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  1. Part of being 9 is learning what is and is not appropriate in various social contexts. I've no doubt ALL kids use a drastically different vocab hanging out with their friends than they do at home with us stodgy parentals. Even now my eldest, when home from college, is a bit more colorful, though still reserved, in speech with dear old dad (me, btw) that when within earshot of his mother. Aside from pointing this fact of life out, I don't think it sounds like much of an issue: a live-and-learn, experience sort of thing.
  2. My son just started college, taking one class over the summer so he could train with his team (gymnast) and is now in full force. 1. How difficult was it to make sure all classes were accredited? Meaning, the online school our son attended last year was fully accredited. My kids had to suffer with me designing/teaching/grading the whole shebang. Nobody at university seemed to care. They were more concerned with topics covered; so many math credits, so many English credits, foreign language credits, etc. His ACT scores jived nicely with the grades I awarded. One university did admit
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