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May I post a small brag about my dd


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I have posted about her social anxiety issues in the past.  She wanted to try out for the school play and she did, she got a part.  The teacher putting the play together saw my dd potential and gave her a good size part.  DD was so excited when she came home.  Now we had out ups and downs over the weeks and last Monday was the worst of her anxiety as she had play rehearsal M-W with performance on TH.    I volunteered to assist with costumes and when dd  walked in  cafeteria for dress rehearsal she looked so confident, so calm considering that morning she was a mess.  She even had to talk to the director about some costume issues she wanted to change.    Well Thursday night went perfect she was amazing.  She delivered her lines perfectly and the audience responded.  I had tears in my eyes.   I had a friend approach me in amazement that that was my very shy dd up on stage and my phone went off with texts from a couple of friends who were there and know a little about her anxieties we were all so proud of her.       She had a little problem with people she didn't know approaching her to tell her she did great but we had talked about responding with a simple "thank you" is all that was needed.    I  know we will have our ups and downs as we work through teen years and middle school my hope is she remembers what she is capable of and holds on to even a small part of this experience. 

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I agree theater can be amazing for shy kids, as can stuff like toast masters. Your daughter did a HUGE thing and I'm sure you must be beaming with pride. Way to go!

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