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Who's going to tackle Friday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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  • My plumbing / electricity saga is ongoing, hence tomorrow the electrician is supposed to come


Pick up CSA basket


Edit and send in reports


Walk dog unless it is pouring like today


Clean guest room for friend




Bake bread


Review client's paperwork


Measure window benches to get covers


Find out what I can use garam marsala with/on. Any suggestions?


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Garam masala on chicken...chicken vindaloo in the crockpot. I forget what else I've used it in but I do love it.


Tackling Friday...I have an open day and would love to go for a hike but will probably hang at home instead.


Revising school schedule.

Checking on garden.

Yard work.


Talk to my adult kids

List stuff for sale somewhere online


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Good morning!


•get horse chores done early

•dr. appt. (this is just my yearly checkup, but I'm feeling very anxious about it. ugh.)


•office work


•dinner: seafood tacos

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Good morning!  It is all white outside!  Seems just about a year ago the same thing happened.  Weird April weather.


Big day today.  My kid is performing at the pre-game show for a pro basketball team.  It's really just an advertisement for her gym, but very exciting and a little intimidating for her.  Ya think?!  My challenge is to show up on time with everything she needs (uniform mainly).  And somehow get my work done AND get the house ready for a sleepover.  Then deal with family and hope a certain individual doesn't drink too much in front of the sleepover guest.  And hope Aunt Flo either waits longer to visit or behaves herself.  And hope nobody is sick or hurting come evening (gym kid twisted her ankle the other day, other kid has complained of headaches / feeling sick).  Other than that, no stress at all!

  • Kids up & off to school bus.
  • Send e-tickets to others coming to the game tonight.
  • Work.
  • Clean the house.
  • Arrange things for sleepover (probably put the mattresses down in the living room, change sheets.
  • A little reading and exercise.
  • Pack bag for the evening - gym uniform, sweats, whatever else ....
  • Thought about doing a load of laundry, not sure ....
  • Pick up kids at bowling.  Gym kid puts on uniform.  Sleepover kid's mom checks in and switches out bags.
  • Swing thru McD drive-thru so gym kid doesn't expire before the performance.
  • Gym kid to pre-performance practice.
  • Other kids to nearby shopping mall to kill some time.
  • Watch performance and game.  Probably eat stadium food for "dinner."  Chat with fam.
  • Possibly grocery stop?
  • Sleepover stuff at home.
  • Work?  Or sleep?  Who wants to lay bets?
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SKL -- hope all goes well with game/tickets/health and you can enjoy!


Scout -- totally forgot Easter basket stuff :scared: it has now been added to my ongoing list.  Thanks for reminder


Selkie -- hope dr visit goes well



Food prep - for future quick meals

Bathrooms - clean

Pick up all over house



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Good morning!






-grocery store

-pack for weekend trip with kids to Sarasota (attending family event)

-pick up oldest from school

-drive to Sarasota (must decide if I will be brave enough to drive over the Sunshine Skyway bridge (I am afraid of raised bridges) or whether I will add a lot of time by going up to an around Tampa to avoid the bridge)


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Good morning! Today is cleaning and planning day. Still have to figure out the driving for tomorrow. 


To do:

dd2 off early for field trip (done)

boys up and working (still to be done  :laugh: )

clean house

work on quilt

figure out schedule/call dmil

pay bills/drop off check 

PM practice swim/swim/aikido


Leftovers for dinner


Have a great day!

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Good morning! We're back home from our trip to Ohio. It was great to see family and spend time with them. 




Clean house

School: Algebra and Spanish

Go through books and list some on our homeschool group (things that didn't sell at the used book sale)

Lesson plans for next week's school and last co-op classes 

meal plan and grocery list

shopping for said groceries




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Another busy day









School - over for some, in progress for others


Oldest to testing for virtual school








Swim team 




Shark Tank



Kids to bed



Vacation Planning

Working on my business 



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I didn't get my co-op classes planned or much house cleaning done, but I did get a bit accomplished. 


Tomorrow we hand out water at the local soccer games inviting people to our church event on Sunday. We may go for a hike and to a movie tomorrow afterwards. 



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Haha. I didn't do hardly any of it.

Checked on seeds. Notta sign of sprouting. Bought more seeds. lol

The girls and I went out, spent the day together and they accompanied me while I bought some new work clothing. Yay. Thanks to my girls, I branched out and instead of buying black, dark green or navy blue, LOL, I bought mixes of red, orange, yellow tops and sneaked a navy blue in there. 

This is a good motivational thread though, thanks, Jean and other tacklers!

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