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  1. We watched a little of Kim's Convenience (Netflix) today and we are now watching an older season of the Amazing Race! (Amazon)
  2. Our Income hasn’t changed, and our spending is down in most areas, but up in grocery costs. We are not eating out, so that’s way down. Groceries were way up two weeks ago, but now things are back to a new higher normal for now with college kids home. Ds16 is enrolled in public school and has barely left the house over the last two weeks. He’s not driving, so our fuel costs are down. He also had some expensive school activities coming up (sports package for track, fundraiser for track, new track shoes, prom, Disney trip for orchestra, etc) that are likely not happening, so his expenses are down, along with his spending money. He’s been a really good sport. I’m not “homeschooling” him, but I’m impressed by the way he is taking initiative to check on his assignments and is keeping up with everything. I pay for his violin lessons by semester, so no change there. he’s meeting with his teacher weekly via FaceTime. The main purpose of lessons for him at this point is to ensure he practices, and that is still working, so even if FaceTime lessons are not ideal, I’m still glad it’s helping him continue to work on various goals. I won’t have to pay April’s college dorm fees for dd18, but I may still have to pay for the meal plan as they are not offering a refund, just rolling it into next year’s meal plan. I should get a refund for part of march’s dorm fees. Any of that savings will roll over to help pay for the fall semester. Dd18 was set to work at a summer camp all summer and earn most of a semesters tuition, but it sounds like that’s up in the air at this point. We won’t be hosting a grad/commissioning ceremony for dd22 - not sure if we will do something later, on a smaller scale. I cancelled a fancy cookie order for the party but will order from her again in the future. I ordered a couple of paint by numbers sets, but even with that, my online purchasing is way down. I’m still “window shopping” though. Thinking about picking up a Nintendo switch... just for fun.
  3. I love sewing little purses. There are so many different styles, and you can learn lots of sewing technique like zippers and linings and pockets and piping without wasting bunches of fabric! I mostly find ideas on Pinterest and just print the patterns. I really enjoy watching sewing tutorials as well!
  4. I went to costco today (at about 1:30pm) and they had both water and toilet paper. I didn't buy either, as we are doing fine in those areas, but I did need to buy more food. My college kids are coming home this week and that means we need way more food. Plus my fridge is dead (waiting on a part - hopefully coming this week) and having just a dorm fridge to fill is not helping. I really wanted to buy eggs, but I just don't have room for them. So I bought snacky things and freezer things and flour and I felt better. I don't believe the supply chain will break down, but there's something about being in a crowd of shoppers that makes me feel the need to buy more almonds and granola bars! On the base facebook page today the commissary announced early hours to help the young Airmen living in the dorms, many of which are away from home for the first time and are having serious trouble finding the food items they need - most don't have cars and can only buy what they can carry home, and everyone is buying out the store all day. So when they are able to shop after work in the evening, they are out of luck on many items. Those early hours before the store is open to the public should help them buy some essentials. But as soon as I read that post, I saw another post on the spouse page saying "if you want to restock be sure to arrive at that early time for your best chance of buying everything" totally defeating the purpose of the early hours to help those in need.
  5. Our schools haven't closed. but I think they will next week. Ds16, a high school junior, will spend too much time online. I will make sure he practices his violin and does his homework. I don't see that being a problem as he's a good student. He drives, plus we live in suburbia where all of his friend group from school is very close, so I'm sure they will get together to play boardgames or dungeons and dragons, or go skateboarding, or basketball, etc. Unless someone in our house starts to feel sick, I will encourage him to get together with friends. He takes violin lessons from an elderly teacher. We just received an email from the music school and they are going to video conference lessons immediately, no other options. That is fine with me and feels like a safe option. dd18, will be home next week, too with her college closing. She didn't go to high school here (she graduated last summer and then we moved a few weeks before she headed to college), and knows no one, so she will be stuck with me. If she's interested, I'll let a few friends know that she is available to babysit. She is working toward becoming a lifeguard, so hopefully our nearest pool will stay open. I work part time, but our kids are older. Many of my clients are two parent working families or single moms in the hospitality industry. Schools closing along with the lack of tourists in our area could be devastating to so many people who are on the edge. I will still grocery shop. And eat at restaurants. Our refrigerator died this week and we are waiting for a part before the repair guy can hopefully fix it. The dorm fridge I am borrowing from a neighbor can only do so much, which means I need to shop nearly daily and/or eat out. My closest grocery store has plenty of produce and I have a well stocked pantry and freezer of meat. I'm assuming eggs and milk will continue to be replenished. Our older dd and her husband may drive dd18 home next weekend, and we may go to the Grand Canyon for a couple of days. National Parks are still open, right? We will take in the views and stay out of the visitors center. We don't seem to be in a hot spot (yet) and will follow recommendations as they change.
  6. What about something like the Light Phone It looks pretty. Has a simple screen. It basically just calls or texts.
  7. AND they've now cancelled classes starting tomorrow and are moving to online only for the rest of the semester. It won't have a huge affect (other than than no more in-person college classes!?!) on the dd in the quote above as she and her husband live in an apartment off campus, but my younger daughter is a freshman in the dorms, and they are being encouraged to go home. She could stay at her grandparents' house nearby, or come home, or even stay in her dorm for a time. She's not sure what to do.... And we will have to arrange moving her out, etc. Lots to get figured out in a short time. Luckily we are just a 6 hour drive away and my parents live near our college kids if they need more help. Crazy times!!
  8. My daughter’s school has announced that they will not hold graduation ceremonies. I get why, but I’m terribly sad. She and her husband are both graduating and commissioning into the Air Force this spring. I know we can celebrate as a family, but I want the big graduation. I did not graduate from college and this feels like a really big deal to me (for her).
  9. I so glad you were able to do the next step. I'm the same way with procrastination. The writing I have done is grant writing, so there are very specific/clear deadlines, thank goodness. But you can believe that I was working right up to the very last second to finish (while the week before I was organizing my desk, arranging therapy dogs to visit, planning an office party, redoing letterhead, and basically anything else that seemed "important" so I could avoid whatever the next step was for writing.) I just heard in a book that I was listening to that Maya Angelo would go to a very boring sad hotel room to do her daily writing. No distractions. Stay away from house projects!! And puppies! I hope you can find a quiet boring corner to do the next step...
  10. I don't know anything about GSDs, but my daughter and her husband have the absolute cutest chocolate lab puppy. She is the sweetest thing and is so smart! And her eyes just melt you. Aaaahhhh! Puppies! Whatever you go with, please post photos!
  11. Our house had what I'm pretty sure was the flu about a month ago, at the end of January, though we didn't go to the doctor. It hit my husband first, then me, then my son. It was fever, body aches, headache, and congestion. Just basically feeling terrible - run over by a truck-ish - no real runny nose or cough to start. It lasted about a week with some "I think I feel better" to "I do not feel better at all" like a wave kind of thing for the next week, along with coughing. The coughing lingered for another couple weeks. Just this week, I think we are finally over the rest of the coughing. It was rough. I was still taking an occasional muscinex early this week. It went through my husband's office with nearly everyone catching it. A few people at church and friends from school were sick at the same time as well.
  12. A folding foam mattress is so much more comfortable to me. Thick air mattress or thin self inflating - neither compares to the foam fold out. When we lived in Hawaii everyone had folding mattresses around - great for young overnight guests or family tv time. But it takes up so much more room in the back of your car than an air mattress when packing for a trip.
  13. I have zero experience but it is something we have been talking about with the stock market dip. We have a little money we could play with.... What advice would you give a total beginner? A website to start with? A broker? I don't even know the right terms...
  14. I have a friend who's daughter and husband, a young couple, has been really wounded by p*rn. They are a religious couple and married young. He had struggled with p*rn when he was younger, but thought he had overcome it. Unfortunately, when stressful moments happened after they married, he began to turn back to his bad habit. It broke her heart and it was so humiliating to her. She felt like while she was trying to learn about how everything works, he was comparing her to the images/sounds/videos he watched. He has felt powerless to his addiction. They have worked with counselors and sometimes things are good but they are struggling. It may not be an affair, but it is betrayal in it's own way. P*rn is in your phone in your pocket at all times, it is hard to escape the pull. When I read stories about older couples struggling, it can seem like not such a big deal, but when I think of these young kids with so much hope for the future, but burned by p*rn, it seems like such a huge terrible life altering thing.
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