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Well-Trained Mind Academy: Pre-Registration Discounts extended until April 14th!

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Dear Forum Folk,


We hope you have found The Well-Trained Mind and these forums to be excellent resources for your home schooling efforts! 


We’ve been in the classical education business for over 15 years, providing homeschooling families with high-quality, ground-breaking resources that combine the best of the classical tradition with innovative teaching methods. In fact, more than half a million parents have successfully used the curricula, book lists, and methods of The Well-Trained Mind to teach their children at home.


Now, we’re excited to bring you the second academic year of the Well-Trained Mind Academy, with experienced instructors to further your ability to homeschool your children at middle school and high school levels of learning.  We’ve listened to our customers who feel they would benefit from access to instructors for advanced or technical subjects. Explore our online course offerings to discover exciting new options for your family! 

  • Over 25 full-year courses and 13 single-semester electives.

  • Special focus on written language, small class sizes, and instructor feedback.

  • New electives offering music theory, Socratic discussion, spoken rhetoric, and grammar.

Pre-Registration for the 2015-2016 Academic Year is available only until April 14th, which entitles you to the steepest discounts we will provide to the general public! 


Simply visit our site for a list of courses, and pre-register today!



Contact Us: 844-986-9862


Why the extension? Many have asked us about monthly payment plans. We’re finalizing a system that will allow families to make automated monthly payments on tuition, rather than having to pay the full amount up front. It's almost ready to go, but still needs thorough testing. So we’ve decided to delay general registration until that payment-plan testing is finished.


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We are very interested in these class options, thanks for sharing pardon my ignorance, please can you please explain to me a little more about the Academy? Is there classroom interaction with the students or just listening to the lecture? Specifically how do the classes work?


Thanks much!

Thank you for your question!


We offer live online classes, which allow full video/audio and even a whiteboard for students to interact with the instructor and other students! Parents have a special login so they can see a dashboard of upcoming assignments and grade details for each of their students. In the classical style, each of our courses have a special emphasis on written assignments and augmenting textbook material with primary sources. Quizzes, tests, and even written assignments can all be submitted online. Instructors provide grades and written feedback so students and parents can monitor progress.


You can see more details about our classical approach to online classes at: www.wtmacademy.com/distinctives/

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I'm very interested in the story of the Ancients course. When can we expect to see a syllabus & list of the supplemental books that will be used to 'beef up' SOTW for logic stage?

We expect to have the syllabi for new courses posted by April 1st, in time for Regular Registration. We are so excited to be able to offer the Story of the World courses for middle school!


Our instructors are also updating existing course schedules and these should be posted at the same time. In the meantime, we have kept the current year syllabi on each course description so parents, since very little will change (other than minor pacing adjustments).


Several other parents have asked recently about the difficulty level of our literature classes. We will be increasing the written assignments (and slightly decreasing the number of texts covered) to bring them in line with our other rhetoric-level courses.

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Do you anticipate adding classes for the Grammar Stage student in the future?


We expect to continue to strengthen our course offerings for the logic and rhetoric stages (middle school and high school) over the next 2-3 years. Since grammar stage (elementary ages) requires a completely different set of instructor skills and interaction with the students, this will give us a few years to determine how and when to offer grammar stage courses.

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I was looking at the Intro to Music Theory for the Fall. I noted that the Section 1 class time appears to be 11am but it doesn't indicate what day? Could you please let me know what day the class will be held? Thank you!

We updated the schedule: the elective is offered on Friday at 11am.

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Hi, I see start times but havent found the info on how long the class periods are (interested in intro to expository writing and aops algebra)

All of our class times are 50-60 minutes in length. During Regular Registration, we will change the format of the times so it will be easier to view the class length.

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Any possibility of summer classes that are condensed versions of regular semester classes? I would be interested in a more rapid and condensed version of WWS 1.

Great question! We'll have to wait one more year for summer classes, but we do hope to start offering courses in the summer of 2016.

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Pre-registration has been extended through the evening of April 14th!


Why? Many of you have asked about monthly payment plans. We’re finalizing a system that will allow you to make automated monthly payments on your tuition, rather than having to pay the full amount up front. It's almost ready to go, but still needs thorough testing. So we’ve decided to delay general registration until that payment-plan testing is finished.


General registration will now begin on Wednesday, April 15th. You will have a full 30 days (until May 15th) to complete general registration before your pre-registration discounts expire.


You’ll still be guaranteed a seat in your chosen classes, and now you can check days and times for live lectures. Beginning Wednesday, April 1st, you can view updated 2015 sample syllabi as well! 


See our Courses page to find Pre-Registration instructions.

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The FAQ section mentions monthly parent/teacher conferences. How do these work? Are conferences required? One-on-one meetings or groups? When are they scheduled?

This year we completed the rollout of the various tools needed to make parent conferences possible for the upcoming academic year. This includes the Blackboard Parent Gateway which provides parents the ability to log in to monitor assignments and grades for each of their students.


We plan to offer either quarterly or semester parent/instructor conferences in a group environment for each course. Parents will utilize the same virtual office/classroom as the students so they get an update directly from the instructor, get familiar with the classroom environment, and have the opportunity to ask questions. We will post the conference schedule for each course by the start of the academic year. 


We're also working on an orientation program for parents (both live and recorded) during the same week as student orientation, so you can feel more comfortable with the tools available to monitor your student's progress throughout the year.


Please let us know if you have any other questions.

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I've looked around the website, but have not been able to find reviews specific to classes.  Are those available?  Thanks!



Ashley, we've not yet added the feature to add reviews but this is a great suggestion!


You are more than welcome to start a thread on this forum with questions, and parents of our students will be quick to provide help and  comments on their experience. 

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