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  1. My son needed a new suit this week and was able to try on at JC Penny's. They only had one changing room open on the floor we were on, with half of the stalls available. While we were there, they were sanitizing between people. I was actually impressed. They seemed to be holding clothes overnight before returning them to the racks. There is a big jump between boys 16/18 and mens small. (no Junior sizing that I have ever seen) We felt like American Eagle offered smaller mens sizes, and a slimmer cut.
  2. Our schools are all online and I don’t see that changing soon. My senior just finished his first quarter and his grades look good. He has two AP classes (plus all the other stuff) and there’s no possible way he’s learning at the same level he would have been if attending AP Calc daily, but I’m okay with that - some instruction is happening and we are not drowning so I call that progress! He has each class twice a week with about 45 minutes of video instruction with each teacher on those days Some of the teachers are better at the video instruction thing than others. We mainly miss
  3. My college sophomore dd is doing hybrid online/in person and it is challenging. She is mostly at home and her classes are mostly synchronous . Her calculus and computer science classes are ones where she would have spent extra time with ta’s daily, plus study groups, plus whatever other help she could get. She has used online tutoring but it’s not the same. She is struggling, but at this point in the semester it looks like she is going to get through it. Time management is also an issue for her. Not actually going to school makes it easy to let things slide. Also, you don’t take adva
  4. Ooooo! Paul Simon!!!! Mrs. Robinson and The Boxer are some favorite guitar songs here - but maybe more acoustic?
  5. DH has been on a Dire Straits kick (for the entire Covid-at-home experience) - Sultan's of Swing has some fun guitar stuff. Money for Nothing is another sweet recognizable (and repeating) electric guitar part(s). I prefer AC/DC but dh is not into it. He's also a Joe Satriani Fan - I only recognize the Top Gun theme song. As a suzuki violin teacher, after hearing daily concerts and practice sessions for the last 6 months, I'm pretty sure I could almost pick up the guitar and play Sultan's of Swing... eta video link: Sultans of Swing
  6. Your flour glue comment reminded me of my bedroom as a child. My mom used a flour/water glue to stick up a fabric boarder around the top of my bedroom. (remember when every room had a boarder around the top? or was that just our house?) It was the same fabric that she used to tie quilts for our beds - a bright yellow with sunflowers. We lived in that house for about 18 years and I believe we left the boarder up when we moved. I'm actually quite impressed with the flour-glued boarder, but I've never tried flour glue for arts and crafts myself.
  7. Everyone has such good ideas. I can only think of one thing to add... We have a big shower surrounded with big clear glass. I bought a large squeegee and I squeegee the shower every morning. It takes just a few swipes and the glass stays clean - no water spots! In a previous house we had glass sliding shower doors and I would clean them weekly with dryer sheets. That worked to get rid of the water spots, but it took a lot of time and still required window cleaner to get the dry sheet smears off, and a whole lot of elbow grease. Now, I just clean the rest of the shower because the gla
  8. In our weirdly shaped living room, we have a rug/couches defining the living room, then an office area to one side with a small desk, bookshelves, cupboard, etc, plus a big comfy chair. I’m not a great decorator, but I feel like it goes okay and it’s very functional for our family right now.
  9. I took a cooking for kids class one summer through parks and rec. when I was six or seven. We made mini pizzas with canned pillsbury biscuits (the small biscuits.) You stretch out the biscuit into a flat circle, top with a spoonful of canned spaghetti sauce, a sprinkle of mozzarella and a slice or two of pepperoni. Then bake. I was so proud of myself for cooking “homemade” pizza. I made it a few times with my kids, it’s not terrible! We also made cake mix cookies. I have fond memories of the strawberry flavored cake mix cookies with chocolate chips. If eating graham crac
  10. I haven't lived in a place where gated communities were so common before this. Our community has a main entrance with an actual person and two side gates that just neighborhood members can enter. The side gates don't have pass codes, they work with a little sticker on your car and have both large metal gates and "sally arms" or the orange and white arms that go up and down. The arms are supposed to keep people from sneaking in behind, but they are broken all the time, and are a major expense for our HOA. If we knew more when we moved here, I would have chosen to live in one of the othe
  11. I live in a gated community. I believe emergency vehicles have to drive the long way around to the main entrance and cannot come through any of the smaller side gates. Which would about about 7 minutes to any calls. I actually hadn't thought about it before. Our closest side gate is often broken and I have felt frustration that I always have to go around the long way, but life and death is a completely different matter.
  12. I came in to mention that Nioxin has worked for me, too, but it took some time. I ordered from Amazon. I haven't heard of Zenagen but I am now going to try it!
  13. We made hundreds of crepes for one of our daughters’ weddings. We used two different crepe pans. I have made crepes on a skillet on the stove top and it works fine, but these two pans were fun to use. A friend runs a little crepe stand at farmers markets and she uses three or four electric crepe pans like this: Crepe pan they use the pusher tool to spread the batter evenly on the pan, then turn the crepe over with the long wooden spatula. This worked well and could be used for other things like any electric griddle. (I can’t recommend these particular pans, they are the first ones
  14. Too many! 12 different big moves to different states and 4 smaller college or cross-town moves. I think we will move again next summer. I moved just one time in my childhood but my husband is in the military and our kids have moved too many times...
  15. My ds is 17. He has a desk in his room and has his gaming things set up on the desk. He does most of his school work at the dining table, but does homework occasionally at his desk. He's our last kid at home and is our only kid who has regularly used a desk. (He hasn't homeschooled since mid elementary, but is doing remote school for his senior year)
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