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  1. January! But they say when you marry in June you will always be a bride... How do I link to the wedding month song from Seven Brides for Seven Brothers?
  2. A nice insulated mug and Starbucks gift card, with maybe some chocolates. A book of history/botany/birds about their area. A basket of special things from your area (locally made chocolates, other snacks, ornament, small art representing your town) Succulents seem popular with my college kids this year. Fun socks!
  3. A hug from my big lanky son - he's such an awkward hugger - it makes me smile! Being outdoors. Going out to dinner Giving the perfect gift.
  4. Giving myself enough time to finish a project well. I'm a great procrastinator and can get a lot done at the last minute, but because I left it to the last minute, it's not my best...
  5. You look amazing! You can do it! What can I do to help?
  6. Tuesday!! Laundry is going Dishwasher is running I hung up a few last little decorations Next up: ✅Drop off pears to friends before they go bad! ✅Return item to Costco ✅Re-buy in the right size ✅Go to Target for a few things Pick up plastic knives for son for potluck tonight ✅Do some school work Take a nap - slept terrible last night Service project this afternoon Orchestra Concert Not sure what dinner will be or how to fit it in...
  7. Well, I'm terrible at this and give myself excuses to eat all the things I shouldn't when around family because I don't want to hurt feelings - I know that's wrong but it is tricky for me. My current goal for December is to not gain weight. This is tricky, because a day or two of eating treats and my weight can be up 5 pounds immediately! (and it doesn't come off easily for me...) It helped me over Thanksgiving with my family (for over a week!!) to decide that I could have treats, but I needed to wait until after dinner. That limited my day-long snacking. I also tried to stick to my usual plan for breakfast and lunch. I had less control at dinner and didn't generally make great choices, but it was limited to that one meal, and then a treat after (not a free for all treat feast). I think you are going to have to take your favorite foods to eat at your in laws. It may help if you let them know a little bit about your challenges, even if you don't want to disclose your full problems/surgeries. I find it easier to eat out than at home as choices are limited and I can choose something for myself that others wouldn't choose, but I can see that not eating salads/veg/fruit would make eating out really hard. I'm sorry!! Anyway - I didn't have a perfect Thanksgiving, but limiting some things to dinner and after dinner really did help me feel more in control and helped me not go totally off plan for the week with family. I'm hoping I can do the same over Christmas, but I find cookies to be terribly tempting and everywhere!!
  8. I’d like to learn more about psychology. Or coding. Or both...
  9. Can you donate in their name? Chickens or clean water? My parents are donating a pig in my kids' names: through Christmas Giving Machines If you do a pig or a chicken, then you could give a little ornament for their tree with a note about their donation. I send fruit from The Fruit Company to my in laws every year. We know the growers from Hood River, Oregon and love to support local farmers. And my in laws have everything...
  10. We do a very simple and yummy potato soup in bread bowls. We used to do clam chowder but dh developed a shellfish allergy. Dh is our sourdough bread baker, so he makes large rolls that we can cut and serve the soup in. Sort of humble and simple and special to us.
  11. My mom sends a little Christmas craft each year. Here’s what she sent last year: tea light snowman ornament She sent parts for a few different varieties. They turned out cute! My teens enjoyed making them and my sister’s much younger kids also enjoyed making them. We like the candy cane reindeer! Easy, cute, fun to make to give away. We made these candy bar wrappers with a group of youth at church last year. Also easy, cute, and fun to give away. I hope those links work - on my phone...
  12. I like it when it is by grade. My son is young for his grade (late august birthday) and some places we have lived he was able to play with his grade and other places it was by age. When he played by age he was the very oldest and sometimes didn't have the opportunity to stretch his skill. Which became an issue when he was in middle school - he was playing on the younger teams while his classmates were playing on the older teams and were more prepared to play in high school, where, guess what? soccer generally by grade and you are often playing older players! We chose not to do travel teams, so we really wanted those rec leagues to build his skill and not just be for fun. We move a lot and have seen both options. My favorite is when there's a choice - by grade or by age.
  13. People chewing food. I think I have the disorder.... When it's just my son and I at home, I have to put a tv show on to be able to sit at the table with him. I'm a horrible person. It really does help when there is other noise. People who don't rinse dirty dishes like a cup of milk or mug of cocoa or cereal. So rude. I don't want to be more tolerant, I feel it is a teaching moment...
  14. I don't have a solution, but I wanted you to know that I've been there with you. Things I have tried that may not actually be helpful but have worked at one time of another for me: talking to a counselor to find specific words and phrases to say to express my feelings to a very very difficult person. (actually helpful dealing with the worst coworker of all time, but not so helpful at home) High intensity work out - just after the pie incident I began working out in a boxing gym 4x a week - totally out of character for me but it was so helpful at that time. Deciding to let something go - I have put my own weight-loss goals on hold more than once during times of intense stress as food is a coping mechanism and I needed something to soothe me. Not the healthiest choice, but better than many other unhealthy coping mechanisms. Reading about PTSD and gaining an understanding of some of those issues. For others, but also for myself. Loud angry music in my earphones during a walk/run. Also good classical music. Depending. A friend to talk to about the non-stressful things.
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