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What should we read?

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I'm in a read aloud rut and want someone else to give me ideas on what we should read. I have an almost 7 year old boy and a 5.5 year old girl. They have enjoyed the Narnia series, Pinocchio, Charlotte's Web, Fortunately the Milk, George's Marvelous Medicine, and a few others recently. They didn't want to finish Stewart Little or Ramona.


Throw out as many ideas as possible because right now my brain is fried and they are aching for another good read aloud. Thanks.

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My girls have been in love with Dahl, well the whole family really. So.... Giraffe, Pelly and Me and Willy Wonka have been recent loves. We also read The Littles but I wasn't a huge fan, Dr. Dolittle was well received but full disclosure it was an abridged version- I didn't realize it when I started and then they were already hooked. Tumtum and Nutmeg were family favorites last year- we seem to love books about animals here.  OH, and I forgot Cricket in Times Square we just finished that one this weekend.

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These were all loved during my dd's 1st grade year. Some were mentioned previously.


Cricket in Times Square

James and the Giant Peach

Indian in the Cupboard

Little House in the Big Woods

Mouse and the Motorcycle

Mr. Popper's Penguins


Trumpet of the Swan

Henry Huggins


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Mine are just 8 and 6.


The tale of despereaux

Because of Winn Dixie

The adventures of Edward Tulane

Flora and Ullyses

Mary Poppins

Billy is a dragon (everthing by that Author)

Five children and It

Mr Poppers Penguins (while ago must read agaim)

Little House in the Big Woods (as above)

Usborne Greek Myths

Usborne Charles Dickens

Kids version of Kidnapped


That's all i can remember.

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My older two are exactly the same ages as yours!  Recently we've enjoyed

- Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH

- Pippi Longstocking (Well, they loved it...I was just annoyed at Pippi.)

- All-of-a-Kind Family

- The Trumpet of the Swan (ODS is currently re-reading it on his own.)

- Usborne Illustrated Greek Myths

- Mr. Popper's Penguins

- Farmer Boy (Though I thought Little House in the Big Woods was even better-written; we read several Little House last fall.)

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For those ages I'd recommend just about everything Dick King-Smith has written...Also anything by Robert San Souci, and the My Father's Dragon books.


We're fairy tale lovers here, and just finished Tatterhood, which we loved. Now we're enjoying Mountain Jack Tales by Gail Haley, really fun to read!

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