.com/squidink/2014/07/22/stone-fruit-from-trader-joes-costco-sams-club-and-walmart-recalled-for-listeria FDA 7/19 FDA 7/20
  5. Night Elf, were you the one who wanted a workaround for your daily Starbucks trip? How's that going? That right there probably saves $2/day. My best stewardship tip is to not let household maintenance go. See if I spend $90/mo on Starbucks, at least I got some enjoyment out of it, and the enjoyment was spaced out evenly and predictably. There is no joy in repairing water damage from burst washing machine hoses (which should be replaced every five years). Btw, dryer sheets carry their surfactant on a waxy substance which deposit onto your clothes, onto your dryer's moisture sensor, an
  6. The first thing I would want to do is figure where did all those guns go and does he have the key?
  7. I am just curious if these kids are this annoying and persistent about anything else? (I just wonder if the next campaign will be something like asking if you can take them fishing every five minutes?) I don't know how many children total the neighbor has, but I would feel really guilty about asking a mother of 9 take care of my two for really any amount of time -- nevermind for hours on end. I would probably be mortified that they dared ask for anything. When I was little and you went over to anyone's house, you did not ask for things. If you were nice, ~maybe~ some snacks and things arri
  8. I have never seen shelfstable eggnog in the US. Have other Americans really seen this in their supermarket?
  9. “There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.†(Mahatma Gandhi) A non-believer may exist as so because he has never heard of Jesus, heard but never really thought very carefully about Christianity, thought carefully about it but feel instinctively there are holes in his theory, and numerous other reasons. There is no uniform characterization of the non-believer either. For most people, their highest goal each day is not to rebuke possible proselytizers who cross their path. Many people are walking around each day in mental
  10. About the fit of the orthotic inside the shoe … unless your child wears boots that go well over the ankle (and even if she does), one should remove the existing insole of the shoe (almost all shoes have one -- most are thin but some are substantial). The orthotic plus the OEM insole together may push the entire foot way too high inside the shoe. The fancier the shoe, the chunkier the OEM insole in my experience. Also if the orthotic for some reason has become too small (too short), it may basically fall short and subsequently dig into the heel where it was never intended to fall (imagine
  11. Can someone tell me if the writer of the article is Protestant? I can only read in a tiny screen right now.
  12. I can't imagine inviting not one but two boys to spend the night in my house and imagining it as retribution for anyone but myself for having such a crazy thought. If you love your friend, tell her you love her and have her own her behavior. By no means become the thing you detest or else this type will be the only kind you attract.
  13. Getting too involved and personally vested with the naming of things deludes you into believing you know all there is to know about an object, a person. Makes it easy to analyze, categorize, and deliver a false sense of "ownership" without ever having known or proferred anything meaningful at all. There is no richness and nothing deep about getting hung up in names. Tom Brown, a famous naturalist, said it best in on p.24 of his famous field guide to nature observation.
  14. They have to have at least one quality which I can readily see and really admire. Not a skill or talent but some aspect of spirit that I wish I had. I can't spend time with people I do not inherently admire.
  15. One of the psychologists on the show Hoarders sounds like she has gone the other way in terms of messiness. She said that not only can you eat off her floors, but when her friends come over to her house they are afraid to sit down because everything is so perfect, they are not sure if it is "okay." Let me ask. When's the last time you were afraid of perfect furniture? Or is it more likely that you are afraid of the furniture owner and the freakiness she projects in case something, anything gets messed up? I think being around hoarders a long time affects everyone's mental state. I lik
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