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Apparently I don't like candied ginger


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Bought some from TJ's today. Figured -- why not?!  I like ginger; I like candy. Right?

My initial thoughts: oh my word, what fresh h*ll is this!?! My mouth feels/smells/tastes like I've been chugging Mr. Clean.

Both my kids tried it, with similar responses. (Much scraping of the tongue over the trash can.)

So...can I use it elsewhere? Baked items or in tea or something? I don't think we can eat it plain...or does one start small and build a tolerance?

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With my first birth the midwives said to bring lots of dried fruit. Candied ginger was in the dried fruit section of the grocery store, so I got some of that (in addition to regular dried fruit), and loved it and devoured it in the way that only pregnant/postpartum women can.

Nowadays I'm pretty sure I'd hate it. I'm not a big sugar person in the first place, but to take something as yummy as ginger and turn it into that....ugh.

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7 hours ago, DawnM said:

 I use it in cranberry bars around Christmas time.  https://belleofthekitchen.com/2015/12/11/cranberry-bliss-bars-starbucks-copycat-recipe/

Instead of the ginger powder, I use the candied ginger cut up into very thin slices.


Same. My recipe is a little different, published long ago by the Oregonian newspaper, which claims to be the first to come up with the copycat. Who knows. It does call for crystallized ginger.


We call them "cranberry you idiot bars" because shortly before I came across the recipe, my husband was in Starbucks and ordered a "cranberry bar." The counter person said "you mean a cranberry bliss bar?" with the silent "you idiot" clearly implied.  

So I was delighted that we never had to buy one of these delicious treats from them again.  :-)

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