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Who's going to tackle Thursday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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A very winters day, gale force winds with gusts over 90 km, showers and hail


2 loads of laundry washed and hung out -did not dry


Dropped twins off to preschool


Planted a large patch of lettuce in the greenhouse


Planted a flat of green shallot seeds and a flat of spring onion seeds


Vacuum my bedroom


Schoolwork with ds13 all afternoon


Do some cooking withds13


Make pasties for tea


Still to do


Clean bathroom

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Good morning!

NOT going to the pool today! Staying out of the heat and hopefully accomplishing things.

morning school
make zucchini bread
make pickles
make dinner (early)
AHG stuff
budget/pay bills


quick trip to grocery for more dill

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Good morning! It is going to be another day of upper 90s here. The house is not cooling off very well at night, so no one slept well. Today is the last day of swimming before the State meet tomorrow. After State, only dd2 will be swimming, so that will make things easier. She is on a countdown for the final championship meet that starts August 1. I cannot wait for the season to be over!


To do:

ds3 to practice this morning

home/pick up dh/ passport appointment

daily chores

get ready for meet tomorrow

relax a little


Have a great day!

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Good morning!



-get son to camp



-workout (1 hour recumbent bike)


-work with oldest on summer work

-take oldest to dermatologist


-email to WTMA re:  live/taped class

-post office with test results to county - can't do  (printer not working, IT support (husband) out of town)

-pick up youngest from camp



-oldest's baseball game tonight - Cancelled for rain

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Good morning!


Our power conked out during a severe storm last night and has been out for about 14 hours. Our generator is running most of the house, but it's not powerful enough to run the AC (sob!). Of course this had to happen during the worst heatwave of the summer and the power company won't give us any estimate of when it will be fixed.  :glare: So I have to go poke around the basement and try to unearth some fans and maybe run to town to buy a window AC.


Also, when we turned the generator on last night, it didn't power our well as it was supposed to, so we had no water all night. That meant our horses' automatic waterer wouldn't fill up, so we had to go out and dodge lightning bolts as we hauled water up from one of the pastures for them. Thankfully, our wonderful electrician came over at 6 am and got the well hooked up, so now the horses have plenty of water and we can flush toilets again - hurray!



•oldest ds has physics final

•clean main floor (it has looked like a disaster area for days)


•work on house training with puppies (they are learning to ring a bell hanging from the doorknob when they have to go)

•dinner: ??? no clue, maybe fajitas 

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Melissa - Ahh..."Winter".  That sounds so nice!!  Strong winds are scary for sure but I'd take a good thunderstorm right about now!

Selkie - :grouphug:  I do hope your power is back on soon!!!!

Another hot day here as well.  Have I mentioned yet that I do. not. like. summer??? 

Clean bedroom

Make salsa

Freeze tomatoes

Purchase curriculum (I think I'm ready...)
Dd art class


Ds piano



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Working at the office again today.

Lots of deadline work.

Some personal stuff - make a car appointment etc.

Meet city law department over an easement they want to force us to give them.  (They want to cut out part of our driveway, where I park, grr.)

Kids need to go to bed early tonight, because I am sick of them stressing me out in the morning.

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Morning, all!


Moving slow today.  


To do:


finish school supply shopping

finish organizing and planning dd's curriculum into folders, etc.

chicken in crock pot

vacuum and mop downstairs

if I have the energy, rearrange dining room/living room

aqua class/or treadmill

shop for new carpet


Have a great day, all!  

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Lawn work


Doc apt


Booking some more vacations.  Whooo.  Or as I am going to call them field trips

I am putting a focus on this for the year.   



Swim team and lesson


I need to finalize my school orders for the year. 

I really need to decide on it for one kid. 



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Chiropractor isn't there today!  Yay!  I get to cross something off my list without even taking the time to do it! 


meal planned

grocery shopped

am mid cooking but am going to have to turn everything off for a while to go get ds from work.  I will be so glad when he's doing all his own driving. . .

got CT scan and another procedure all scheduled. 

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