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  1. Christmas Day in the Morning by Pearl S. Buck - my favorite! There's an old 70's short movie of it, but the book is even better. Santa Mouse is the Christmas eve book my husband grew up with. It is a sweet story, and we leave out a cube of cheese for Santa Mouse along with cookies for Santa. Stubby Pringles Christmas is my mom and dad's favorite. My parents would stay up late wrapping gifts on Christmas Eve, and one year sometime in the 80's, this movie with Beau Bridges came on the TV about a cowboy who wanted to go to a Christmas Eve dance and his adventure along the way. My parents loved it and talked about it for years. My mom didn't know the name of the movie but remembered it, and was able to find the movie through the miracle of the internet several years ago. Last year I happened to find out that it was actually a book. My dad was delighted to get the book last year for Christmas!!
  2. not too long at all. You could do meal planning regularly and link to different recipes that you have previously posted! My favorite is the planned leftover where I may cook extra and use it in another meal that week.
  3. Your blog looks great! I know my young college kids needed just that kind of basic directions. My daughter once called for directions for mashed potatoes (with real potatoes.) Then told me that she made the same thing (chicken in the instant-pot and homemade mashed potatoes) three times that week - she was so excited to be able to fix a "real" meal.
  4. How far is Angel Fire, New Mexico? We have friends with a cabin there - they snowboard, etc. It's beautiful in the snow!! It looks like it's 12 hours from you. Hopefully there's something closer!!
  5. I heard back from my neighbor - he told me that they use a hitting net called the BowNet Big Mouth X. They set it up in front of the one car garage door (we have garages with a two car garage/one car garage split) and it basically covers the opening. And they hit off of a T - he said they just use a basic adjustable height T from Walmart. That's it. Super simple. It is probably not what you are looking for, but maybe it will be helpful for someone! They are big (adult sized) kids and seem to hit hard, but the balls don't fly all over the neighborhood, so I think it's pretty affective!
  6. I texted my neighbor and she is asking her son. I'll check back when I hear more!
  7. We have neighbors who have some kind of temporary batting cage in their garage. The boys are like 13 and 16 years old (so it's not a toy.) They have a net that they put across the front of the garage, but I'm not sure exactly the ball set up. I don't think they have a pitching machine, but it is possible, I guess. They could have a ball on a string kind of thing but I don't know. They use metal bats and a real ball (not whiffle) and it makes a good "nice-hit" ding when they are out. Let me know if you want more info, I can ask my neighbor what they use.
  8. No advice but just sympathy. I spent too much time with someone I love over the spring/summer - not living in the same house, but several times we spent one to three weeks together. I love her and enjoy being around her, but there was a point when I felt like I couldn't be in the same room with her. I'm sure my behavior was not great, but it's so hard to tell what is normal when you are trying really hard not to go crazy inside PLUS trying to keep within normal bounds of politeness to the very person that is making you crazy. We are both sort of quiet/nice people who have a hard time talking about difficult things - perfect... eta - not bratty at all. You need occasional space in your home and life without your sister.
  9. Thursday! ✅ tidy up ✅ kitchen clean up bedroom tidy ✅ violin lesson ✅ make sure ds gets his laundry going ✅ homework ✅ milk/granola/bread ✅ think about dinner?? I felt like I didn't get much done today, but I was able to finish a study/paper and do some basic housework!
  10. So exciting! He's lucky to have you!! I hope it is a smooth transition!
  11. I'm taking several online classes and they tend to have things due Wednesday and Saturdays. So I have several things to finish up for today! And somehow I was not on the ball Monday and Tuesday so I have more to do today than usual... ✅ Math videos ✅ Study/quiz/test ✅ Discussion ✅ Paper(s) ✅ Post office Tidy up ✅ Fold clothes ✅ Tikka Masala for dinner self pedi water x x x ✅ skate around the block with ds
  12. Last year about this time I listened to a This American Life story about Human Growth Hormone - it was an interesting listen, there are 3 stories and I feel like it was the last of the three - Small Things Considered. I am not quite 5'2" and my youngest daughter is just over 5' tall. She is an adult and doesn't seem too small - she looks like a real adult. She had a very best friend in elementary/middle school who was 6 feet tall by about 5th grade and they didn't look strange together. She learned how to drive in her dad's full size '99 Chevy Truck! I don't feel like her height holds her back. It was an asset as a cheerleader, but she also played basketball for a few years and was an excellent volleyball player (the libero) playing varsity as a freshman. My suburban had adjustable foot pedals which I loved. My current jeep does not, and though it is a smaller vehicle, it is a little tricky for my feet to reach - I have to sit much closer to the wheel than I would prefer. I also drove an adorable convertible Mazda Miata for a couple of years -that was fun, but my husband at 5'11" drove it, too and he enjoyed it. As a short person, I don't feel short. I actually feel like I am the same height as anyone! haha!! But I do jump up on the shelves at the grocery story and climb on the counter at home. I love when I can talk my son into grocery shopping with me - it seems like an amazing feat to be able to reach items on the top shelf with feet flat on the floor!
  13. Tuesday! So much to do and I'm avoiding it by making lists 😃 I hope it's okay to just join in with these posts. I have in the past but it's been a while. We had covid here at my home and though we have been released from quarantine since friday and free of symptoms for more than a week, I have barely left the house. I have some errands today and will be careful to mask/sanitize for others, but it feels a little weird (as my daughter said - release the kraken!) My husband was back to work immediately after he was cleared but it has been nice to not have to get back out too quickly. tidy up my room fold clothes ✅ lunch for ds math homework other school stuff ✅ groceries post office water x x x stick to my food plan tomato soup for dinner
  14. Totally on a different line, but what about a little necklace? I love these little disks and they are about the same price as a basic pedi! https://www.madebymary.com/collections/necklaces/products/evie-charm-stacker# My daughter is finishing yoga instructor training this weekend, and I just ordered this cutie for her: https://www.madebymary.com/collections/pause/products/inhale-exhale-disc-necklace-5-8 It's a little more than the first link, so more like a mani pedi! haha!
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