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Who's going to tackle Wednesday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Clean kitchen

Need to go to Sam's again

Oldest to 2nd interview


Get tax stuff ready

Make phone calls I've been avoiding on my to do list

Make dinner

Clean kitchen again because I've been lagging and I hate waking up to a dirty kitchen

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Good morning!


•sweep snow off deck & feed birds

•give dog his medicine


•clean kitchen

•quick cleanup of bathrooms

•vacuum upstairs (didn't get done yesterday)

•go through credit card statements & reimburse business expenses

•make menu plan & shopping list

•clean stalls

•DD & DS Model UN

•DD violin lesson

•dinner=roasted vegetable tacos

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Good morning! We had sun yesterday afternoon, but are back to gray sky today. On the other hand, crocuses and daffodils are up!


Get milk

Take stuff to my mom

Drop library books

Math, Writing and Latin

FT to symphony

Return books to a friend

Piano lessons

Church for choir, dinner and classes

School prep

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Time to get down to business!


Clean kitchen

Breakfast school 

15 yo works on math

18 yo???

Me - do Latin homework, plan Latin co-op class, read City of God (way behind!)

15 yo to math tutor and voice lesson

18 yo physical training

dinner?  Maybe I"ll pick up a roast chicken on way home

Evening:  do Latin with teens, finish prepping for co-op

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Good morning! No am practice today, so it felt like a leisurely morning. Dd2 is off to school, ds2 is up and moving slowly. He has to leave for class pretty soon. He always is slow to warm up to changes in his life, so I am in "pushing and cheerful reminding" mode. Once he gets going, he will be able to take charge himself. This is why DE is starting with one class this semester, so that by the time he graduates, he will be almost full time, under my watchful and "cheerful reminding" eye.


To do:

get ds3 up and going on the day

get ds2 out the door

mail letters

pay bills

clean kitchen (when dishwasher is finished running)

daily chores

start thinking about rearranging basement space to be more workable for me

figure out some sort of dinner

PM practice swim/swim/aikido


Have a great day!

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Hate to sound whiney, but ... still sick, blah!


Got the kids up a little early today.  They got ready a little early.  One kid has been excited to make scrambled eggs for breakfast, but she did a couple things differently today and decided that would make the egg inedible.  Which is nonsense.  I insisted that she eat it, so she took as long as possible and ended up missing the bus.  Since it's garbage day, I had to clean out the pet bedding and take out all the garbage before driving her to school.  She may or may not have been on time.  I don't care.  What a brat.  :P


Taking out the dusty nasty garbage did not improve my sinuses either.  :/


I have so much work but I want a nap so bad.  Times like this, I just want to be a "lady of leisure."  :P


Off to take my next dose of Tylenol Sinus ....

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Awesome day so far!  DH forgot his laptop here so I ran that to him.  (Code: Drinking coffee in silence and listened to music for a full half hour.)

Spoke with the ed.psych dept at U of I about dyslexia assessments - feeling INCREDIBLY encouraged.  Check that off the list.

Now, off with shorties to get goodies to make for DH's birthday.



Nothing else to do except bake, school, and chill all day long!

Oh & three of my crew are at Grandpa's helping get new baby piggies today so I'm down by half.  :wub

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Can I join?


Dh is a away on a trip with dd14 and I always find it harder to get up and go when he's away. Here's what I would like to do today:


*make bread

*some lessons with ds5

*allow ds13 time to do his work

*recharge calling card for dh (adding that so I don't forget)

*tidy up clutter in the living room

*marking and lesson planning (does it ever end!)

*can 7 quarts of ground beef - our freezer is stuffed, more is coming and we're going on an extended trip soon in which this would be very handy

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I forgot to add that I need to handwash ds2's coat that got gasoline spilled on it yesterday. Any ideas? I was going to start with Dawn and very hot water and see where it went from there.


edited to add: Done! We'll see how it turns out after the rinse


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