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  1. Just curious. Is there a reason why they are in AP Chemistry if they are not willing to give it 100%? Why not just do a regular chemistry class? The reason I ask, and you probably already know because you teach at a college if I remember correctly, is that getting college credit without the actual grade may actually hurt the college GPA in the long run.
  2. There is no drive in America not worth the smile of a child. “Go”, is my vote.
  3. Sorry, I did not read the other posts. You really have no responsibility in this matter other than explaining your wallet and your house is closed for adult children......unless, of course, it is not.
  4. Get her into some anger management teaching as soon as possible. You can always start with a few books, or whatever. But, she is establishing a response to stress that is destructive. You must give her the tools to correct this behavior. The longer you allow it to go on, the more ingrained the reaction will become. Just getting her to go with you is not likely to help.
  5. So what is she doing with all of her free time? Bottom line, however, you are the momma. If you want her to do an extra curricular, and you have the money, then tell her to do it. I always made mine participate in one sport and play one instrument. That was not negotiable. But, I started that from about age 6 or 7. I am not sure one could demand such a thing beginning with a late teenager. I wish I had added in performing arts and art. I never knew how important those are until the last kiddo.
  6. I certainly had fewer kids, never more than one at home at a time. So, I do not know if this works with larger families. But, I decided never to have chores for exactly the reasons you mentioned. I had plenty of other things to nag about. So, as I would start a chore, I would just ask child to come with me for a minute and we would clean something together. This was good chit chat time. The kiddos have become productive adults living in clean spaces so the no-chore family can turn out OK.
  7. The salesman at the AT&T store set up our account for DD and placed the option so that all of her calls, texts, etc. come through my line. I do not know if a parent could do it themselves. The downside is that she can see mine, too. It is as if the two phones are one, but, with different numbers. To me, it is a small price to pay to ensure a child’s safety.
  8. When I set up the Iphones, I made it so that everything that comes through a child’s phone also comes through mine. So I see every text and every phone call, etc. I am also on all social media accounts as friends, followers, whatever. Some would call it overly snooping. Too bad. Before DD17 went to college, she was an online personality. My snooping was part of the plan to keep her safe. And then now, with her being younger and away at college, it gives DH and I some comfort in knowing she is safe and meeting good friends. Her 18th birthday is coming up and one of her gifts is to get her off my phone. If she wasn’t responsible, or if at any time she becomes irresponsible, I will change the phone back.
  9. Siri, I have an appointment with Mrs. Jones at 4. Siri, I have a math test December 4. Remind me the week before. Siri, mom told me to clean my room. Remind me tomorrow. Siri, remind me every night at 8 to pack my book bag. Siri, who is my mom? Siri, send Dad a text. I need money.
  10. DS37 was born in an age of fast food and a mom who didn’t cook at all. His diet was limited to beige foods and still is to some extent. I just gave him a vitamin everyday and called it quits. He is now an ER physician and extremely healthy. His wife was able to broaden his diet a little, something I never even attempted. Back in the eighties society wasn’t as health conscious as it is now. I was more worried about a kid getting overweight than the healthiness of the food going in the mouth. The moral is to pick your battles. If his food aversion is insurmountable, give him a vitamin and move on. Also, can he take lactaid and eat the cheese he loves?
  11. Parents and grandparents, entire wedding party and officiant and wife, all out of town guests. You do not have to invite family or significant others of the wedding party unless they are out of town guests. If you have spare change, local family not in the wedding party is a nice extra, but not required.
  12. I live in Florida, but not in Lakeland. I would have to be there, however, 3 or 4 times a year when DD17 danced competitively. There is a rather large, relatively inexpensive convention center so many kid competitions are held there. It is a very ugly and hot town, if you ask me. Everything to do is an hour away. Perhaps I missed the good parts. Coastal south Florida is the place to be, never too hot and never too cold.
  13. While I am not saying all panhandlersare rich, but in my area it is an organized business. Panhandling brings in up to 6 digits a year tax free. Panhandlers have specific corners where one is assigned and shift changes when they stop and chat for a minute before one goes home and the other comes on. Our local government has done everything to try to stop it, but, some loud people get all bent out of shape because it is assumed that panhandling means poor and homeless. Then, whatever good law just got enacted has to be rescinded. It is sad really because the truly poor at the local shelters cannot panhandle because the organized panhandlers will not allow it.
  14. In my opinion, the key to fabulous unmovable buns is the hair pins. Get 3†like these: https://www.sallybeauty.com/jumbo-hair-pins/SBS-270101,default,pd.html?list=Search_Results#q=Hair+pins&start=1 Sally’s also has the hairnets and doughnuts. But, it is those really long pins that are the magic. They are long enough to interlock under the doughnut which keeps the bun tight even during tricks.
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