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  1. I'm not sure what she needs for learning about finances - budgeting? investing? paying bills? retirement? - but I have enjoyed watching and reading everything on YNAB's website. I've been using their budgeting software for years and still feel like I learn from their videos and articles. You Need a Budget (YNAB) links:
  2. Great idea! Just shared it with her - thanks!!
  3. She's working on a cute one now with a couple sitting on a couch holding a dog and a cat! Super cute!!
  4. I posted a link to this cute blog above - she has lots of great craft fair advice - I keep clicking on her links and finding more ideas! Your daughter should read through her do's and don'ts! My daughter recently started an etsy shop or her art/craft. It has been open for about 6 weeks and I'm totally surprised and delighted for her success. She keeps getting sales. Just a minute ago, while we were eating dinner we heard the little "ding" of a sale. So exciting! I think she needs to actually raise her prices... She has advertised on her social media, and then her customers have shared their purchases and her info has spread to people she doesn't know. Anyway, your daughter could start with a little etsy shop as she preps for her show. The set up was fairly easy for my dd and she has had fun with selling her items. It might be a fun way to get things going for her show, and sell items that are "left over" afterward.
  5. My mom used to sell at craft fairs when I was a girl and I have helped at them in the past, but it's been a long time. I also enjoy going to them. Last winter I went to a small craft fair and a woman was selling knit items. I bought a stack of mini wash cloths - they were the perfect size - maybe 6" square. I gave them as a gift along with some pretty goat-milk soap. I love cute yarn washcloths. What does she like to make? hats? blankets - small stroller blankets are a thing now, right? Does she crochet little snow flakes? I would love a set of those... A colorful tablecloth is nice, maybe a sign or banner pinned to the front of the table with her business name. Something to get things up off the table will help catch the eye of shoppers - maybe a hat stand thing like this - hat stand. Ooooo! Look at this cute booth - she doesn't have a billion things, and it looks bright and fun (and not like a little old lady booth!) She can take some yarn and have something to keep her hands busy when it's slow. I think she will have fun! I'm a little jealous - there's something awesome about working a booth at a craft fair!
  6. When we lived in Hawaii it was common to see folding foam mattresses. Used for lounging while watching tv and for sleeping. We had one that was soooo comfortable - it was maybe 3 inches thick, the length of a regular twin mattress, but about 3/4 of the width of a twin. It folded into thirds and had a nice cover that could be removed for cleaning. We used a regular twin sheet on it when camping and it could fold up with the sheet and a thin blanket. It could sit nicely against the wall or in a corner, or could even become a low seat when folded. Something similar to this: folding mattress. Anyway, they were super common in HI and could be purchased nearly everywhere. If I had space, I'd have a couple here for when our college kids come home because I think they are more comfortable than an air mattress... I know this thread changed to talking about the window, but if you are still looking for a way to have a low bed that folds away, look into one of these! My daughter once took over a small mud room as her bedroom - moving out all the odds and ends and painting the walls yellow - so she could have a little room to breath away from her younger brother and older (grouchy) sisters. She did use a twin bed in there, but set it up kind of like a couch... it was tiny and without a closet, but it was hers and she loved it!! I hope your son can create his own little nest!!
  7. I listened to a "this american life" episode that talks about the worry of being too short or growing late, you might like the section that talks about parents asking for HGH. I am short, one of my daughters is barely over 5 feet tall. When our son started his freshman year he was the smallest kid by far on his high school soccer team, even the 8th graders who played up were taller than him. He was shorter than his "big sister" mentioned above. With a short mom and short sisters I really worried that he would be very short - which didn't worry me for his sisters but did cause me some occasional anxiety for him. He didn't seem to mind, though, and I never wanted him to think that I thought there was something wrong with him. By his sophomore year he was still small but there was one smaller boy on the soccer team which was a relief. He started to grow that year at 15 years old, and was several inches taller than his sister by the end of the school year. He is now getting ready to start his senior year and is nearly his dad's height at 5'11" and seems to still be growing. Honestly, by the time he was 5'5" I felt better... He has friends both taller and shorter than him - normal is such a large range!!
  8. I have a tall fan - it's like a tower instead of a round ball - something like this - that makes a loud hum. I use it at night to drown out the sound of my husband's cpap/loud breathing. It has made a huge difference for me - it is just loud enough if I have it placed near my elbow and aimed away from me - I don't want the wind on my skin. If I place it further down near my feet, it is not loud enough. I used it all winter. I don't think it would work for daytime irritation of the music in your home, but it might drown it out enough in your bed. I like a quiet house and don't even like background music of my own choosing on when I'm home alone - that must be so irritating all day every day. At a previous job, I shared an office with a coworker who played constant music and I would wear my own earphones and listen to classical music to drown out his playlist. Perhaps a wireless set of noise cancelling headphones might help?
  9. heartening? - it was heartening to hear that everything was okay when i thought things were really bad? opportune? - like where you are happy to have an excuse to leave something you don't want to be at - an opportune phone call that got me out of a meeting? Unforeseen? unexpected? unanticipated? bittersweet? none of these are quite right... I liked this link:
  10. You could frost half with the coconut and half with a chocolate buttercream? This is a problem in our family - all of my kids like the coconut/pecan frosting, but the new inlaws don't seem to love it as much. Recently I made cupcakes so we could do some with coconut/pecan and others with chocolate.
  11. My mom uses the recipe that is printed on the box of Bakers Chocolate One comment I read (on maybe a different website with the same recipe) is that the recipe is no longer printed on the box? It makes a light chocolate cake. I love the frosting - please don't buy german chocolate cake frosting in a can - it is terrible! The real stuff is so so good!! The frosting recipe is included in the link above. I usually just use a box mix for german chocolate cake. but then make the frosting from scratch. For us, it's all about the frosting (did I already say that?) It takes time - about 15 minutes standing in front of the stove - but it is worth it!
  12. We are planning to a trip to the Grand Canyon at some point this fall. I have found a few "plan your trip" pins on pinterest, like this: They have some ideas for shorter hikes, places to stop for a photo, and where to see the sun light up the canyon at sunrise or sunset. I haven't tried any of the suggestions, but I pinned a few ideas (almost the same thing, right?)
  13. I'm not sure you should make a mental note of who likes or doesn't like your facebook post. As I scroll my feed, I read things that are moving and heartbreaking and I am frozen. I am not sure if a "like" is appropriate if the story is sad, or if "sad" is not enough. Or maybe I should always say "angry", which is how I feel, but then perhaps just liking or showing anger is not enough, either, or worse it is patronizing or wallowing in my white guilt. Everything feels fraught with extra meaning and frustration and confusion and more. Some I saw today: a young man's tik tok feed of rules from his mother about shopping - never put your hands in your pockets, always leave with a bag and receipt, even if it's just a pack of gum. It is heartbreaking that going into a convenience store requires preplanning and rules. I didn't know if I should like the post, because I did like reading it and was enlightened by reading it. Or if I should say "sad" because it really is sad to me that he (and his mother) live in this fear every day. Or if I should say "angry" because I am angry that this is where we are today - I am angry and I need to do something. or the article about the bird watcher who has had the police called on him so many times that he made "wanted" signs telling about himself and what he is doing (watching birds, in particular a hawk). I wanted to click "sad" because I am sad that what should be the safest and most wholesome naturalist activity is actually dangerous to this man. And then I felt angry for him. I can see that I am being ridiculous, but I don't think I'm alone in not knowing what to do. I don't know what to do in a larger sense of - what changes can I make in my home and community or country. And in the smaller arena of the facebook post. I don't want to be someone who does nothing, but I am currently frozen.
  14. Long board for ds16 New computer so we could both do school work at the same time Paint by numbers (which took like 6 weeks to come...) 2 outdoor chairs - made it so nice to sit on our back porch before the weather got too hot!
  15. We do not live near a beach, but I love love love the beach. As adults, we have lived nearish the beach in Hawaii and Florida, plus I grew up going to Santa Cruz beach occasionally as a child. My dh is not a huge beach fan. We went to a southern CA beach last fall for a long weekend. We brought a cooler of sandwich things and snacks. We brought a half tent kind of shade thing and low beach chairs. We brought boogie boards and a shovel and spike ball. Others in our group brought wake boards and volleyball. I brought a paperback book. I have only had the cheap kindle and I can't read it in the bright sun - there must be a different version that works at the beach? Dh brought his ukulele. I like a sheet at the beach and large but thin beach towels. Big cozy beach towels seem to hold too much sand and take too long to dry off. We stayed on the beach from just after breakfast until nearly dinner each day. We waded, swam, boogie boarded, body surfed, floated and learned how to wake board. We looked for seashells and sea glass. We walked a long way along the edge of the water. The teens dug a huge hole in the sand. We played spike ball, volleyball and something like bowling with wooden blocks. We chatted. Sunblock and sun shirts and hats are a must. I like to try to catch a sunset or sunrise depending on the ocean. At night, we had a shrimp boil or bbq. We found amazing donuts and ice cream nearby to buy. We bought t-shirts. I lost my sunglasses and bought new ones. We camped and it wasn't ideal, but it was fun. If I lived nearby and could go to the beach every day for about 2-3 hours that would be perfect to me. When we lived about 20 minutes from the north shore in Hawaii we went 3-4 times a week during the summer to different beaches for just a few hours each time, we rarely stayed all day. Sometimes for a sunset, sometimes to try surfing, sometimes for watching waves, sometimes for snorkeling. Shave ice at every opportunity! My favorite is floating on my back when the waves are mild, or body surfing if the waves are just right.
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