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Who's going to tackle Wednesday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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My only real focus over the next week and a half is to pack up as much of this house as is possible and get it to storage.  I have a load in my SUV and was frustrated I couldn't get to the storage unit yesterday!

I have also lined up two locations nearby for free boxes, so I will be doing that after dropping off the load......then I will be filling at least another SUV load up and taking it over.  

I have three large boxes of stuff to donate to our local missionary location if anyone can tell me WHERE the drop off is!  I am waiting.

DH has a load to take to the Habitat and a load to take to the dump, but not sure that will be done today.  We will see.  He is trying to get more for the dump before going over there, but I just want it OUT.

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Good morning!

We had such a great Christmas yesterday. However, I have eaten way too much delicious food this past week and feel like crud. It's back to kale and blueberries for me today!

  • a little bit of office work (pay credit card bills & health insurance, get bank deposits ready)
  • get a couple Zappos returns ready
  • go to bank, post office, and UPS Store (or maybe have a kid do it)
  • make salad dressing
  • some barn chores & work with horses (excited to try out our new riding arena)
  • look at my Chewy autoship order
  • tidy up main floor
  • finish up the book I'm reading (The Good, Good Pig - I have always wanted a pet pig and this book isn't helping matters 🙂)
  • dinner: If I'm feeling ambitious, I'm going to try a new lasagna recipe - but might go with something easier like cabbage fried rice or creamy southwestern soup.
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Today is still vacation, so a leisurely pace to our day, but I do have things to do. Dh had to go to work. 

  • Get milk.
  • Get dinner items and some fruit at the grocery
  • Organize school shelves, especially mine. 
  • Filing! 
  • Read
  • Play games or do projects with kids, esp Ds. Vacation is hard on my super-extroverted, high-energy boy, when all the rest of us just want to chill, read, and be quiet by ourselves. 
  • Watch a movie tonight?

Dinner is chx fajitas. Back to low carb for me and dh! 

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Good morning! We had a very nice Christmas, very relaxing and fun. Today is the last day dd1 is home (can't believe that she has only been home for 7 days), so she has a bunch of errands and things to do. The boys are home for at least another week. Dh will be working from home most of the week, I think.

  • coffee/paper
  • unpack new mixer (sent on a warranty claim) and repack old one
  • library- if it is open
  • general pick up/clean up
  • new crochet project
  • other goofing around
  • dinner all together

Have a great day!


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Hello! Christmas was nice. I was at home on call from the hospital for the entire night so I was able to just snuggle and spend extra time with ds1 who was feeling a bit lonely. He misses me the most when I work long stretches. 

I do work tonight, but I am preceptor for a great nurse tonight as well as being charge nurse.  It should be a good night.

Since I planned on sleeping all day I really don’t have much on the to do list and I’m not going to add any either!  So today, I’m going to make an easy lunch and then relax with the kids.  I’ll try to take a nap before work as well.  Three days off in a row after this.  I’m looking forward to it!

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Morning, all!  

It was a great Christmas here, as well.  Morning coffee, donuts, presents at our house; brunch and presents with my mom; we went and saw Homes and Watson in the late afternoon.

So, back to business today:

start moving master closet items to new house

go through pots and pans, baking dishes and donate or move

lots of coffee throughout the day

quiche with leftovers for dinner

help dh pack up some essentials for the week

attempts to spend 1st night in the new house

Have a great day!




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Second bad night in a row but animals don’t care. They got me up anyway. I wasn’t feeling well yesterday but still had a wonderful Christmas partly because I gave myself permission not to push myself. But today it is back to pushing (which I have to do to keep from sliding rather quickly back into semi-invalid status.)


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Good morning/afternoon!  Christmas was nice yesterday.  We have a second Christmas at my parents house - same people as yesterday (us, my parents, my sister and her husband and 11 year old) but with the addition of my aunt and uncle.  Not exactly sure why we are doing this again... Now that Christmas is over I turn my attention to getting half the family (DH and DS17) prepared to move to Greenville, SC next week while DS14 and I stay here in FL until the house sells.  Every day a new set of conundrums pops up.  Well, they wouldn't be conundrums if DH would just do everything 100 percent my way instead of injecting reason and common sense into my ideas 🤣

-order some stuff from Nordstrom (priorities, people.  Priorities)
-argue with DH about shipping DS17's pickup to SC rather than DS17 and I having to spend 8 hours in the car driving it up there together.  Because let's face it, who among us wants to be with our 17 year old child driving on the interstate for the first time for 8 hours?
-argue with DH about just paying the $300 pet fee for their corporate housing and taking the dog with us when we are in SC next week, rather than paying $350 for the kennel for dog to stay here (and this way any time I decide to head up there with DS14 dog can come, too)

-get ready for second Christmas party that will be virtually identical to the one we had yesterday
-get the house ready to show on the off chance someone wants to visit today (I highly doubt this is going to happen but we have to be ready)

-call for hair appointment for DS17
-cancel my 1/2/19 hair appointment
-call cleaning service and ask if they can come this week
-eat like pigs again at second Christmas party

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dinner prep and tidy the kitchen
Amazon orders
put away all the gift wrap and took out another huge pile of paper recycling
folded laundry
unloaded the dishwasher
told ds "No" for the 100th time today when he asked to veg in front of a screen. He and dd are now working a puzzle. Triumph of the mean mom! :tongue:
posted my mushroom casserole on another thread here 
reserved library books
filing - SO nice to get rid of piles of paper! 
helped Ds start his new rock tumbler
moved the laundry, hung up the clean towels
culled the Bible and devotional books shelf


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We are going out of town tomorrow, so I know I should be taking down the tree, but I just don't want to do it yet!  

  • shovel snow
  • dd to doctor appt
  • snacks for trip
  • check fluid levels in car
  • dishes
  • lay on the couch and take a little rest
  • gifts to bedrooms
  • tidy up my room
  • laundry
  • bring up christmas boxes from basement
  • take down tree 😞
  • spend some time tidying the basement
  • play game with ds
  • ham leftovers for dinner
  • go on a walk around the 'hood before it gets dark
  • read
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