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  1. My 12yo DS who has dyslexia and an extremely high IQ, scored 12.8 grade level equivalency on the CAT Reading Vocabulary this year. I have never done a vocabulary curriculum with him. His father and I both have higher education degrees and use a broad vocabulary. Should I start doing a classical roots vocabulary program with him, or just let him keep learning vocabulary as he reads and discusses with us? (He also listens to a ton of books on audio, including many classical works, that are at a high school reading level.) Thanks for any insights.
  2. My daughter is in 4th grade and just finished Spelling Workout C. She really dislikes it and would like to change curricula. She is also a natural speller. Any recommendations for a program that works well for a natural speller and isn’t very teacher intensive. (AAS is out because my dyslexic 12 year-old uses it and she would pass him up in a flash.) From my research thus far, I’m looking at Spellwell, Sequential Spelling, Soaring with Spelling, Christian Liberty’s Building Spelling Skills, and Spelling Wisdom. Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks.
  3. Does anyone use TOG and IEW together? My DS10 just started IEW this year and it is really clicking for him, so I would like to stick with it. But I am also wanting to start TOG Year 1 next year and I'm not sure how to make them work together. Anyone with experience here? (I tried searching the forum, but didn't find anything helpful.) Thanks.
  4. I know this thread is a couple years old, but I'm curious if you have found your DS's MENSA membership helpful. The psychologist that tested my DS10 recommended I try it for him. We live in Hawaii, so I don't know if there is much available for youth here, but I figured it might be worth a shot. We move every few years, so maybe in the next place there will be more. Thanks.

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    Bible Study Guide for All Ages: Primary Teacher Guides Unit 1, Quarters 1-4. $20 for all four (+ $4 for Media Mail shipping). We love this curriculum and have moved on to Unit 2. Unit 1 is about a year's worth of material. You will need to purchase the student pages separately (about $6 per quarter). Please let me know if you have any questions. Paypal only.


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